August 2020






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Aug. 23rd, 2020


public; eugenie a.

We're having sales on all back to school supplies, or supplies that might count as 'back to school', for any of you who get a kick out of new planners and pencils and the like.

I kind of cleared everything out, if you are still interested in the room.

Aug. 2nd, 2020



Did you know that you have to buy a box of at least 64 crayons before you'll find one to match the color of my clock?

Who else has periwinkle?

Aug. 3rd, 2020


🪁 EABLER 003 (public + filters to sebastian and delyth)

Based on what people are saying, it seems like many of us are looking for the Belle Epoque Minute Repeater clock. Which is an ironic name if it really It seems like when assembled together, it will look like this, although I have seen some variants which are more this style.

There was a major Christie's auction last month. I don't know if it's necessarily connected to what we have here since our person seems more interested in dismantling and randomly sending off parts than bequeathing it for private collections, but yeah.

Did you get a clock piece?

What do you think of all this?

[Mari - after this]
Hi. Sorry to bother you, but are you the new owner of the antiques store?

Aug. 2nd, 2020



Ugly gray.

[In Spanish.]

What is this ugly fucking thing? It's not even a whole ugly, it's a part of an ugly, a worthless part of an ugly with a note that's nothing but foolishness.

Aug. 1st, 2020



Are we meant to trust this letter and the piece of a clock which was given to us? Mine is a coppery red that looks like blood, and I am not certain I trust someone who would take apart an antique clock in this way.

[She posts a link to a picture of her clock piece, to better illustrate the color.]

Jul. 19th, 2020


sebastian f: public

Tell me a fact that might one day help me during bar trivia. I'll start! Up until 2016, the song "Happy Birthday" had a copywrite and you had to pay a license to use it. That's why restaurants have their own special birthday songs for patrons.



Please tell the new girl that there is good coffee to be had in this town.

Jul. 17th, 2020


kavi r: public

Not an IC cut )

I unfortunately learned about POV Straight TikTok this week, but I also discovered a 90s Baby Making playing on Spotify, so things turned out okay.

Jul. 18th, 2020


🪁 EABLER 002 (2014 filters)

[CLASS OF 2014]
I was going through some old photos and... anyone remember this cutie pie?

picture )

Hey you. I was just wondering if that offer of a room was still available? Or if not, could I store my stuff here while I rent out a place somewhere else? Thanks!

Jul. 17th, 2020



Did someone mess up the sewer?


[News: B&B]

[After this, and after much consideration, a display table is placed in the lobby of the B&B. It's near the entrance door, and it has a nice white-linen tablecloth on it. On said tablecloth, all four items are placed:

→ A crumpled cocktail napkin - white, nothing on it.
→ A small, plastic children's toy.
→ A single, large black feather.
→ A well-folded piece of paper - the title page to La Belle et La Bete (all in French).

Alongside the items, there's a placard explaining that the items are lost items, now found, and that anyone who can weave a story about them will be granted a free month of rent at the B&B.]

Jul. 13th, 2020



This is Cinders. I found him and he lives with me and my brother now. He talks a lot. )

Jul. 12th, 2020


[OPEN}Paranormal Club Meeting [Open to anyone who wanted to attend.]

Who: First Meeting of the "Paranormal Club" - name on the list of topics
What: Oona hosts a paranormal club meeting open to the town of repose.
When: Postponed from July 1st.
Warnings: Will update but so far none!

If there's something that could even be remotely paranormal, who you gonna call!? Name TBD!! )


Public, Mal R

we're restarting recs at the comic shop and clearing out all the old ones. if you come in and submit one you get $5 off $25 and entered to win like a grab bag thing.


how do I get onto the roof?


texts: sebastian + eugenie

[TO] "💻" (Sebastian)
[1] Hey.
[2] image

Jul. 11th, 2020



I perform tonight at Carfax Abbey?! Not the stripper section! In the lounge section. I will be singing. I am very excited.

[Added later!]

I need your help.

Jul. 10th, 2020


log: eugenie + beckett

WHO: Eugenie Abler + Beckett North
WHEN: Today
WHERE: Deep in the woods, near the Abandoned House
WHAT: Beckett comes across an Eugenie practicing her powers, gets a brief pop culture lesson along with a surprise.
WARNINGS: Reference to Beckett’s past power use and far from ideal childhood, but vague.

How do you do that? )

Jul. 9th, 2020


[news: outside i scream]

Around 7PM, townsfolk passing by I Sceam will hear music filtering down from an open window from one of the apartments above the store. It's the Bach Cello Suite No. 1 in G major. All in all, the entire suite lasts roughly twenty minutes from start to finish.

Jul. 6th, 2020


public, various locks.

I can watch Hamilton in my theatre room and I don't feel as if this has fully set in yet and won't until I actually put that sound system to the task it was made for.

[Dietre A.]
Hey, gorgeous. I've got a question for you. Actually, I've got three.

[Dante Z.]
I've got a question when you've got a moment.

[Zee L.]
I know Wait for it got a little loud this morning. I am apologizing by grilling you peaches for supper.


001; 🔮

Has anyone been able to find a pearl? I've done all this diving and the only pearl I got was from the otter. So I have all these mermaid DIYs, but no pearls. They should program a pearl a day it's not that hard.

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