June 2018






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Jun. 20th, 2018


Call: Kratos S

[Call: Kratos S]

[It's a flyer and she's looking at an empty space and boxes and whoever sticks their number on a flyer will do. It's late afternoon: five, maybe six and it's mid-week and the truck is on its way out of town. The phone rings, and the space echoes empty.]


News: arcade

[Midway through the afternoon - almost exactly coinciding with the avalanche of kids just out from school and heading for arcade games - there is a complete, neat power-cut to the arcade. It kills every machine blaring flashing lights and noise, it takes out the air-conditioning system and the lights, it eliminates the cash-register. Not catastrophically. The help calls the power company, and they commit to sending someone tomorrow but for the afternoon and evening, the place is dead. Late, late, when the town is asleep, the lights power back on and the A/C but none of the machines. When the power-company makes a trip out the following day, there's no rhyme or reason as to why there was a day without games. Everything powers back on and it's like it never happened]

Jun. 19th, 2018


[Marta, Destiny, Pat]

[Marta F]
[After a letter gets delivered to the gym.] you doin alright? i heard there was some trouble.

[Destiny S]
hey girl. marta is stayin at yr place now yeah?

[Pat G]
hey. [...] sorry.


Text/Call: Misha/Sadie, Text Nish/Sadie

Misha, B:
✉ Hey you. You busy any?

Nishka, B:
✉ Doing fine.



[As Lear L.]

So this is Repose. What do you people even use these forums for besides posting shit poetry?


FLEET: Misha B

[After this.]

[FLEET: Misha B]


Text: Rory/Claire

[Text: Rory B]
[Mid-morning. Early enough that she figures he is still asleep.]

We are friends, right? It is your turn to tell me a joke.

Jun. 18th, 2018


[News - Motel and Repose Businesses]

[Not that it makes much of a difference to those that call the motel "home", but several weeks ago, there was an unexpected flurry of activity one morning. Activity such as a police car, an unmarked squad, and the motel owner being escorted away. He wasn't particularly cooperative, but neither was he handcuffed. He was taken off in the back of the unmarked squad, headed into the Capital. The front office of the motel was unattended for the rest of the day, but the next morning the motel owner's wife showed up to take care of the place.

She did NOT look happy.

Since then, several other people have been hired to tend the office, as well as someone new to clean the rooms, and there's been no sign of the owner.]

[Recently, business owners in Repose have all received a letter from the Capital Police Department. It outlines the opportunity to provide employment to those going through work-release and/or rehabilitation and recovery programs. It is noted that there is a tax credit available for those who employ someone for longer than 4 months. Businesses interested in providing positions for such employees are to contact the CPD to begin an application and review process. A phone number and email is listed at the bottom of the letter.]



It has been a while...

Thin are the night-skirts left behind
By daybreak hours that onward creep,
And thin, alas! the shred of sleep
That wavers with the spirit's wind:
But in half-dreams that shift and roll
And still remember and forget,
My soul this hour has drawn your soul
A little nearer yet.

Our lives, most dear, are never near,
Our thoughts are never far apart,
Though all that draws us heart to heart
Seems fainter now and now more clear.
To-night Love claims his full control,
And with desire and with regret
My soul this hour has drawn your soul
A little nearer yet.

Is there a home where heavy earth
Melts to bright air that breathes no pain,
Where water leaves no thirst again
And springing fire is Love's new birth?
If faith long bound to one true goal
May there at length its hope beget,
My soul that hour shall draw your soul
For ever nearer yet.

- Dante Gabriel Rossetti


Log: Loki (Nish) and Aedan

Who: Loki (Nish) and Aedan
What: Playful adversaries meet for a drink…
Where: The Cat
Rating: tbd

It wasn't every day Loki met someone who could match his wit... )


Frank R, Sadie M

[Texted to Frank R]

Are you going to make me wait to see you until Friday?

[Locked to Sadie M]

Do I spy with my little eyes Sadie takin a trip?

Jun. 17th, 2018


Iris and Manning at home

Who: Iris and Manning
What: Talking
Where: At the Thorsen house
When: Following this
Warnings/Rating: None yet.

To have all of the truth )


Claire J, Janus A

[Locked to Claire J]
Honey, I been remiss.

[Locked to Janus A]
Janus, you therebouts?


Batfam+, Louis D

[Three or four days after arriving at the 'retreat.']

[Locked to Batfam+: Cat C, Stephanie M, Leena B, Tim D, Misha B, Sadie M]
I have arrived at the treatment facility. If you have questions, you might ask me them and I will seek to answer. If you require anything, tell me.

[Locked to Louis D]


Cat C

[Locked to Cat C]
Hey, what's up?

Jun. 15th, 2018


[News & Stuff]

[Cat makes the most of the potions Newt gives her. She slips out early in the morning, while Reece is still asleep. First, she transfers all her non-Repose property to an executor for sale, with the profits to be held in trust for Leena. The charities, those she implements boards of trustees for, and she signs over her controlling portions. She deeds the bar to Steve, and she deeds the Rex to Eddie, wherever he is, in case he wants a place to land that isn't Repose. As for her father, she goes to visit. He's old, and he's comfortable in the jail he's spent the majority of Cat's life in, and the only thing she doesn't sell is his mansion. Her liquid assets, both offshore and stateside, she transfers to Kyle Catalone, and the Repose properties get transferred to Reece. And once it's all done? She goes and buys some of the best product New Jersey has to offer.]


Log, Treatment in Jersey: Misha B & Damian W

Who: Misha Bellamy & Damian Wainright
What: visiting
Where: St. Mark Executive Retreat, somewhere in NJ/NY
When: after a week in the hospital; afternoon
Warnings/Rating: drug mentions, probably sadness

The rehabilitation center was called a 'retreat.' )


Phone Call: Sadie M, Nishka B

[After This.


Ring, Ring,

Jun. 14th, 2018


Steve M

[Locked to Steve M]
How's drinks, Stevie?


[locked to cat c]

What's up pussy cat? That has to be the first time anyone's ever said that to you.

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