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Oct. 16th, 2018


batbabies, hannah s., william c.

[locked to the batbabies]

Hey guys. Eddie is having some trouble with things. Confusion and depression. I want to get him some help away from here. I know, I know, I'm just another person leaving. But if we stay here, I'm scared he's going to keep getting worse until [...] Sending love to you both. I'll be back at some point, I promise.

[locked to hannah s.]

I'm taking him out of this damn town for a while to see if he can get better with everything. Take care of yourself, Hannah.

[locked to william c.]

Thanks for offering to help. I do really appreciate it. Eddie's worse off than I thought, so I'll be taking him out of town for a while. Keep being kind.

Oct. 9th, 2018


Stephanie M

[Immediately after this]
Stephanie M

Hey. Sorry if this it a little out of left field, but my name's Will and I'm a friend of Hannah's. She mentioned a mutual friend seems to be having some memory trouble and I thought I'd reach out to see if I could be of any help? I can't promise to have any of the answers, but if you want someone to come by and give him a look over from the medical end of things, I'd be happy to volunteer my services. No charge.

Oct. 6th, 2018



[Stephanie M]

When do you think you'll be back in town?

[Jack P]

How do you like the new roller rink?


Loot, my wonderful little arcade will be opening tomorrow afternoon. I've bought the nearby space for an indoor mini golf course and I've got a few Halloween specials. Consider stopping by!

Oct. 2nd, 2018


[Outside arcade: Hannah & Stephanie]

Who: Hannah & Stephanie
What: A run-in
Where: Outside Eddie's closed arcade
When: Fuzzy nowish
Warnings/Rating: Probably nope!

Hannah missed Eddie. She liked him, and she missed him, and she liked to do silly things like walk past the closed arcade. It felt really him, and she had really positive feelings about Christmas spent with Eddie on the roof. He was a really good friend, and she didn't like seeing the windows of the arcade darkened. It was like seeing something slumbering that shouldn't be slumbering, and the town was a lot sadder without the lights on inside.

It was midday, and she was standing outside. She should have been at work, but she wasn't. She wasn't at either version of work, and she might get in trouble with the facility, but things there had been really crazy since the infrasound, and they weren't really paying attention to her right now. She didn't have any abilities to make her valuable. She wasn't susceptible to things like ultrasound, but she also wasn't human, and so she couldn't help very much when it came to a solution.

And so she had quiet days. There was time, time, and time, and she was walking to the coffee shop in grays and a red bag, and her bag held books inside. She had too many to really read, but she liked bringing a bunch, so she could read whatever she wanted to read when she sat down. But, first, she stopped outside the arcade, and she looked in the window.

Oct. 1st, 2018


bat sibs, eddie n.

[locked to leena b. & damian w.]

Sorry guys. I was undercover for the last couple of weeks.

So, last ones standing, huh?

[locked to eddie n.]

Did you miss me?

Sep. 19th, 2018


"Batfam", FLEET: Misha B, Iris M, Daniel W, Frank R, Louis D/Desire

[Batfam+: Eddie N+Stephanie M+Leena B+Sadie M+Misha B]
Dawson has departed.

[FLEET: Misha B]

[Locked to Iris M]
Hello, Iris Morgenstern.

[Locked to Daniel W]

[Locked to Frank R]
Frank Rook.

[Locked to Louis D]
Louis Donovan.

[Alternatively: Locked to 'Samson']

Sep. 17th, 2018


eddie n., public

[locked to eddie n.]

[She sends some updates on the orphanage that they'd talked about months back. The original plans he gave her are accompanied by some applications for funders as well as a potential site for said orphanage a couple of miles out of town.]

[open to public]

Alright guys, I'm really into the idea of a Halloween dog parade. I mean think of the possibilities.

Sep. 16th, 2018


julia l, stephanie m, damien w,

[In true Tim fashion, he doesn't tell anyone that he's leaving until he's so far gone that they can't stop him. A series of letters go out, all postmarked from Paris.]

[To Julia Langdale, a vintage card. It isn't signed. On the back:]
If you ever want to come back, I'll be here.

[To Stephanie Miller, a letter in a plain white envelope. It's handwritten.]
I imagine you're cussing me out good right about now. I don't think I ever properly learned how to say goodbye. It feels too finite to say goodbye. I wanted to talk to you before I left. I wanted to hear your voice, maybe give you a chance to tell me what an idiot I am. Then I'd just end up staying, and I don't want to stay. The town works for you and Eddie, it looks good on you. I think you can make a real life of it, and if not there, some place that isn't anything like where we grow up. You deserve it, Stephanie. I love you. I always, always will.

