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Oct. 16th, 2017


Log; Hannah & Ren

Who: Hannah Smith & Ren Solitaire
When: Now-ish
Where: Laundrymat.
What: Everyone has to do laundry, right?
Ratings/warnings: Low probably, will update if necessary.
Status: In Process.

Some people hated laundry, but Ren didn't mind it. )


[Wolves & Rangers]


If you haven't been vaccinated, handle it. Everybody try to stay on two legs until the people in the suits leave town. This is all we need.

[Ranger Allies.]

This isn't good for us.


News, Carnival Lock, Manor Lock, Louis D

[In the wake of the rabies outbreak, the carnival is emptied as quickly as possible with as many people (and props) as there are. Those without homes to go to are sent, on the owner's dime, to the motel, since it's the only place in town with enough room. An RV is parked out front of the motel that houses the carnival owner, his boyfriend, and their dog.

At Wainright Manor, which is cleared as well, the cats on the land are taken to a sanctuary in the Capital. Thankfully, all of them were vaccinated before the outbreak.]

[Locked to Carnival Workers + Grounds Occupants]
If anyone requires transportation from the carnival grounds to the motel, there is a van going to and from every fifteen minutes. Keys can be picked up from the front desk. The carnival will be closed until we are given clearance to reopen. If you require anything from me, say so.

[Locked to Wainright Manor occupants, i.e. Dick G+Jason W]
I am happy to put either or both of you up in the motel, or to purchase you an RV. Let me know which is preferable.

[Locked to Louis D]
Why would Alyssa attack you?


Patrick G+Mary M+Cisco D+Dawn L, Louis D

[Animal Lock: Patrick G+Mary M+Cisco D(+ETA: Dawn L)]
Add anyone you can think of who'd be helpful, but I thought perhaps it'd be useful to aggregate our information.

[Locked to Louis D]
Louis, have you any idea why your shop is being plagued? And do you know anyone at the manor being similarly affected?


[locked to sam and cris m]

[So. That happened.]

Would you two mind very much if I were to stay with you for a few days? I appear to have been evicted for the time being.



[Dawn L.]
[As this is happening.]

We have to do something.


Please be careful on the trails. If you suspect an animal is rabid, leave the area and contact your nearest ranger.

[She gives the last name a shot as lock to see what happens:]

Hi, I'm Ranger Mary. I'm trying to contain this rabies thing the best I can. I wanted to know if there's anything strange happening at your house manor that would cause an outbreak like this?


log: Marta and Tim in the City

Who: Marta and Tim
What: A meeting in the city
Where: The Capital
When: Now-ish, Early Morning
Warnings/Rating: Usual Marta warnings

She blinked at him a few times until he repeated himself, and the words didn't change )


[off the record: 10/16-11-5]

→ County Health officials descend on Repose after the first case of rabies is reported. They cordon off the woods and a town-wide curfew goes into effect immediately. Residents are encouraged to remain indoors and avoid all wildlife, and anyone found out after dark will be taken to the local jail, which is crowded with out-of-town officials. Special field offices are set up outside the local antiques store and outside the gates of Wainright Manor, and those areas are cleared out by on-loan law enforcement. The local hospital has physicians from neighboring towns on staff, and a temporary triage center is erected near the edge of the town's cemetery. The curfew and officials will remain until the threat has passed.

→ In the Capital, the funeral for the magician that held the Halloween party is finally scheduled. It's announced in all local papers and across the web that the service will be held at the Capital's old abandoned amusement park, The Jester's Court. The invitation promises food and fun for those attending, and the abandoned locale is enough to get a buzz going. The park has been closed since the 1970s, when two children disappeared on the funhouse ride. All rides are in working order for the length of the week, and the amusement park itself is a blast from the past. The music, the food, even the clothing of the carnies mirrors what it would've been on that fateful day back in the 70s. And if anyone goes missing on one of the rides, they're sure to find their way out before the park closes again at the end of the week.



[Incidents of rabies begin cropping up around town. It starts small with the sad news of a single house cat that is captured and put down. Then, a trio of dogs. Bats and raccoons are next, found congregating and foaming in front of the local antique store and around the Wainright residence one night. An outbreak seems to have befallen the animals of the city, and a warning is issued across several news stations.]

Oct. 15th, 2017


log: tim & steph get caffeinated

Who: Tim and Stephanie
What: Getting coffee with the quickness
Where: Capital
When: Pre-plot.
Warnings: Just a little awkwardness.

Tim Dawson rode a bike. )



Poetry again today.

Oh, I am very weary,
Though tears no longer flow;
My eyes are tired of weeping,
My heart is sick of woe;

My life is very lonely,
My days pass heavily,
I’m weary of repining;
Wilt thou not come to me?

Oh, didst thou know my longings
For thee, from day to day,
My hopes, so often blighted,
Thou wouldst not thus delay!

Anne Brontë, 1820 - 1849


Jack P + Cat C + Adrian M + Dahlia H

Who: Jack P, Cat C, Adrian M, Dahlia H, open to Louis D and Destiny S
What: Gatecrashing a party
Warnings: Oh, throw 'em all in there, with this lot it could be anything and strong language from the start.

The night was young. )



[Mental: Nilus]

[Late at night.] Nilus? Am I catching you at a real bad time?

Oct. 14th, 2017


Leena B, FLEET: Misha B

[Locked to Leena B]
[During this.]

Leena, speak to me as I know you are there.

[FLEET: Misha B]


Cat C, Damian W

[About 35 minutes after this.]

[Phone call to Cat C, at the mobile number listed in Leena's file]

Ring! Ring!

[Damian W]
[He was anon last time so it should be fine, right? Right. Still nervous.]

Uh, hi. You're Leena's brother? Atticus said I should reach out to you.


[locked to cat c & steve m]

[Posted anonymously.]

Avon calling.


log: patrick and mary go explorin

Who: Patrick, Mary
Where: The forest and beyond~
What: adventures
When: recentlyish
Warning: tba

Mary didn't take many days off. )


delivery, sasha j

[delivery: hannah s]

[In a series of small, battered tins and labeled in tiny handwriting, a selection of assam, earl grey, breakfast and darjeeling tea. The note is addressed and signed.]

[sasha j]

hi, sasha.

Oct. 13th, 2017


Atticus M

[Locked to Atticus M]
I might've annoyed a suitor.


[Sasha J]

[Locked to Sasha J]

Sasha, are you up to a girl's night? Eddie thinks Steph needs it, and it might be a good time to introduce you to Holly. Plus, you're the only person I can be certain won't want to run off with a Disney prince at the end of the evening.

I'm thinking of inviting the kitten if she answers me, but your niece is currently radio silence.

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