August 2020






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Aug. 28th, 2020



[info]repose has closed.


Text: Oona M / Forum: Easy B.

[Posted the day after this!]

[Text: Oona M.]
Did the coffee meet your high standards? I forgot to ask.

[Forum: Easy B.]
Hello, Easy. My name is Rafe. We haven't spoken before but I've saw your post a couple of months ago asking about repair work. Are you still looking for jobs in that vein?

Aug. 25th, 2020


[Arcanely Encrypted] Text to Zoe H

Have you been properly showered, yet?

[ ... ]

By the sublime disclosure of your own good fortune?


Public and Text to Mat

Good sister, bad sister
Better burn that dress, sister
Scar tissue, blood blister
Suck up on the dregs, sister ~Hole

[Mat] )

Aug. 23rd, 2020


log; dante & delyth

WHO: Dante & Delyth
WHAT: Wooohoooo Witchy woman~
WHEN: Early in July
WHERE: Davies Drawing & Design
WARNINGS: Language. Always language.

Dante had been pouring over countless books. )


[Forum - Public.]

Yo Repose,

Help a guy out? My wife and I are fighting over the color of this: [picture of his ivory cream clock face]

Help me prove my wife wrong for once in my life? This thing is off-white eggshell, yeah?


[Forum - Public minus Yaya.]

"Ugly" gray...?


public; eugenie a.

We're having sales on all back to school supplies, or supplies that might count as 'back to school', for any of you who get a kick out of new planners and pencils and the like.

I kind of cleared everything out, if you are still interested in the room.

Aug. 22nd, 2020


[Pink Clocks: Sebastian, Tory, Cass]

[The clock piece had been sitting on a shelf since she'd received it, and while it cought her attention from time to time, there was always something else to be done. She knew that Manning had met with his group, had seen a good memory, and she'd begun to feel a bit guilty about keeping such a thing from three other people, if that was what would happen.

So one afternoon when their two younger girls were miraculously napping at the same time and TJ was working her way through a new "big girl" book, Iris sat down at her laptop and scrolled back through the forums, searching for names. And once she finally had a trio of them, she locked a post:]

I believe I may have the final piece of your clock.


Public, Atticus M


I prefer digital, myself.

[Atticus M]

So there are wolves in the woods.




I've seen no account of clocks put back together. Does that mean they haven't at all?


Plot clock log: Beckett N, Ren S, & Damian W (Kratos, if he wants)

Who: Beckett North, Ren Solitaire, & Damian Wainright (to be freely crashed by Kratos, if so desired)
What: We speak about clocks, then re-assemble them.
Where: Wainright Manor
When: 7PM, on the agreed upon day
Warnings/Rating: TBD

Wainright Manor was gold under the evening bask of sun. )

Aug. 21st, 2020


[Encrypted Text: Leena B.]

[Encrypted Text: Leena B.]
Know those back rubs you’re always offering me? Can I take you up on one tonight?


Locked to Ren

If you're not sitting down when you read this, sit down.

I went to dinner in the Capital last night and parked near the Majestic. Not with your parents, with friends from uni. When I was coming back to pick up the car, I was jumped by Snakes. I got away from them and got home; I don't think they know which one was my car because it was clean; and I know there's no evidence of me on area security cameras.

I'm home safe, resting up a bit, and thinking I need to practice with staff and sword. Let me know you're safe and OK.


Morning News 21 August

On Friday morning, news reports emerge that there was some sort of gang fight in the Theater District overnight. Capital police are reviewing security footage and trying to determine whether there are any links to other recent crimes in the Capital. No arrests have been made yet.

Perhaps strangely, there is no social media footage of the assumed gang fight, though there is some mild damage to some of the storefronts around the Majestic.

Anyone who gains access to the footage will learn that there is little actual evidence that a gang fight occurred other than the physical damage. In fact, there's little security footage of anything having happened there at all. A short sequence around the bars closing with some shadowy figures seems to have caused all the trouble.


log/thread: mars & eames; high class happy hour in the city

Who: Mars and Eames
What: Meeting. Drinking. Talking. Ambiance. Began as a log, continuing as a thread.
Where: A bar in the Capital.
When: Current-ish, like everything I do.
Warnings: None.

She looked like Red Riding Hood, silk-red hair instead of a cloak, tiptoeing into the wolf-den. If a wolf-den denuded of its capitalist sharks presently, had teeth or bite, darling. )

Aug. 20th, 2020


David N

[Locked to David N]
[Fuzzy, after this.]

Did you see her?


Log - Rey & Inferno in the Capital

Who: Rey and Inferno
What: Rey has a problem and Inferno is going to help solve it
When: Thursday 20 August
Where: The Capital, Theatre District
Warnings: Comic-book violence, language

I took a flying leap into trouble. )

Aug. 19th, 2020



It's Mat's birthday today. Bug her with well wishes, corny gifts and the fact that she's getting old.

[Mat would have received an ornate, black frame with a picture of her and Hazel in it, along with a handwritten note that simply read: "Happy birthday bitch, it's quiet without you here." - Hazel]

Aug. 17th, 2020



Pretty purple now. Who else has?

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