August 2020






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Aug. 21st, 2020


[Encrypted Text: Leena B.]

[Encrypted Text: Leena B.]
Know those back rubs you’re always offering me? Can I take you up on one tonight?

Aug. 11th, 2020


[Forum: Dinner Party/Kavi/Ren S.//Encrypted Texts: Leena B./Diego C./Hugh C./Ivy G./Rey S./Tobias S.

[Forum: Dinner Party!]
August 23rd? 30th? When’s good? Allergies or food issues?

[Forum: Kavi]
Alright my little Dinner Problem. Let’s hear it, what sorta things you like?

[Forum: Ren S.!]
Hey Mr. Smooth Moves~ Wanna come dance again at a dinner thing later this month? You don’t even have to bring anything to this one.

Encrypted Texts: Leena B./Diego C./Hugh C./Ivy G./Rey S./Tobias S. )

Aug. 7th, 2020


[Delivered to Leena B.]

[Delivered today: Leena B.]
A cut to save your friends page )

Aug. 2nd, 2020


[Encrypted Text: Leena B.]

[Encrypted Text: Leena B.]
You didn’t leave a package, yeah?

Jul. 19th, 2020


[Forum: Public & Forum/Encrypted Texts: Various]

[Forum: Public]
Who was interested in the monthly dinner thing? I remember some of the people up for it, but think I'm missing a few on my list.

[Forum: Dinner Lock (Ivy, Holly, Noah, Hector, Leena, Hugh, Zee, Rey, Ren, Kratos, Diego, Hannah -- Edited to Add: Kavi)]
Unless we get anyone else I think it's us? How's the end of August sound? Good? Bad? We can grill on the back porch, have some mimosas and chill? I can get one of those bullshit inflatable pools that we can all be idiots in or some super soakers? Don't gotta be formal, just for fun.

Forum Locks: Delyth, Oona, Alex, Rafe, Hannah & texts: Miles, Leena, Ivy, Diego, Hugh & Tobias )

Jul. 17th, 2020


kavi r: public

Not an IC cut )

I unfortunately learned about POV Straight TikTok this week, but I also discovered a 90s Baby Making playing on Spotify, so things turned out okay.

Jul. 5th, 2020


IC/OOC Independence Day lake party (sorry we're late)

Who: Rey Smith, Ren Solitaire, and friends (tag yourself, please)
What: Independence Day BBQ (afternoon & evening)
When: Saturday evening, 4 July
Where: Ogden House, by the lake
Warnings: None expected except language

Under the cut for pictures and description! )

Jul. 1st, 2020


[Delivery: Alex W. // Leena B.]

[Today arrives the first kitty subscription box that Dante has signed his cat up for. The receipt shows that he'll be receiving a year of kitty treat boxes and that it comes with an account log-in as well so he can manage the gift subscription as Alex sees fit.

The same subscription - one year of kitty treat boxes with an account log-in for management - is sent to Leena's P.O. Box with a note that reads "For Isis".]

Jun. 29th, 2020


[All Encrypted Texts: Hector Z., Georgia H., Leena B., Hugh C.]

[The texts arrive somewhere between 0200 and 0300 RLT (Repose Local Time) Monday morning.]

[Group Text: Hector & Georgia]

[Text: Hugh C.]
Back in Repose

[Text: Leena B.]
[A link is dropped to share her location on the map, watching it just a couple of seconds will reveal it's actively mapping her movement back towards town. There's even a little avatar replica of Dart - that’s moving quite quick - on the software. She's about 15mins outside of Repose.]

🚪: 4277977433

Jun. 8th, 2020


[Texts: Leena B. //Hector Z. // Georgia H. //// Forum: Zee L. // Dante's Friends.]

[Encrypted Text: Leena]

[Forum: Zee]
How's that big house and you?

[Text: Hector]
¡Hola papá! ¿Como estas?

[Encrypted Text: Georgia]
Got a system update that I'm gonna be pushing to the house security. When's a good time to do that?

[Added later — Forum: Dante’s Friends.]
From checking around looks like the big weekend with the Pride Parade in The Capital is gonna be June 20-21st, anyone who’s looking to head out with me: were we thinking of getting a hotel and staying out there a night or two? Going out each day? Picking one day over the other?

May. 24th, 2020


[Forum: Public // Texts: Hector/Georgia/Ivy/Diego/Hugh]

[Forum: Public]
What weekend is Pride in The Capital and who's heading out that way? Should we arrange a group thing? Carpooling? Party bus? I'm sure we can make the trip just as fun as the party out there.

Texts to: Hector, Georgia, Ivy, Diego, Hugh & Leena )

May. 19th, 2020


Dante Z/Leena B

[Texted to Dante. 11:03 AM]

Everything okay at work? I can come by for lunch if you want.

May. 17th, 2020


WHO: Hugh C., Dante Z., Leena B., Zee L., Rafe J., and Dietre A.
WHEN: After this and this.
WHERE: Hugh's house, Lakeside.
SUMMARY: Summary Narrative of chat discussion of finding Audrey's phone (and a few unrelated to Audrey surprises) written from Hugh's PoV.
WARNINGS: I don't think there is anything? Maybe language, cause Hugh.

None of this is normal. Welcome to Repose. )


Text: Hector Z

[Early afternoon.]

Dante wanted me to text you. She's not up to dinner tonight, but I did manage to talk her into this.

[A few seconds later, the third photograph that they managed out of the set is sent through. Dante looks tired, but she's smiling, and they're close enough in the picture that Leena's arm is visible above Dante's shoulder and they're snugged in close, the faintest pink on Leena's cheeks. They look happy, if a little rough around the edges.]

May. 15th, 2020


Text to Leena

Text to Leena, May 15th, 4pm )

May. 14th, 2020


[Encrypted Text: Dante Z./Leena B.

Audrey's missing. I'm going to Hugh's. [.....] I need you.

May. 11th, 2020



Could we not with the things that go bump in the night? Or the broad daylight for that matter.

May. 7th, 2020


[Text: Dante Z./Leena B.]

[After fairly minimal communications since shortly after the middle of April unless Leena reached out to her... and possibly some avoiding of basically everyone. The text is sent around 10:30am.]

Hi. 👋🏽

May. 5th, 2020



[Having recently endured and declined a cat request, sympathetic remorse and piscean sentimentality sink in.]

Someone I knows looking for

My little sister wants

Anybody got free kittens?

May. 3rd, 2020


Inferno's Web

[On her website, the morning after this.]

Artemis enters the chat.

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