17 May 2011 at 12:29 pm
[Anri's found the athletic complex and is quietly exploring every nook and cranny of it. But the quiet unsettles her almost immediately, especially with Saika's agitated whispers.]

Um - so, what kind of sports did everyone have back home?
Location: Sector 6 / Athletic Complex
[Action | Video | Open]
16 May 2011 at 10:17 pm
[Rarity is BEAMING. Clearly, something amazing has happened.]

I had something more formal planned, but I'm so excited I just can't contain it! I have finally crafted my first dress for humans! It took a lot of research, and I know how simple it is, but I think it's a perfect contrast to our surroundings!

[Steps aside, revealing a red dress on a dress form.]

I call it "Fire Flowers Under Waves".
[Video | Action | Open | Backdated to early evening]
15 May 2011 at 10:59 am
[It's evening, the bright sparkling fake skies high up in the air outside, while inside everypony is carefully tucking themselves in for a nice, safe, and comfortable rest. Of course... it's the same for all of the animals, too! In fact, the interior walls and familiar setting of the pet shop is evident as the feed seems to accidentally switch on, a bunny hopping over the screen.

Standing amidst a myriad of different animals, all seeming to settle down is Fluttershy as she scoops up the little bunny into her hooves. Her voice is soft and doting, as though talking to a child.]

There there, Cotton Tail. It's soooo late and well past your bed time. Baby bunnies need their rest too, you know, so that we can all get up bright and sunshiney early in the morning. Mr. Sun will be so sad if he doesn't see you. [Prompting] Why don't you close your eyes for Fluttershy?

[The baby bunny sniffs the air before shifting it's head away.]

Oh, but you'll be so tired in the morning if you don't! You need your rest. [Once more the little white rabbit shifts it's head the opposite way as though ignoring her.] What's wrong, are you not tired...? [No response] Is your bed not comfortable enough? [No response] Are you hungry...? [This time the bunny begins to excitedly sniff the air, wiggling within her grasp.]

Alright, I'll get you a carrot as a bed time snack, but then you have to promise to go to sleep. [Lifting into the air on soft, yellow wings she flies out of screen for a moment, before landing carefully once more a moment later, the bunny nibbling on a carrot. Cradling him she hums softly.] There now. Just nibble on that and close your eyes. I'll sing you a lullaby. [Rocking him back and forth she sings softly in a gentle voice.]

Hush now, Quiet now ♩
It's time to lay your sleepy head
Hush now, Quiet now
It's time to go to bed ♫

[Action|Open] Backdated to afternoon
13 May 2011 at 03:56 pm
[Anyone who looks toward Sector 0 might find something is different today. Maybe it's that the tower has been freshly cleaned, or that the clock is a little off, who knows? Or maybe it's that young person swing around it like a May Pole on bright gold rope.

Oh, did someone think that was rope? No, that's her hair. She is having the time of her life though, so don't distract her...not too much, anyway.]

Woooohooooo! This is so much fun!
26 April 2011 at 09:27 am
[ so, remember yesterday? someone's clothes got very cold and wet and colorful. the bots did the laundry, but it was pretty obvious while they were doing it that, hey, he has nothing else to wear here. and unlike back home, new clothes are free.

you will find Yuri browsing the racks in the Sector 5 clothing store. he has some shirts draped over one arm, an extremely thoughtful expression on his face, and a pair of bluejeans in his hands.

...zippers are kind of cool. zip! unzip! ]
[Action - Video | Open]
22 April 2011 at 11:18 pm
[It was the rain that woke Diva up, splashing her with water and proving Orihime's words were correct as the powder from Yuri's sneak attack washed away. Staring at the paint tainted water washed down the building, Diva slowly gathered herself together. She was cold, wet, and after a full day of holi, insufferably hungry. Jumping down off the rooftop, Diva landed lightly. Lifting her dress, Diva smiled at her bare feet, pleased that even the color on her shoes was quickly fading.]

