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May 9th, 2012

[info]starhearted in [info]newalliance

Who: Jennie-Lynn Hayden and Todd Rice
NPCs: --
When: April 30, 2012 - evening [backdated, yo]
Where: Kyle Rayner's apartment, Brooklyn
What: Jennie sits her brother down to have a serious talk about Todd's sexuality.
Rating: High-ish?

In fact, despite being such a terrible sister half the time, she loved her brother very much. She just wished he was a bit more open and a bit more introspective. )

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[info]therealcptnmrvl in [info]newalliance

Who: Carol Danvers and open to Reed Richards and Sue Storm (Richards?)
NPCs: Lab Techs, Other Military Personnel
When: June 21 2006, I think - [backdated like woah]
Where: Area 51, Nevada
What: With Carol locked up because of possible radiation poisoning, Reed and Sue are called in to clear her for active duty.
Rating: Low

If today was like yesterday, she was pretty sure that she could still bench press a tank. )

[Reed! Sue!]

[info]lawofthekitchen in [info]newalliance

Who: Matt Murdock and Elektra Natchios
NPC: Hugo Natchios, a nurse, a guard
When: May 5 2012, afternoon (backdated)
Where: Gotham Mercy Hospital
What: Matt visits Elektra after being drugged with fear toxin.
Rating: PG?

Matt's Wacky Weekend in Gotham Part I )

[info]lawofthekitchen in [info]newalliance

Who: Matt Murdock and Spider-man
NPC: (Unfortunate) muggers
When: May 5 2012, evening (backdated)
Where: Somewhere between Gotham Mercy Hospital and the nearest hotel
What: Spider-man saves a blind man!
Rating: PG?

Matt's Wacky Weekend in Gotham Part II )

[info]lawofthekitchen in [info]newalliance

Who: Matt Murdock and Natasha Romanoff
NPCs: A cabbie, the Russian mob
When: May 6 2012, evening
Where: On the way to the airport
What: Matt gets kidnapped. :|
Rating: PG?

Matt's Wacky Weekend in Gotham Part III )

[info]zsasz in [info]newalliance

Who: Victor Zsasz, later Scarecrow
NPC: Mentions of dead Arkham staff
When: May 9th 2012 (near dawn)
What: Everyone's favorite serial killer escapes. Fun.
Rating: R

It was liberating. )

[info]somecallmebilly in [info]newalliance

Who: Billy Kaplan and Bart Allen
Where: Billy's house, then Manchester, Alabama.
When: Wednesday, May 9th, 2012 - After school.
What: Hanging out after school - Video Games, Power Displays, the usual.
Rating: Safe.
Status: Gdoc, but may be continued in comments.

When Billy had told his parents that he wanted to have a friend over from school, they were ecstatic. )

[info]zindas in [info]newalliance

Thread: Zinda Blake and Hal Jordan

WHO: Zinda Blake and Hal Jordan
WHAT: Meeting up, plane race. One hot shot pilot to another. Wait for the clash of egos
WHERE: Airfield outside of NYC
WHEN: May 12, forward dated. (Rachel if this isn’t alright tell me.)

She probably looked like she’d stepped out of a history book with her hair back in a scarf and the legs of her work pants rolled up slightly, but she hummed along to the music happily. )

[info]run_away in [info]newalliance

Who: Rogue, Iceman, Gambit, Shadowcat & Doug Ramsey
Where: The Ramsey Home, Gotham, NJ
When: May 9th, 2012
What: The X-Men come to speak to Doug about what he is and a special school.
Rating: SFW

We're here to speak to Doug, is he home? )

[info]redarrows in [info]newalliance

Who: Roy and Ollie
Where: Y.E.S. Stars Recreational Center, New York City
When: May 9th, 2012. Afternoon.
What: Roy (grudgingly) goes to talk to Ollie about The Avengers.
Rating: G - but probably awkward as hell

Belatedly, he hoped Ollie didn't think this was some sort of emergency. It wasn't exactly typical for Roy to show up at the Rec Center in the middle of the day. )

[info]forgetfulprof in [info]newalliance

Who: Logan, Batman
NPCs: Random muggers
When: May 11th (forward dated), late
Where: Gotham
What: Their methods are different, but their minds are the same: the Wolverine and Batman meet.
Rating: Possibly NSFW. Depending on where you work. Violence, language, trauma
He was the best at what he did. That wasn't selling the school. Or remembering )

[info]redarrows in [info]newalliance

Who: Roy and Mia
Where: A firing range
When: May 10th forward dated a day, 2012. After school would be out for Mia
What: Current Speedy and Former Speedy hang out, shoot at targets, and talk about prom.
Rating: G

'Dinah mentioned your going to prom.' )