August 2020






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Aug. 9th, 2020



[Call to Shiloh.]

[Early afternoon. Ring.]

Jul. 10th, 2020


Phonecall! Beckett.

[A little after this!]

Work started in an hour so Dinah's brisk walk toward town began right after she fed Cinders, who, by the way, was mewing adorably that afternoon. Beckett hadn't been home. She shouldn't worry, but she did. She didn't want to text, so she waited until the bars filled on the corner of her phone, the soles of her worn shoes padding against concrete. She tapped his name with her thumb and brought the phone to her ear.


Jun. 22nd, 2020


Phone Call: Daniel W

[Wherever Daniel may be, the nearest phone to him rings. The number shows up as unknown. Should anyone else answer, the call disconnects immediately and will resume ringing upon hanging up. This strange phenomenon will follow him until he accepts the call. It can be ignored, of course, and will eventually end after a full cycle of the moon.

Ring, ring, ring, ring...]

May. 27th, 2020


Mayers+, Call: Amy M; ETA: Hugh C

[Locked to Mayers+, this includes Amy, just as it includes David]
going back in. i won't have a phone for a bit. [He gives the number of the same place he was at before.]

[Call: Amy M]

ETA: [Locked to Hugh C]
hey, can i talk to you a second?

May. 19th, 2020


[Phone Call to Caspar A]

[Very late at night. Departing from this visual encounter & quite frankly, too weary & indolent with her cohort; they don't want to walk back.]


May. 18th, 2020



Is anyone hiring?

[Phone Call to Matilda M] )


Mental: Holly NW/Noah NW, ETA: Call: Hugh C, Forum: Hannah S, Casey C

[During this. He already had his phone in-hand, but, the thought pops into his head. Hey, there?

Yeah, he was here. Holly doesn't hear Noah, so much as have his thoughts right there, in his head.]

Audrey? What the fuck? Are you okay? [He knows the dude is. Physically. And he knows how Holly's feeling, but it's reflex.] Do you want me to call Hugh or something?

ETA: [Call: Hugh C]
[Once he's done running, Noah tries to get the water inside, but is relegated to the waiting room. He decides to call Hugh. Ring.]

[Locked: Hannah S, Casey C]
[Locked separately.]

We found Audrey. She doesn't seem to remember any thing or who she is. She's at the hospital now

May. 15th, 2020


[Log] Dante & Hector - Complete

Who: Dante & Hector
What: A Valentine’s day chat
When: BACKEDATED: Feb 14th
Where: D&D Automotive, Repose // Brooklyn, NYC
Ratings/Warnings: Language. Always language.

’okayiloveyoubye' )

May. 12th, 2020


Ren S, Casey C, Holly NW

[After Hugh suggests he reach out.]

[Locked to Ren S]
Hey man weird q that ik that tech you aren't allowed to answer but did Audrey come in too work?

[Locked to Casey C]
Hey dude have you talked to Audrey today at all?

[Locked to Holly NW]

May. 11th, 2020


texts, audrey c.; zee l

[Following this].

[text →audrey c.]
-- Hannah told me there's something with the house, I'm on my way, I'll knock when I get there, but don't worry about stuff, we'll figure it out when we get here, ok?

[text →zee l.]
-- Zee Bee, you're probably asleep, but I'm going to go get Audrey and bring her back here.
-- Hannah says there's weird shit going on at their house. If you get this before we're back, that's where I am, and i'll be back shortly


Audrey C, Si M, Hugh C

[After this. Late, or early, depending on how you look at it.]

[Locked to Audrey C]
[From upstairs, where she's packing a bag.] Audrey? Are you okay? You shouldn't stay here.

[Text to Si M]
[Because she promised.] Hi. You better be asleep.

[Added during this.]
[Text to Hugh C]
Hi. Hugh? There's something wrong in the house, something bad, and I can't stay, but Audrey won't leave, and she can't stay here alone. Please help.

Apr. 30th, 2020


Call: Marta F

[Marta F]



Leena B, ETA: Call: Burden B

[After this.]
[Locked to Leena B]
I require your attention briefly.

[And after he gets the photograph...]
[Call: Burden B]

Apr. 27th, 2020


Noah NW.

[Call to Noah NW]
[Just after the last memories, and from the music store. He's feeling overwhelmed, but not, like, affected in the way most people in town are (but he doesn't know that). He's been cleaning up the loft, where he was sick, and the neighbors are fighting, and the cops are over there, and he's trying to chill himself out. But, mostly? He's worried about how all this is hitting Noah. Ring.]

Apr. 22nd, 2020


Various Locks

[Billy K]


[Shiloh F]

you're gone again. do you have pets or plants or something you need looked after?

[Audrey C]

you doing okay?

Apr. 21st, 2020


Call: Burden B, ETA: Misha B

[Call: Burden B]

ETA: [Locked to Misha B]
[Though he knows it will come back as an unknown user, he feels he must attempt.]


Apr. 20th, 2020


Forum: Seven M / Call: Aubrey R.

[Seven M.]
I got back into town yesterday. I would have contacted you sooner but Repose decided to do its thing.

[Call: Aubrey R.]
[At around 8:35am, once he's sure he's 100% steady and after he's triple-checked that he has the right number.]

Apr. 8th, 2020


[Call to Atticus.]

[Who knows how they got this number. Ring.]

Apr. 4th, 2020


Damian W


[It ain't actually a post. He starts to post, but he doesn't have a clue what to say, and he walks away from it. But, see, the thing is, he's using a public computer (at the library in the Capital, to be precise, and real late and after closing), and it does get posted somehow. The post blank, with just the lock header and who it's from, and with no text written. Fuzzily after this, and he ain't been back in town since.]

Mar. 30th, 2020


Voicemail: Jamie M

[During this. He calls, and sounds frustrated when it goes right to voicemail.]

Hey, it's me. Call me. Your siblings are planning something well-intentioned and stupid and trying like hell to rope me into it. And just for the record, I told them it's fucking stupid.

[Pause, then:] Love you. Call me.


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