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Aug. 26th, 2019




Would like to find someone who cleans. [Pause.] For money.

Aug. 25th, 2019


Text to Ronan X

Can I see you tonight?

Aug. 12th, 2019


Ragnar, Ronan, Public


I dreamt of Kattegat last night.


You should talk more if you want me to believe something isn't going on.


Are there any non-denominational places of worship in town or nearby?

Jun. 17th, 2019


Public, Mental: Holly W

[Immediately. During this. At first, he thinks it's a nightmare, but, no, no. He can't get a hold of Holly (by phone). He's tried. In a panic, he posts:]

What happened at the facility what's going on? Are they ok??? What happened?

[Mental: Holly W]
[Simultaneously, he pretty much freaks out and forces himself into Holly's mind amid the chaos. There're no words. It's just reaching, frantic and blind.]

May. 13th, 2019


Ronan X

[Ronan X]

Did you make it through alright?

May. 11th, 2019



Best book you ever have read and worst book you ever have read.

Give me your answers and I'll put your name in a drawing for a free espresso drink of your choice for Monday morning.

Edit. Noah - come in and get your drink.

Apr. 26th, 2019


Public, Travis B, Billy K, Holly W


hey. i hope you found your boyfriend and he woke up okay. also, it was chill of you to share the stuff.

[Travis B]

hey ik noah hit you up but are you okay?

[Billy K]

hey sabrina.

[Holly W]

hey. you didn't wake up travis-style did you?

Mar. 31st, 2019


Ronan X, public

[Texted to Ronan X]

How far into your rewatch of Game of Thrones are you?


Beginning April 15th, we will be adding two new classes to our usual assortment of classes taught at the Rec center. Mondays at 1 pm we will have a hot yoga class and Wednesdays at 7:30 pm we will be adding an aerial yoga class. Aerial yoga is an advanced level class and not recommended for anyone with blood pressure issues and some diseases of the spine. Any questions can be left here, or emailed to Private sessions are available upon request and by appointment only. .

Mar. 12th, 2019


Ragnar L, Ronan X

[Ragnar L]

Kabobs tonight? I can run by the market.

[Ronan X]

This is where we catch up. Do I need to invite you to dinner?

Feb. 11th, 2019


Ronan X

[Texted to Ronan]

Have you heard about the Masquerade?

Jan. 27th, 2019



[After a few minutes of trying to figure the forums out and mostly failing, he does manage to get a post up. As Connor X.]


Jan. 12th, 2019


Log: Ronan's Wish

Who: Ronan Xander and Ben Sorenson
What: A simple wish
Where: Ronan's apartment
When: Backdated to just after Christmas
Warnings/Rating: Angst and language.
Status: Complete(ly painful)

It breaks my heart when you cry. )

Jan. 9th, 2019


Bea H, Ronan X, Jack P, Damian W, Misha B

[Bea H]

Hey. How are you?

[Ronan X]

How did Christmas go?

[Jack P]

So I think we should probably make a date.

[Damian W]

Thank you.

[Misha B]

Checking in on you.

Dec. 29th, 2018


Various, Adrian M.

[Group: Adrian M, Hannah S., Claire J., Pippin P., Charlie P., Dietre A., Noah N, Patrick G, Bea H., Jamie M., Tandy B., Ronan X., Archie W.]
I'm guessing most of you have plans for New Years already, but if you don't, I've got a new festive apartment, and I'm gonna have beer, and music, and probably really terrible appetizers, and if any of that sounds better than your current plans, come, bring a friend, I won't turn anyone away until we don't fit in the apartment anymore.

[Adrian M.]
Your poster has a place of honor over my sofa, cause damn if that didn't make me laugh.


Dec. 24th, 2018


Delivery: Ronan X

[Santa has no idea if it happens, but still makes the wish for Ronan's ex to return to Repose and more specifically, to Ronan. Santa hopes it works out.]

Dec. 14th, 2018


leo and various

[Charlie P]

We need to hang out and not have any crazy shit happen.

[Ren S]

Please ask Santa for a unicorn.

[Claire J]

How's the holiday season going?


Who's asking Santa for something weird?

Dec. 5th, 2018


Ronan X

I'm totally singing Feliz Navidad right now.

Dec. 2nd, 2018



This weekend Repose had the option of seeing live theatre without traveling any further afield than the community center. Performances were Friday and Saturday evening, and Sunday afternoon.

With a small cast and simple set, there is nothing flashy about this particular performance, but it is clear that effort has been put in by all of the cast and crew to tell this story.

After each performance, the cast will be available in the upper lobby to talk to attendees. Following Friday evening's performance, Ren will treat the entire cast and crew to food at the Diner. You are welcome to have anything you wish, and he will pay for it - enjoy.

Nov. 19th, 2018


[After this.]

[Leena B]

What are the chances you have access to a car?

[Cautiously: to 'Frank']

Did he find you okay? Your friend in glitter and hot pants?

Nov. 12th, 2018


Wrap up: Consumed/Board to death

Who: Consumed / Board to death
What: Wrap-up
Warnings: Themes, etc

Dazzle, dazzle shine. )

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