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May. 24th, 2020


[Forum: Public // Texts: Hector/Georgia/Ivy/Diego/Hugh]

[Forum: Public]
What weekend is Pride in The Capital and who's heading out that way? Should we arrange a group thing? Carpooling? Party bus? I'm sure we can make the trip just as fun as the party out there.

Texts to: Hector, Georgia, Ivy, Diego, Hugh & Leena )



If only the beauty of spring would continue on through summer minus the miserable heat. I am not looking forward to it. Aside from that, well… I won’t jinx myself by saying anything more than life is relatively decent.

I have not posted anything in a while, so I thought I’d share something a little different than my usual.

Out of the mid-wood's twilight
Into the meadow's dawn,
Ivory limbed and brown-eyed,
Flashes my Faun!

He skips through the copses singing,
And his shadow dances along,
And I know not which I should follow,
Shadow or song!

O Hunter, snare me his shadow!
O Nightingale, catch me his strain!
Else moonstruck with music and madness
I track him in vain!

- Oscar Wilde

May. 23rd, 2020


[Log: Dante & Hugh: To Bake A Cake - COMPLETE]

Who: Dante & Hugh
What: Making Cake!
When: Before April 9th.
Where: Hugh’s place.
Ratings/Warnings: Language. Always language.

A car and a time machine... )




Is there a reason it's known as the 'bad side' of town?

May. 22nd, 2020



My swordsmanship dulls. Is there place to test

Swordsmanship, does anyone practice?

May. 23rd, 2020


public, Michi

[As Magdalena.]

New moon in Gemini, communication abounds.


If that woman across the hedgerow continues to talk to me I'm going to hex her hair off.

May. 22nd, 2020



[Posted closer to late afternoon!]

It's raining. It's raining on the lake. It's raining and it's cool, and bright and alive and everything is green and real!

May. 21st, 2020


Encrypted Text: Leena B./Dante Z.

[Encrypted Text: Leena B.]
You know you could just come dancing with me sometimes too, right?


Who: Tilda and Zo
What: Reunion
Where: Starting on Main St.
When: Ten minutes after this.
Warnings/Rating: PG-13 at least. Language.

She's a-- she is incredulous And all of my apathy drips off her dress She wants you in her descent And choking on her candy flesh )



Today's card is a doozy. Say hello to The Devil, Reposians.

There is no finessing card #15, The Devil. It is not a good thing to get this card in your reading, with the exception that it may be the confirmation you need to end a dysfunctional relationship. The core of this card is a negative relationship that you have with someone or something. Getting the devil card in your reading shows that you have feelings of entrapment, emptiness and lack of fulfillment in your life. It might also mean that you are a slave to materialism and opulence and no matter how hard you try, you just can’t seem to shake off the feeling of wanting to indulge in luxurious living.

You might be aware that this kind of lifestyle is leading you down the rabbit hole, but you have that feeling of not having any form of control over your actions or urges.

Addiction to substances or material pleasures can also be the reason for your feelings of powerlessness and entrapment. In situations such as these, you may feel as though you are a slave, unable to control your impulses or willpower to direct yourself towards something other than the satisfaction of these desires.

Lust and temptation are symbolized by the Devil in a love tarot reading. There can be a sense of hedonism, and a selfish desire for gratification with this card. In less serious circumstances, it can also just simply mean a pursuit for all of life’s earthly pleasures. There is nothing wrong in having a bit of fun, but make sure that you are not hurting others or giving them wrong impressions when you do. If you’re only looking for hook-ups, it is up to you to communicate that with your dates. Make sure you avoid pressuring others if they decide your lifestyle isn’t something that suits them. Communication will be more important than ever now.


May. 20th, 2020


Hugh C. / Dante Z.

[Hugh C.]
Muchas gracias to you for keeping me in the loop, of course. Will you be visiting the hospital any time soon? I know Casey said they're not allowing non-family in but some hospitals are less strict about that than others.

[Dante Z.]
¿Cómo te sientes ahora? No pude evitar notar que te veías extremadamente cansado cuando estábamos todos reunidos en lo de Hugh.



For those of you who are wanting an update of Audrey Carpenter.

She has been found, she is currently at the hospital and is under observation until further notice. The hospital is not allowing anymore visitors other than family. I'll be at the hospital daily and if there is anything that anyone wishes for her to have, please let me know and I'll see to it that it's taken care of.

Thank you for all of your help and I'll do my best to keep everyone updated.

May. 19th, 2020


Casey C.

any news?


Dante Z/Leena B

[Texted to Dante. 11:03 AM]

Everything okay at work? I can come by for lunch if you want.


[Text: Mars M.]

Mat and I are starting a coven. Want in?


log: hazel & caspar ; the almost murder

Who: Caspar Andrews and Hazel Hawthorne
What: Late night wine sharing on a dock of the lake, a little life siphoning for dessert.
When: The time-fuzz is real. Recently, but also slightly before. Slightly before what? Anything you want.
Where: Lake side.
Ratings/Warnings: PG-13 with language.

It wasn’t a kiss made for softness and first times. She wasn’t some locked away maiden in a tower. She was the witch. )


[Phone Call to Caspar A]

[Very late at night. Departing from this visual encounter & quite frankly, too weary & indolent with her cohort; they don't want to walk back.]




I thought these were meant to be the warmer days.

May. 18th, 2020


shiloh & harlow ; night wandering

Who: Shi and Harl.
What: Leaving Hugh's party.
Where: Hugh's house to start.
When: Recent.
Warnings: Mischief.

Rising from elsewhere...

Everyone had their own particular laurels of comfort, the ropes one could lean on after getting hammered in the ring, a little something to take the edge off. For some people, their thing was drugs, and having never been rubbed raw emotionally by the addictions of another, she thought that was fine and dandy. Harlow's thing, when she had the freedom to do as she pleased, was hooking up with strangers in the kind of places that one could rent by the hour. Neither comfort was particularly safe, but neither was the world around them. This is all to say that the drugs didn't bother her. She too liked to drink at parties, and she too had taken her share of little lilac pills in club basements. The fact that those things were a far cry from getting blitzed and spun every single day was a little beyond her for the moment. She figured that he just liked to have a good time.

And anyway, she really liked Shiloh. If he had flaws, she couldn't see them yet. She'd even allowed herself to mostly forget about that one rumor about him being a murderer. He was no allegorical wolf, not to her. The boy was all prince, and she vowed to follow his lead wherever it took them.

It was a keen idea to escape the party before they got kicked out. The night was young, and it was best to keep things on a high note. She kept close to Shiloh, his hand in hers, as they migrated from indoors to out, swiping a bottle of rum on the way like a pair of good-looking cat burglars with very particular(although not particularly expensive) tastes.



Is anyone hiring?

[Phone Call to Matilda M] )

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