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Aug. 21st, 2020


Morning News 21 August

On Friday morning, news reports emerge that there was some sort of gang fight in the Theater District overnight. Capital police are reviewing security footage and trying to determine whether there are any links to other recent crimes in the Capital. No arrests have been made yet.

Perhaps strangely, there is no social media footage of the assumed gang fight, though there is some mild damage to some of the storefronts around the Majestic.

Anyone who gains access to the footage will learn that there is little actual evidence that a gang fight occurred other than the physical damage. In fact, there's little security footage of anything having happened there at all. A short sequence around the bars closing with some shadowy figures seems to have caused all the trouble.

Aug. 14th, 2020


[News: The Capital]

[After this, and in the dark of night, Green Lights Books in the Capital goes up in flames. Well... not flames, precisely, but there's an explosion which leaves a huge crater in the center of the store. All the glass is blown out, and the inside is destroyed. Murmurs about a meteor begin almost immediately, with first-responders finding no one inside the building. But local meteorologists report no meteor showers occurring that evening.

For those who are sensitive to such things, the crater in the center of the bookstore is more than mundane: It seeps holy and demonic energy into the night, with the tendrils of said magic swirling around the Capital's streets well into the morning hours.]

Aug. 8th, 2020


Mental: a dream [open to sensitives]

Who: Eames open to those sensitive enough to be able to reach it
What: A dream
Warnings: None.

he dreams and it's faint but it reaches, a little like ink twining through water stains itself a path )

Aug. 3rd, 2020


News: Repose

[A new star appears over Repose tonight, bright and brilliant, a silent reveille to herald a return. Those that recognize certain presences can note that someone Holy (stronger for the Judeo-Christian types, less so for the heathens) has entered town. For the faithful, it is peaceful and secure, like an infant being swaddled into soft warmth before dozing off. Others may sense that a hunter has arrived by the sense of impending doom, a prickling chill down the spine that tells predators to humans they have now become prey. It does not last long, an uncomfortable few minutes, but the paranoia of being watched lasts until dawn for those that the Catholic Church would deem "Unholy".]

Jul. 17th, 2020


News: About Town

[There may have been a bit of rain today, but this can hardly be explained away by that.

Puddles appear about town, scattered about as though left by someone who was just wandering through town. They're found on Main Street, through the neighborhood, and more than a few are left around the perimeter of The Bar With No Name.

These puddles? They stink of the lake. Rotting vegetation, wet earth, and a murkiness that is downright unpleasant. They stick around for some number of hours, though by the following morning, they have all disappeared.]


[News: B&B]

[After this, and after much consideration, a display table is placed in the lobby of the B&B. It's near the entrance door, and it has a nice white-linen tablecloth on it. On said tablecloth, all four items are placed:

→ A crumpled cocktail napkin - white, nothing on it.
→ A small, plastic children's toy.
→ A single, large black feather.
→ A well-folded piece of paper - the title page to La Belle et La Bete (all in French).

Alongside the items, there's a placard explaining that the items are lost items, now found, and that anyone who can weave a story about them will be granted a free month of rent at the B&B.]

Jul. 16th, 2020


[News: Antiguedades y Botanica]

[The antique store, which was previously (and quietly) owned and run by a very pale man with refined tastes, is very obviously under new management. The sign on the exterior now proclaims: Antiguedades y Botanica, but that isn't where the change ends. The clientele isn't the occasional estate lawyer and dedicated collector. Daily, new cars drive through to Repose to visit the store on the far end of town. These cars range from the most expensive models to nearly non-functioning vehicles. The people who enter the shop have varying shades of dark skin and speak with heavy accents. They come with families, and some arrive weeping, while others arrive wringing their hands and with hope in their eyes. They don't purchase furniture or tschotskes. Some come out with small religious statues held close to their chests, but most exit with paper bags clutched tightly in a hand. While their parents are inside, children run in the street and play on the grass. They are loud people, and they bring tributes of food that carry exotic scents on the summer breeze.]


[news: outside i scream]

For this week's selection from the window above the ice cream shop, Kavi has chosen to play the Zoltán Kodály, Sonata in B minor for solo cello. Please pay attention to the third movement as it is his favorite. The impromptu concert because at two minutes past seven in the evening. Man. How does that sound carry so well to the street below?

Jul. 14th, 2020


News At 11.

Residents in The Capital had quite a horrifying ordeal tonight. Around 10:30 this evening a young woman lunged into oncoming traffic. The victim was recently idenditifed as Audrey Carpenter, who made news early last month when she vanished from a friend's lakeside home. A bystander who was recording a friend managed to catch the incident on his phone. We must warn you, the video is disturbing.

