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Jan. 28th, 2018


[Carnival lock: Dietre, Sadie, Beau, Dick, Nilus, Abe, Sasha, Damian]

[Carnival lock: Dietre, Sadie, Beau, Dick, Nilus, Abe, Sasha, Damian]
Something weird's going on in town, and it's affecting how folks remember things. Also, there are reports of things going real wrong in the Capital, just in case anyone was inclined to head out that way.

Jan. 21st, 2018


Dietre A+Nilus, Daniel W, Carnival, Naila a-K, Cat C, FLEET: Misha B

[Locked to Dietre A+Nilus]
The lawyers have told me you ought be out by the middle of next month.

[Locked to Daniel W]

[Carnival lock: Abe W, Sasha J, Beau W, Dietre A, Misha B, Sadie M]
Greet Sadie. She is now your coworker.

[Locked to Naila a-K]
[In Arabic.] Greetings.

[Locked to Cat C]
I failed.

[FLEET: Misha B]
[Sent to Misha is a fifteen second long video of Pennyworth, shot from overhead, as the kitten sleeps in Damian's hood—as he is wearing his hoodie.]

Jan. 4th, 2018


Batfam+,Jude C+Misha B,Louis D+Misha B,Adrian M+Misha B,Claire J+Misha B,Carnival,FLEET: Misha B

[Batfam+: Leena B, Misha B, Cat C, Tim D, Dick G, Sasha J, Stephanie M, Eddie N, Holly R, Con T, Abe W, Jason W]
I thank you each for your gifts. I hope the holiday treated you well.

[Locked to Jude C + Misha B]
I do not use leather, Jude, but it is the thought that counts.

[Locked to Louis D + Misha B]
I thank you for the gifts, Louis.

[Locked to Adrian M + Misha B]
Thank you for the mittens.

[Locked to Claire J + Misha B]
Thank you, Claire.

[Locked to the Carnival: Dietre A, Misha B, "Zeke," Dick G, Sasha J, Beau W, Abe W]
To those of you who came to the manor, thank you for coming. For those of you who did not, this is also fine. We resume our typical schedule.

[FLEET: Misha B]

Jan. 2nd, 2018


Mission Uncomfortable: Secret Santa Edition

Who: Reece, Cat, Sasha, Abe
What: The weird secret santa flannel cake grinch gathering.
Where: Cat and Reece's place
When: Uh, sometime-ish? At 3:00 pm. NOT LATE.
Warnings/Rating: Probably awkward

She'd given Reece like a billion chances to get out of this! She'd warned him. )

Dec. 31st, 2017


Abe W

[Unsure of what else to get him and after doing a little bit of research, two presents are left for Abe. One, wrapped in a large white box, is a huge amount of pot. The second is a giant bag of candy, including Jolly Ranchers, tied off with a glittery bow.

The card, like the present boxes, is a simple white card that reads, For the anxiety. Have a great time. Santa.]

Dec. 22nd, 2017



[Batfam+: Leena B, Misha B, Cat C, Tim D, Dick G, Sasha J, Abe W, Stephanie M, Eddie N, Damian W, Con T, Jason W]

so in the spirit of the party on the 25th? open invite, I'm throwing a party on the 24th, light on Christmas, heavy on birthday cake. you're invited, and it's big enough that if you totally don't know who I am? that's cool, you can find someone you do.

Dec. 16th, 2017


Abe W

[Locked to Abe W]
I apologize for my outburst.


Abe W




[Sasha J]

I think I made things awkward with your family.

Dec. 13th, 2017


News, Batfam+, Naila a-K, Misha B

[A tree is erected in the library at the manor. Another is placed in the foyer. Both are professionally decorated and huge. The manor itself is decorated, as well, with garland, holly, lights, and bulbs. And when snow begins to fall and stick, passersby, those who like to trawl the lakeside mansions for photos, come and sit outside the gates to stare and photograph.

The carnival is decked out, as well, with a 30-foot Christmas tree in the main tent.]

[Batfam+ lock: Leena B, Misha B, Cat C, Tim D, Dick G, Sasha J, Abe W, Stephanie M, Eddie N, Holly R, Con T, Jason W]
I will have food provided on the 25th. If you wish to celebrate, it will be at the manor. Those at the carnival will be invited. You may invite whoever else you desire.

[Locked to Naila a-K]
[He deletes the message.]

[FLEET: Misha B]
What is this?

Dec. 12th, 2017


The Carnival

[Locked to Beau W, Nilus D, Dietre A, Dick G, Abe W, Sasha J, Damian W]
Hi, folks. I'm posting to say the Carnival will be dark after this coming weekend for the holidays, and t There will be holiday feasting, buffet style, at Wainright Manor come the 25th. Doors will be open, and a bus will be carting anyone that wants to come on in from the cold and eat a warm meal. Damian's kin will be there likely, and could be some other townfolks, but don't none of y'all be shy.

