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Aug. 28th, 2020


Text: Oona M / Forum: Easy B.

[Posted the day after this!]

[Text: Oona M.]
Did the coffee meet your high standards? I forgot to ask.

[Forum: Easy B.]
Hello, Easy. My name is Rafe. We haven't spoken before but I've saw your post a couple of months ago asking about repair work. Are you still looking for jobs in that vein?

Aug. 17th, 2020



Pretty purple now. Who else has?

Aug. 11th, 2020


[Forum: Dinner Party/Kavi/Ren S.//Encrypted Texts: Leena B./Diego C./Hugh C./Ivy G./Rey S./Tobias S.

[Forum: Dinner Party!]
August 23rd? 30th? When’s good? Allergies or food issues?

[Forum: Kavi]
Alright my little Dinner Problem. Let’s hear it, what sorta things you like?

[Forum: Ren S.!]
Hey Mr. Smooth Moves~ Wanna come dance again at a dinner thing later this month? You don’t even have to bring anything to this one.

Encrypted Texts: Leena B./Diego C./Hugh C./Ivy G./Rey S./Tobias S. )

Aug. 6th, 2020


Rafael Brayan Orleastro Jiménez / Oona

Who: Rafe and Oona
What: Date night at the Spicy Pot
When: Tuesday 7:05 pm
Where: A spicy Shezuaun restaurant to start
Rating: Nothing risky or risque now, will update if needed.

Tuesdays are the worst day, so come make it a little better. )

Aug. 2nd, 2020



Did you know that you have to buy a box of at least 64 crayons before you'll find one to match the color of my clock?

Who else has periwinkle?



Ugly gray.

[In Spanish.]

What is this ugly fucking thing? It's not even a whole ugly, it's a part of an ugly, a worthless part of an ugly with a note that's nothing but foolishness.


Forum: Public.

Well, purple's not really my colour, but some anonymous individual seems to think otherwise. I'm assuming I'm not the only one if what I'm reading is any indication.

Jul. 19th, 2020


[Forum: Public & Forum/Encrypted Texts: Various]

[Forum: Public]
Who was interested in the monthly dinner thing? I remember some of the people up for it, but think I'm missing a few on my list.

[Forum: Dinner Lock (Ivy, Holly, Noah, Hector, Leena, Hugh, Zee, Rey, Ren, Kratos, Diego, Hannah -- Edited to Add: Kavi)]
Unless we get anyone else I think it's us? How's the end of August sound? Good? Bad? We can grill on the back porch, have some mimosas and chill? I can get one of those bullshit inflatable pools that we can all be idiots in or some super soakers? Don't gotta be formal, just for fun.

Forum Locks: Delyth, Oona, Alex, Rafe, Hannah & texts: Miles, Leena, Ivy, Diego, Hugh & Tobias )

Jul. 16th, 2020


Forum: Hugh C / Holly NW / Noah NW / Mari L.

[Hugh C, Holly NW, Noah NW]
Hijo de puta, have any of you seen the news? ¿Qué diablos paso? Did that demonio say anything about this?

[Mari L]
Entonces, ¿es solo una coincidencia? [Obviously he's talking about this.]



[As Cris M. After getting some basic stuff set up in their new place in the neighborhood.]

Repose, always changing and always the same, huh?

Jul. 11th, 2020


Forum: Hugh C.

Feliz cumpleaños mi amigo. This might be too last minute to actually be feasible but do you have plans for all of your meals today? I wouldn't be surprised if you did, but I do have a promise to keep to you and I thought your birthday would be a good time to follow through.

Jul. 7th, 2020



Who: Rafe Jiménez & Oona Murphy.
What: Trying an unconventional ice cream.
Where: I Scream Shoppe.
When: Right after this.
Warnings/Rating: None for now, will update if that changes.

It wasn't what he had planned to do with his day, to say the least, and yet it still wasn't right up there with the strangest experiences in his life. )

Jul. 6th, 2020



I have heard people speaking of a ghost in a library. Do the people here believe these things are true?

Jul. 4th, 2020


I Scream Shoppe

Lately, I am not 100% into celebrating the grand old US of A but July is still a nostalgic month for me. Something that I remember so fondly, catching lightning bugs with sticky watermelon soaked hands, trying to write words with sparkles, staying in the pool for 10 hours at a time and being shivering with near hypthermia when I got out, sleeping on the porch and listening to the peepers sing love songs to one another across the pond.

if you want a sweet treat, always remember I Scream.

This month, the special menu for July is:

1. The Rafe Treaty - A soft cheesecake icecream, with a coating of smashed up Jax. This one's a special concoction I created for someone disbelieving. It's amazing.

2. Cherry Pie - A vanilla and cherry base icecream with buttery pie crust pieces.

3. Firecracker - a lemonade, watermelon, and blueberry sherbert with chocolate-covered candy rock pieces.

4. Dragon floss and cotton candy - a mash-up of two pulled sugar treats. [Vegan]

5. Chocolate Chile - When you like your ice cream a little hot. This one is actually really refreshing on a hot day.

6. Fried dough and powder sugar. - Yep. That carnival favorite but in a universe of ice cream.

Special this month from Katiewhittleart Cute and Affordable!

Paranormal club tomorrow. If you still intend to go reply to this with the snack offering of your choice. Sign up fast if you want to bring something easy.

What is everyone's favorite dip? What's your favorite thing to dip!

Jun. 30th, 2020



Wall of text incoming )

Jun. 22nd, 2020


Warning blood

Come join the Vampyre masquerade before going to the party masquerade! RPG this Thursday night if anyone is interested. It's free! It's fun! You can dress in a costume! You can eat Funyuns and no one will judge!

Plus you can taste some of my flavors and tell me what you think about them!

I Scream at 9 on Main St.




Forum: Hugh C / Dante Z / Holly NW / Aubrey R / Audrey C.

[Posted a few days after this!]

[Hugh C.]
I promised that I would keep you updated if I found anything and I also told you that I was a man of my word, so here we are. I didn't learn a lot but I did pick up a few things that might help us. Or they might make things all the more complicated, it's yet to be seen.

And how is the shoot going? Well, I hope.

[Dante Z.]
Hola. ¿Como estas durmiendo ahora? Sé que no necesito preocuparme por ti, pero espero que me hagas el humor de todos modos.

[Holly NW.]
Gracias for your assistance at the site, and for sharing your thoughts with me. I'm a stranger to you, more or less, so you didn't have to do that. I just wanted you to know that I appreciate it.

[Aubrey R.]
Hey, Sarge. Mind if I pick your brain for a minute?

[Audrey C.]
Hello, Audrey. I'm sure you're receiving a lot of random messages from people you don't recognise or remember, but hopefully you can tolerate one more. How are you?

Jun. 14th, 2020


Hannah S, Rafe J


How much do you know about cars?



Jun. 8th, 2020


various locks (timey wimey end of May-ish)

[Rafe J.]
I can't recall if I mentioned but I'm going to be out of town for most of the next month. I'm sure Zee will be fine, but all this is somewhat new to her, and I wouldn't hate knowing someone drops by occassionally, if you'd be willing.

[Separate locks to: Noah NW., Atticus M., Hannah S., Dante Z]
Leaving tomorrow for my next project; I'll be back first of July-ish.

[Audrey C.]
How are you feeling?

Jun. 5th, 2020


[Forum: Public.]

Help a guy out Repose,

We got any jogging or cycling groups around here?

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