[A few moments after the clip is played...]

So far the police do not suspect foul play, but are interviewing witnesses. Audrey is currently at that hospital in critical condition where it is unknown if she will survive her injuries. Local authorities are pleading for family and friends to come forward with any additional information, the driver has not been charged...

Jul. 11th, 2020


(Minor) news: The Neighborhood

Who: Kratos and his son
What: Probably just a narrative, but I suppose open if you like
Where: The Neighborhood
When: Some balmy weekend day
Warnings/Rating: None I can think of.

Who knows what the neighbors think of Kratos, who tore up his half of the backyard to make a massive vegetable garden, who semi-regularly drags out large pieces of carpentry work to work on in the driveway, and doesn't believe in shirts when it is hot.

Neighborhood gossips are witness to an extremely heated argument between the big man and his young son, the majority of which takes place in Atreus' native Old Norse (not that most people in Repose know that's what it is). The only English phrase used is go camping and it is spoken with derision by Kratos and piping, increasingly defensive excitement by his son.

In summary, Atreus wants to do something and Kratos says no. Atreus says something that seems to snap Kratos' temper and he breaks what he's holding. It's noisy. Atreus slams the front door. Kratos leaves the chest of drawers he was working on in the drive next to the wreck of his truck (which he still has not replaced). Half the curious Neighborhood then withdraws back behind their blinds.


[News/Quick Log/OOC saying what you did/Whatever people wanna do with this really]

[Working with Zee a plan for Hugh’s birthday party had been hatched. It began about noon when Dante would arrive at Hugh’s mansion by the lake with a carload of supplies for setting up and making everything that they’d need for that evening. While Zee had made comment about buckets of KFC, Dante had other things in mind. A huge Charcuterie Board had been put together, along with plenty of Steak Tortas, four different homemade flavors of popcorn in special little rainbow popcorn boxes and the food grand finale was a recreation of the slow cooker cake she’d tested making back in April for Leena’s birthday. Of course, the cake was updated for what she’d learned of Hugh’s taste preferences but it had just been so damn good that there was no way in hell she wasn’t bringing one tonight.

As meats cooked and the slow cooker settled in to taking care of the cake Dante would erect the protector screen, move speakers out where they may need to go, hook up the projector itself, run all the cables and wires in a way that no one should trip, and then lay out the two picnic blankets she’d managed to snag for the occasion. While the one with skulls and flowers perhaps wouldn’t be to everyone's taste that may attend tonight she’d just loved it too much to not bring it along too and besides, they had the rainbow one too. There would only be a break to check on the guest list and make sure everyone who should be coming tonight - as per Hugh’s preferences - was well on their way.

Fate was on her side as timing seemed to line up perfectly and everything was completed and packed into two large picnic baskets to be carried outside just in the time they needed for Hugh’s arrival to his birthday lawn and picnic movie night.]

Jul. 9th, 2020


[news: outside i scream]

Around 7PM, townsfolk passing by I Sceam will hear music filtering down from an open window from one of the apartments above the store. It's the Bach Cello Suite No. 1 in G major. All in all, the entire suite lasts roughly twenty minutes from start to finish.

Jun. 1st, 2020


[Advertisement: D&D Automotive Starts Taking Custom Special Commissions]

[Starting today D&D Automotive has taken out some advertising to introduce a new service line they’ll be offering. This advert can be seen in a local newspaper (if the town has one), in the appropriate online forum location, and as a sign/banner at the shop. It simply reads:

D&D Automotive will begin offering, on a commission basis, custom car build orders, custom build orders and special repair jobs beginning as of June 1st, 2020. We are capable of restoring classic cars, building cars from scratch to your specifications, converting fuel systems to biodiesel, converting cars to electric, redesigning interiors, building custom engines, rewiring the electrical systems, installing new rims or stereo systems, reconfiguring internal response systems and more! Got a wild idea? We'd love to hear it! If you have any questions for the sort of special repairs or custom builds available or an idea for something completely new please inquire with the shop for commission order availability and rates for custom build or repair requests. We can be reached at [Shop Phone] or [Shop Email] and will respond to all requests within 72hrs. Not feeling those? Swing on by and we’d be happy to chat.

This advertisement will remain posted/running in various local things until otherwise noted.]

May. 11th, 2020


[news: repose]

[At around 3 AM houses, apartments and residents throughout the small town would experience strange phenomenon; there are unexplained sounds ranging anywhere from footsteps loudly running through the halls and kitchens, banging on the walls, and some even may report growling in their rooms. The sounds grow quite loud and end at 3:01 AM. If anyone goes to check the source of the noise they find nothing. Doors are still locked, windows are still shut, and there is no sign of forced entry.]