[To Damian Wainright, a thick yellow envelope with plastic bubble inner lining.]
[Inside is a key on a metal ring, it opens a unit in a private storage facility back in Jersey. Inside the unit, if Damien ever goes to open it, is all of Tim's old crime fighting gear. In the envelope, there's also a small note. Just a few words.]
Do good. Do better.
- T

Sep. 10th, 2018



I'm getting the hell out of here.

Sep. 9th, 2018


cat d., tim d. & damian w.

[Fuzzy timeline. After this and not hearing from Tim or Damian.]

[locked to cat d.]

Okay, I'm sure you don't want to talk, but are you okay?

[locked to tim d. & damian w.]

At least let me know you two are alive.

Sep. 7th, 2018


Hannah S, Cat D, Destiny S, Rory B, Ren S, Stephanie M, Jack P

[Any responses on the forum get a ping back about not being received.]

[Delivery/Locked to Hannah S]
[He leaves her a couple hundred thou in a check that will be taxed, sorry, Hannah. He sticks it in the door of her trailer.]

Dude, idk where you are, but I hope you're cool. I'm going to the Capital for a while. I can't do this right now, man. I thought I could and I tried, but it's not working. I hope the theme park thing goes okay for you. You have my number or whatever, if you need me. Good luck.

[Delivery/Locked to Cat D]
[Left with the bag she sent the comm in is a book. He doesn't want to ruin it, so there's no inscription. Instead, he posts on the forum.]

Sorry I upset you, Cat. I really didn't mean to. I know your family stuff is like, beyond me, and I wish I was better at helping. I know that, like, how I am is pretty not helpful to you either. On that note, I'm going to go to the Capital for a while, maybe NYC. I like cities better anyway and Repose is starting to feel Not Good. I'm glad you're back and if I were a braver person, I'd stay, but I'm not, so. I can't deal with anything devolving or anything like that, and I don't know what I even am, and I probably just shouldn't be around people who care about me. I love you and I'm sorry if I'm just another man who's let you down. I promise we're (probably) not all like that. If you want to get in touch, you know how, but no hard feelings if not. I hope things get easier for you and less crappy. I sent you some poetry. Obviously I never read it and the book looks like if you breathe on it, it'll turn to dust, but it seems like something you'd like. Okay, I better go. -R

[Delivery/Locked to Destiny S]
[After he leaves her a hefty check in the mailbox to the Clary House.]

Stay chill, Destiny. I hope you get shit figured out.

[Locked to Rory B]
Hey, dude, watch out for Hannah for me. And, uh, sorry about your dick.

[Locked to Ren S]
I can't go on the theme park thing, dude, but watch over Hannah for me.

[Locked to Stephanie M]
I have to leave town. Thanks for checking in on me when you did. Try to, like, do the same for Cat. She's a lot more sensitive than she seems and you guys kind of suck at it. Bye, dude.

[Locked to Jack P]
Step the fuck up, bro, for Cat's sake.

Sep. 3rd, 2018


log: eddie and steph go to the farmers market

Who: Eddie, Steph
When: backdated to before craziness
Where: farmer's market
What: a little not-date
Warnings: none

The next town over was like Repose, only less weird. )



[locked to batfam+]

[Whoever thinks they've got access to the lock has access.] Are we okay? Safe? Who is in the Capital and who's still here?

Aug. 29th, 2018


Eddie N, Stephanie M

[Both as Cat D.]

[Locked to Eddie N]
[After this.] Alright?

[Locked to Stephanie M]
I'm back in town, kitten. Tell me everything.

Aug. 28th, 2018


eddie n.

[locked to eddie n.]

[She sends some screenshots of this post.] Help me pick out the most haunted looking one. I really wanna be on my Halloween game this year.

Aug. 20th, 2018



Anyone want to do an end of the summer party on the beach?

Jul. 31st, 2018


reece e., damian w. & misha b.

[locked to reece e.]

How are you doing?

[locked to damian w. & misha b.]

Did you two enjoy the postcards?

Jul. 28th, 2018


"peace," eddie n.

[locked to "peace"]

[She forgoes the anonymity.] Hiya, P.

[locked to eddie n.]

End up talking to your postcard person yet?

Jul. 16th, 2018


leena b., cat c., public

[locked to leena b.]

How are you settling back in?

[locked to cat c.]

[Knowing full-well this might bounce back, she sends it anyway:] Miss you.


Okay, this postcard stuff is cool and all, but when are we gonna do a town-wide In My Feelings challenge video?

Jul. 8th, 2018


Frank R, Sadie M, Stephanie M, Dietre A, FLEET: Misha B

[Locked to Frank R]
Hello, Frank Rook.

[Locked to Sadie M]

[Locked to Stephanie M]
Are you pleased?

[Locked to Dietre A]
I hear you and Oliver are to have a date.

[FLEET: Misha B]
[From the store.]


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