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Dec. 13th, 2017



Gin fueled can’t sleep thoughts by yours truly. I know you’ve all missed me and my views on the world. Sorry, I got weirdly into football.

Hobby horse jousting but on roller skates. Yay or nay?

I’m glad they made Gaston 200 more times evil in the live action movie because I’d have bit right into that. Madame Gaston? Yes please.

I counted all my hats. Guess how many I have.

I literally live in a B&B down the street from my actual house. But now I can say things like “I’m going up north for the weekend” even if it’s like spitting distance north.

I spilled gin on the carpet.

I once had a rabbit that looked like Winston Churchill. She was a girl but I named her Winston anyway. I called her Winnie.

What kind of cookies does everyone want me to burn for Christmas?


News, Batfam+, Naila a-K, Misha B

[A tree is erected in the library at the manor. Another is placed in the foyer. Both are professionally decorated and huge. The manor itself is decorated, as well, with garland, holly, lights, and bulbs. And when snow begins to fall and stick, passersby, those who like to trawl the lakeside mansions for photos, come and sit outside the gates to stare and photograph.

The carnival is decked out, as well, with a 30-foot Christmas tree in the main tent.]

[Batfam+ lock: Leena B, Misha B, Cat C, Tim D, Dick G, Sasha J, Abe W, Stephanie M, Eddie N, Holly R, Con T, Jason W]
I will have food provided on the 25th. If you wish to celebrate, it will be at the manor. Those at the carnival will be invited. You may invite whoever else you desire.

[Locked to Naila a-K]
[He deletes the message.]

[FLEET: Misha B]
What is this?


Public (minus Manning T and Iris M)

[Public minus Manning T and Iris M]

I'm looking for an artist. A good one, who I can pay to do a family portrait from a photo.


Jude C

Pretend I'm a jolly fat man.

Dec. 12th, 2017



[News: Catholic Church]
[As per usual, the Catholic Church is having their annual toy/food donation drive, along with a Christmas dinner (the 23rd, after evening Mass) that all in town are welcome to attend. The food donated is being bundled into dinner baskets and given out to some of the needier families in Repose (that the Church has been made aware of). The toys will also be distributed the same to anyone in the town that may have asked the Church for help, and the rest will go to various foster homes in the vicinity.

Of note, those that come onto the grounds of the Church feel at peace. It could be overwhelming, or it could be barely a flicker of emotion. Perhaps it lasts only a fraction of a moment, or it could linger for the day, but the feeling does not discriminate against any that come near and the effect around the Church will last through the holiday.]

[Leena B]
Is anything happening there for Christmas?

[Misha B]
Has Damian spoke to you of the ritual yet?

[Delivery: Janus A]
[Nothing on the forum. A cute round tin decorated in a holly leaf print and full of bite-size assorted homemade cookies is mystically-magically left at the station with a little note: For the meatball. Thanks for the visit. There is no trace of Claire having been there. Well, besides the cookies. As a matter of fact, there is a decided absence of her presence within the town. *insert spooky ghost noise here. 👻*]

If anyone has some spare time, we could use a few hands to help gift-wrap some of the toy donations.


The Carnival

[Locked to Beau W, Nilus D, Dietre A, Dick G, Abe W, Sasha J, Damian W]
Hi, folks. I'm posting to say the Carnival will be dark after this coming weekend for the holidays, and there will be holiday feasting, buffet style, at Wainright Manor come the 25th. Doors will be open, and a bus will be carting anyone that wants to come on in from the cold and eat a warm meal. Damian's kin will be there likely, and could be some other townfolks, but don't none of y'all be shy.

Added: Everyone will still get paid, course.


[Stuart F.]

[Stuart F.]

Tis the season!


Sam M

Hi, Sam.


Hannah S.

This Santa would appreciate cookies as a reward.


Mao S

So what can this elf do to brighten your holidays? Candy? Chocolate? Copious amounts of wine? Or something else, perhaps. Do tell! The days are ticking by!

Dec. 11th, 2017


[Secret Santa]

[Locked to his Secret Santa]
[From, there's a direct link to a letter from a boy named Jerome. The boy, who writes real messy, says he's 8 and don't believe in Santa any, but that his momma is making him write the letter. He asks for a letter back to show his friends at school, and he asks for for something nice for him to give his momma, since he ain't got no money to do it himself. The address that comes with the letter is local to Repose, and it belongs to a woman living in the trailer park on the bad side of town. If Santa hunts 'bout for information, he'll learn the woman's 25 and she has three living children in the trailer and no daddy to be found for any of them. She has a history of drug use and plenty of arrests 'long the way, but there ain't any reports from child services on file.]

That's what I want, for you to answer that. Could be you might send something nice for him too.


[Dahlia H]

I apologize for being a bit late. I hope I can make up for it by finding something that you'd like for the holiday?


Oliver K.

I don't think I've seen you around. Any Christmas wishes?


quicklog: sam/leo explore the factory

[Leo waited in front of the big rusted gate that surrounded of the factory. He wore his beanie, fingerless gloves and a thick jacket in case he accidentally brushed up against a rusty nail. That happened once, back in Italy as they were exploring old mills, and nothing in memory was as physically painful. He didn't want to make the same mistake here, looking like some kind of newbie detective in front of his sister.

They agreed on early evening and during the winter it got dark fast. The sky turned amber and then in a blink of an eye it was inky black. Out here, the only light that could be seen were from yellow, dying street lamps and washed out stars. Leo couldn't even pinpoint the moon, which was probably hiding under a thick blanket of clouds.

The ground was frosted with snow, just enough to crunch under foot. Cold. This was going to make searching a little more dangerous and they'd have to be faster about it. Leo didn't think much would come out of tonight. He imagined a document that didn't point to anyone living, a relic that couldn't be the source of a murder that only happened a few years ago. His hopes had to be incredibly low, a safety net, so that he wouldn't be hurt from no strings to pull on.]

Dec. 10th, 2017


[locked to connie g]

[In the early hours. Adrian has been missing from the facility for several days now. Sick leave, apparently.]

Can I ask you a question?


Reece E, Jack P

[Text to Reece E]
[From a hotel between Albequerque and Repose, a snap.]

[Locked to Jack P]
[When her personal assistant at the Rex sends her information about this.] Well, is it real? If so, who did you kill?


[Liam R]

Big fan of Christmas?

Dec. 9th, 2017


Dick G

Hey man.


[Claire J]

What would you like for the holiday?


[locked to billy k]

Hello. Happy holidays.

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