Added: Everyone will still get paid, course.

[Edited after this goes up.]

Dec. 8th, 2017



[Including the family, Misha, Eddie, Cat, and anyone even tangentially related to the Batfamily. Wide open. Everyone's invited. All-you-can-eat buffet. Following this.]

I hear I'm doing a shitty job keeping up with everybody, so how's it going? Anything terrible happen recently? What'd you ask your secret santa for? I'm going cowboy hat.

Dec. 5th, 2017


Abe W; Damian W; Cat C

[The messages come shortly after sunrise. There is a rather large commotion in the manor from the room she was kept in, a skirmish of 'catch-me-if-you-can' through the halls, and then Sasha disappears into one of the closets.]

[Abe W]

[Damian W]
Those nurses are going to need hazard pay.

[Cat C]
Did I miss the sleepover?

Dec. 1st, 2017


Sasha J, Abe W, Cat C, Janus A, Tim D, Jason W, Nilus, Dietre A, Claire J, Jude C, Daniel W

[Locked to Sasha J]

[Locked to Abe W]
Abraham, hello.

[Locked to Cat C]
You have left town?

[Locked to Janus A]

[Locked to Tim D]
Dawson, I take it you no longer require access to the manor.

[Locked to Jason W]

[Locked to Nilus/Zeke]
You are well, Nilus?

[Locked to Dietre A]
You require extraction?

[Locked to Claire J]
Claire, how is your basement?

[Locked to Jude C]
How is the cat?

[Locked to Daniel W]
The affliction has passed.

Nov. 27th, 2017


gunsters, public

[locked to connie g.]

how u feelin?

[locked to patrick g.]

can i get a rainchek for pizza day

[locked to adrian m.]

they let me out. i have a new room. [room number] come on by~~


is this secret santa shit some weird juju fucked up magic too? would luv advanced warning thx

Nov. 20th, 2017


quicklog: carnival abe/sasha

[After his afternoon performance at the carnival, Abe goes into the changing room of his tent and transforms back to his human form. Usually, there's a lightness about the tall man, not much care in the world, but things have changed. Sasha was getting progressively more sick and Abe didn't know how to help her.

He walked back to their shared trailer and knocked on the door before poking his head inside.] Sasha?

Nov. 19th, 2017


Cat C, ETA: Jason W, Sasha J, Nilus, Tim D, Louis D, Abe W, Daniel W

[Locked to Cat C]
[After receiving Leena's letter.]


Edited to add: [Locked to Jason W]
Woods, tell me you are not dead.

[Locked to Sasha J]
You are ill? Do you require assistance?

[Locked to Nilus]
Nilus, I wish for you to inform me if you are still angelic.

[Locked to Tim D]
Dawson, I require you.

[Locked to Louis D]
Are you still troubled by your entity?

[Locked to Abe W]
[After waiting a reasonable amount of time (two hours) for Sasha to reply.] Abe, we must speak.

[Locked to Daniel W]
Daniel, have you noticed a dissipation in your vampiric qualities?

Nov. 6th, 2017


[Abe W]

[Abe W]

I made skittles vodka. It looks like puke but tastes like a rainbow. I need a drinking buddy and this candy apple sucks at drinking. We should throw it in the lake.

Oct. 16th, 2017


News, Carnival Lock, Manor Lock, Louis D, ETA: Cat C

[In the wake of the rabies outbreak, the carnival is emptied as quickly as possible with as many people (and props) as there are. Those without homes to go to are sent, on the owner's dime, to the motel, since it's the only place in town with enough room. An RV is parked out front of the motel that houses the carnival owner, his boyfriend, and their dog.

At Wainright Manor, which is cleared as well, the cats on the land are taken to a sanctuary in the Capital. Thankfully, all of them were vaccinated before the outbreak.]

[Locked to Carnival Workers + Grounds Occupants]
If anyone requires transportation from the carnival grounds to the motel, there is a van going to and from every fifteen minutes. Keys can be picked up from the front desk. The carnival will be closed until we are given clearance to reopen. If you require anything from me, say so.

[Locked to Wainright Manor occupants, i.e. Dick G+Jason W]
I am happy to put either or both of you up in the motel, or to purchase you an RV. Let me know which is preferable.

[Locked to Louis D]
Why would Alyssa attack you?

ETA: [Locked to Cat C]
I have news for you.

Oct. 11th, 2017



[Carnival Folk]
[Sasha is included even though she's not officially in the carnival.]

I've made a large batch of jambalaya and biscuits. Stop by my trailer if you'd like some.


Anyone want to share their favorite ghost story?

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