August 2020






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Aug. 28th, 2020


Text: Oona M / Forum: Easy B.

[Posted the day after this!]

[Text: Oona M.]
Did the coffee meet your high standards? I forgot to ask.

[Forum: Easy B.]
Hello, Easy. My name is Rafe. We haven't spoken before but I've saw your post a couple of months ago asking about repair work. Are you still looking for jobs in that vein?

Aug. 25th, 2020


[Arcanely Encrypted] Text to Zoe H

Have you been properly showered, yet?

[ ... ]

By the sublime disclosure of your own good fortune?


Public and Text to Mat

Good sister, bad sister
Better burn that dress, sister
Scar tissue, blood blister
Suck up on the dregs, sister ~Hole

[Mat] )

Aug. 21st, 2020


[Encrypted Text: Leena B.]

[Encrypted Text: Leena B.]
Know those back rubs you’re always offering me? Can I take you up on one tonight?

Aug. 12th, 2020


log; dietre & hugh

WHO: Dietre & Hugh
WHEN: After this.
WHERE: Hugh’s lakeside mansion..
WHAT: Discussing what to do about a certain dead friend.
WARNINGS: Ghostly things, a bit of language, I can't think of anything else.

Are you home? )

Aug. 11th, 2020


[Forum: Dinner Party/Kavi/Ren S.//Encrypted Texts: Leena B./Diego C./Hugh C./Ivy G./Rey S./Tobias S.

[Forum: Dinner Party!]
August 23rd? 30th? When’s good? Allergies or food issues?

[Forum: Kavi]
Alright my little Dinner Problem. Let’s hear it, what sorta things you like?

[Forum: Ren S.!]
Hey Mr. Smooth Moves~ Wanna come dance again at a dinner thing later this month? You don’t even have to bring anything to this one.

Encrypted Texts: Leena B./Diego C./Hugh C./Ivy G./Rey S./Tobias S. )

Aug. 8th, 2020


Iris M

[Texted to Iris M]

Babe? Do we have any plans tomorrow?


A Note.

Dinah had thought. She had thought a lot about what she wanted to do. What her brother would do. She was given a choice. They let her choose. Choices meant you could change your mind, right? So she snagged a piece partially crumbled paper and wrote something down before her mind flip flopped ... again.

Certainty was never Dinah's strong suite when it came to herself, at least beyond Beckett, beyond survival.


The top of a clock was left for Mari at the end of Dinah's shift. It rested on top of the counter along with a very simple, very solitary note, written in extremely simple, almost childlike hand. By the time Mari would find the note, the half dry black pen would still be teetering side to side where it was left only moments before.

Aug. 2nd, 2020


[Encrypted Text: Leena B.]

[Encrypted Text: Leena B.]
You didn’t leave a package, yeah?

Jul. 19th, 2020


Frank, public

[Texted to Frank]
[Mid-afternoon, shortly past lunch.]

How's work?


Heads up in case you didn't know this: throwin' your slushee on a girl at the carnival because you like her ain't gonna make her like you back. Promise. Specially if it's cherry and she's wearin white.


texts: tavi

[During this]

TO: 😍
[1] image
[2] And if you are near a Whole Foods could you check to see if they have the new Miyoko's shredded cheese and some plain Kite Hill yogurt?
[3] And the Kite Hill cream cheese as well.


[Forum: Public & Forum/Encrypted Texts: Various]

[Forum: Public]
Who was interested in the monthly dinner thing? I remember some of the people up for it, but think I'm missing a few on my list.

[Forum: Dinner Lock (Ivy, Holly, Noah, Hector, Leena, Hugh, Zee, Rey, Ren, Kratos, Diego, Hannah -- Edited to Add: Kavi)]
Unless we get anyone else I think it's us? How's the end of August sound? Good? Bad? We can grill on the back porch, have some mimosas and chill? I can get one of those bullshit inflatable pools that we can all be idiots in or some super soakers? Don't gotta be formal, just for fun.

Forum Locks: Delyth, Oona, Alex, Rafe, Hannah & texts: Miles, Leena, Ivy, Diego, Hugh & Tobias )

Jul. 17th, 2020


text: hugh c

[After this and this.]

Hugh. Is everything alright at your place?

Jul. 13th, 2020


texts: tavi

[Sent during pre-meeting mingling]

TO: 😍 (Tavo)
[1] On a scale of one to Jeremy Jam how terrible would it be to make some mysterious noises during this meeting?

Jul. 12th, 2020


Text to Mal

> My QUAD ESL-57 is on the brink. I don't have the parts for it.

> If you have time, will you take a look at it for me. I'll drive it over.


texts: sebastian + eugenie

[TO] "💻" (Sebastian)
[1] Hey.
[2] image

Jul. 6th, 2020


[Encrypted Text: Tobias]

[During this.]

[Encrypted Text: Tobias]
We got a demon in town that needs to be gotten rid of, preferably without hurting the current host, you got a book for that?

Jun. 29th, 2020


[All Encrypted Texts: Hector Z., Georgia H., Leena B., Hugh C.]

[The texts arrive somewhere between 0200 and 0300 RLT (Repose Local Time) Monday morning.]

[Group Text: Hector & Georgia]

[Text: Hugh C.]
Back in Repose

[Text: Leena B.]
[A link is dropped to share her location on the map, watching it just a couple of seconds will reveal it's actively mapping her movement back towards town. There's even a little avatar replica of Dart - that’s moving quite quick - on the software. She's about 15mins outside of Repose.]

🚪: 4277977433

Jun. 11th, 2020


Text: Alex W.

Saw pictures of the cat. Very cute.

Jun. 8th, 2020


[Texts: Leena B. //Hector Z. // Georgia H. //// Forum: Zee L. // Dante's Friends.]

[Encrypted Text: Leena]

[Forum: Zee]
How's that big house and you?

[Text: Hector]
¡Hola papá! ¿Como estas?

[Encrypted Text: Georgia]
Got a system update that I'm gonna be pushing to the house security. When's a good time to do that?

[Added later — Forum: Dante’s Friends.]
From checking around looks like the big weekend with the Pride Parade in The Capital is gonna be June 20-21st, anyone who’s looking to head out with me: were we thinking of getting a hotel and staying out there a night or two? Going out each day? Picking one day over the other?

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