May. 6th, 2020


[News: Repose, the bookstore]

[A news story comes out around two in the afternoon: On May the 6th, at about 1:42pm, books suddenly and simultaneously flew off the shelves at The SecondHand Bookstore. There were no reports on tremors in the area. Patrons and employees were startled, but no one was severely hurt. The bookstore will be closed for the rest of the day for clean up, but the café attached to the store will remain open. Investigations are ongoing.]

Apr. 21st, 2020


[news: the capital]

[A news story comes out of the capital on Tuesday that may resonate for those that saw a certain memory - after a gruesome scene of blood was found at a local church last week, authorities have been searching for the body of its popular young priest, Jacob Montgomery, 38.cont. on page 2 )

A shocked parish grieves. The identity of the killer isn't solid, but it does bear a resemblance to other killings, more than a year ago now, all attributed to a single responsible party. The long gap makes the connection tenuous, but it is possible that the Revenant has killed again.]

Apr. 16th, 2020


[Narrative // News // Open-ish I guess?]]

[Since Sunday D&D Automotive has been in a flurry of activity. Upon hearing and figuring out what was going on, new safety procedures were implemented from calls Dante frantically made to the employees and her co-owner to keep certain distances from machines, to use a buddy system and requiring random call-and-response from employees to make sure everyone's still safe and hasn't been sucked into a machine. As of Sunday evening anyone who brings their car into the shop - if they call first - will be instructed to park in the far side of the parking lot furthest away from the shop doors while still being in the same parking lot. From there, customers are met with a new set of temporary safety procedures. Long-standing customers of D&D Automotive would notice a staple of the shop parking lot is missing as Dante will not be driving Dart for the duration of whatever the hell this all is. Instead, Dante has been jogging to and from work every day for Tuesday through Saturday with stops over in the neighborhood to check in on her dad before and after work too. Anyone she passes on the way gets a wave and a smile and if they look like they really need help with something she’s likely to stop and try to assist as she’s generally worried about a lot of shit with all the memory crap floating around Repose right now.]

Mar. 22nd, 2020


[Dream(s): Open to All/Any]

[Just after 2:30 in the morning, those as-of-yet unroused sleepers in Repose find their dreams abnormally vivid. Some will wake in the coming hours and forget them, but, for others, the imprint of another reality, another life, will remain on their skin like dust on bones. Deep in the snare of his own sleep, Noah draws minds and memories to himself without knowing.]

[OOC: Feel free to hit here at will with snippets of/full/whatever dreams that you're okay with Noah having witnessed or felt. He doesn't interact, and his presence, such as it is, is unfelt. Be as descriptive or as sparse as you want to be.]

Mar. 20th, 2020


News: Repose Downtown and Surrounds

[2:32 a.m., Friday morning. Some sleepers are woken by a disturbance in their very bones. It is a temporary feeling which takes several forms: despair, dread, loneliness, fear, terror. For a heartbeat, Phobos and Deimos stalk the streets of Repose. For a second, the awakened sleeper might be convinced they can smell the charnel stench of an open grave. For any so affected, this feeling and this smell pass in a moment and they are only left with the disquieting memories, and the question of whether or not it was only a bad dream.

The morning comes, and Alex White does not appear at work for his shift at the comic shop. He does not leave Mal his morning muffin and coffee. He doesn't answer his phone, nor reply to forum posts or text messages. His apartment is certainly still occupied, but it doesn't seem as if he has plans to leave it anytime this weekend.]

Mar. 11th, 2020


[News: Repose/Lake]

[Hours after the unsubstantiated chaos, the waves that wash up along the north shore of the lake leave behind a thick, salty-smelling residue. The sticky remains of... something—chemical runoff, maybe?—are a mess, smeared on the muddy strand like so much jelly. Cold and gelatinous, it gives to the touch, sucking up anything that comes into contact with it. Those brave enough to actually reach down and see what it feels like are greeted by a caustic burn that raises blisters in seconds and that will heal slowly and painfully. Too, something strange happens. It doesn't linger, the strangeness—and, as a rule, it's forgotten—, but most, when and if they do try to prod the substance, suffer an immediate forgetfulness of their intent. The forgetfulness doesn't extend further than this moment, nor is the person who has forgotten aware of having forgotten. They just fail to move further with their exact intent to probe deeper. This oddity likely saves several from worse injuries. In some of the bigger clumps of... whatever it is, small bouquets of bones bloom—fish bones, mostly, if you look close enough—, but most of the jelly is too thinly broken down to carry much. Most who encounter it agree on two simple, but stalwart points: it's weird and it stinks.

Residents are advised to stay out of the lake and avoid the beach until the substance is identified and/or cleared.]

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