December 2018






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Dec. 17th, 2018


Rae Brisin

[Rae B.]

You seem like you got your shit together. Do you need anything this year?

Dec. 16th, 2018


OMG HOW AWESOME IS THIS?! I got a Mini Cooper! A blue convertible! EEEEEEEEEEE!!! Thank you, Santa Claus!! Who wants a ride?


Connie G

You know, save the weather, this is just about my favorite time of the whole year, and it's even better this year because this place has apparently got some very real magic in it and I think that's just the best.

So, it's Christmas time, and I don't even care if you've been naughty or nice, what can I do to make this holiday season extra special for you?


Derek F

So. I've always like the idea of being able to grant wishes for people and now it seems I can.

Lay it on me. What's something you really want?


Delivery: Pippin P

[Per her request, the Mini Cooper is blue, but Santa thought she might like a convertible cause she seems like the type. A plain white card is left under one windshield wiper, the inside reading: Merry Christmas, Pippin!

The key is left in a separate envelope, and shoved underneath her apartment door.]


Who: Jeremiah & Wren
What: Jeremiah invites Wren over, Wren is dying a death
Where: Jeremiah's house
When: After this
Warnings/Rating: Wren warnings, sickness, TBD

in the bleak midwinter, frosty wind made moan, earth was hard as iron, water like a stone )


my chest maks noiz lik fiur wen i breeth and wen i coff thn my hed hurts to!

it is cold even with leeves
it is very cold

Dec. 15th, 2018


Atticus M


Are you done cosplaying as Clifford the Big Drunk Dog?

Dec. 14th, 2018


leo and various

[Charlie P]

We need to hang out and not have any crazy shit happen.

[Ren S]

Please ask Santa for a unicorn.

[Claire J]

How's the holiday season going?


Who's asking Santa for something weird?


log: charlie/leo explore the forest

who Charlie and Leo
what detectivin
when last night
where repose forest
warning spooks, cutes, rituals, etc
He joked, joking made this wacky shit a lot easier. )

Dec. 12th, 2018


Cast & Crew, Claire J. Adrian M., Hannah S.

[Cast & Crew of Glass Menagerie]
I just wanted to say thanks to each and everyone of you for putting in all the work, and your enthusiasm with the show and all. I've had this crazy live theatre in Repose dream since I got here, and you all helped make it a thing. So. Thanks.

[Claire Johnson]
I had this realization the other day I don't know if I've been the best friend this year, so I'm sorry, and I have a couch now, so we could watch Christmas movies on a real couch, sometime, if you want.

[Adrian March]
I'm pretty certain I could work on improving my everything right now, so maybe let's start with thanks for the costumes, and sorry I've been kinda incommunicado the past few weeks, but it seems like you're looking good. Are things good?

[Hannah Smith]
So, my shitty realization of the week was that I basically have the same want I had last Christmas, and it's probably in everyone's best interest if I don't ask for it.

How's your week been?


Ragnar L

So what'll it be?

Dec. 11th, 2018


Patrick G, Jack P

[Locked to Patrick G]
How're you doing with your Secret Santa, darling?

[Locked to Jack P]
Hello, Jack.

Dec. 10th, 2018


Frank R, Sadie M, Public

[Frank R]

Have you talked with your Santa yet?

[Sadie M]

Time to catch up, sweet pea.

[Carefully anon.]

Did you manage to get a ride home that mornin'?


Frankie G

Naughty or nice?


BnB family - are any of you around for Christmas? Should we have dinner together? I'll cook! Or help cook! I haven't had Christmas for a long time and I'm so excited for this one.

Oh, and anyone else that's around with nowhere to go, you should come over, too! I'll be here at the very least.

Happy Christmas time!


ade p.

Gimme a hint as to what Santa's gonna have in his sack for you.



[Patrick G]

Are you and Newt decorating the house this year?

[Charlie P]

[She calls. Ring, ring.]

[Adrian M]

Santa treating you well?


I'm going to put together a little bake sale, with the proceeds going to the animal shelter. Let me know if you'd like to participate.


Text/Call: Holly W

[Text: Holly W]
[During this, after the spike. Each line represents a separate text.]

Hey you ok over there?
What's this song lol
But fr

[He pauses to call, but he gets nothing but more jealousy.]

Dietre's there? What's going on??

[Then comes the pour of Holly's disappointment. He takes that less well.]

Hmu when you can

Dec. 9th, 2018


[Frank R]

I sincerely hope you've thought of something good.

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