[It was as she turned towards home that she caught sight of oragne fur out of the corner of her eye. Stooping, Diva poked at it, her gaze quickly flicking over the ground and making note of the puddle of clothes a few feet away. Poking the cat again, Diva bent down and picked it up by the scruff of its neck.]

You're ugly.

[Baring her teeth, Diva laughed and then flipped on her video. Suddenly, somehow, Diva was in a good mood.]


I've found someone's cat. You better come take him before I throw him through a window [ ♥ ]
21 April 2011 at 10:51 pm
[a breathy laugh; the video is slightly shaky, as Fuuma makes the last adjustments to his little campsite on the rooftop of a building in Sector 3. he's set up a tarp so his things don't get wetter than they already are. there's a sleeping bag, and a lamp, and a small plastic chest of drawers containing various knickknacks and a change of clothes, etc. that glimpse doesn't linger for long, though, as he redirects it back to himself. he's a little wet, but still cheerful]

Have to say that I missed the part where the warden said it was going to rain tonight. Not good, considering...!

[considering the fact that he obviously is living here on this rooftop]

At least real rain is a nice change from what I'm used to. Does this happen often?
15 April 2011 at 03:08 pm
A little introspection does the mind good )

Shopping for clothes is really boring. Sometimes I think it would be better if we didn't have to wear any.
Location: Clothing Store / Mid afternoon
[video | action | open]
12 April 2011 at 01:01 pm
Good news, everyone! It's time for the first baseball practice of the season!

I hope that wasn't too loud.

Anyway, I, um, kind of misplaced the roster, but if you played before or if you want to play you should just come to the baseball field and we'll get started. Even if you've never played before...or heard of it. [Which breaks his heart by the way.]

Really, everyone. Yes, even you, Josh. Wherever you've been hiding. [Yuuri doesn't realize he's gone yet since it isn't that uncommon for him to disappear for a few days, but he has noticed that maybe he's been kind of...missing him. Maybe a lot. And maybe he's not the only one he misses.] You too, Midori. You're the manager. I don't know if I mentioned that before. I probably should have asked Suzaku if today was good for him too...
11 April 2011 at 09:53 pm
[Kamui speaks in a tired tone of voice, and it's unlikely it's just because he's posting early in the morning.]

Keiichi Segawa is gone from the prison now, too.

[And unlike his last message, Kamui simply cuts the feed off that simple sentence.]
[Action | Video | Open]
11 April 2011 at 06:23 pm
[See pony. See pony pace back and forth around Sector 0, looking like she's about to wear a hole in the floor.]

Oh... I just... I can't take this anymore!

[Rummaging through EVERYTHING is go.]

A needle! Some thread! I'll make a doll dress out of a napkin! I have to create something!

[Stir crazy? In Big Mac's words, 'eeeeeyup'.]
[OPEN: video / action]
08 April 2011 at 02:04 pm
Huh? What is all that supposed to mean? [Says this panicked and confused girl after reading the greeting and trying to pull the communicator off, unaware of having turned it on by mistake instead.]

I didn't... do anything. Not anything at all.

[She half pouts to herself, before seeming to notice something. Down, down her eyes stray to something and widen. Some of you may understand this look; it's that one a person gets when something important is missing. Within seconds she goes changes from shocked to extremely upset. The shithead who took her Regalia from her was going to made to give it back, she swore.]

[Seething, she looks back up, direct line of sight on to the communicator.]

Give it back.

[OOC: As implied by the subject line, action tags are welcomed (right off the bat or half way through) but at the risk off a bigger misunderstanding happening. And this, being a late intro and all, is obviously backdated to an earlier point of time for the 109th day.]
[Video | Action | Open]
16 March 2011 at 07:34 pm
[Timid, shifting from hoof to hoof, a yellow pegasus with a beautiful pink mane looks nervous, fearful even, as she hides behind a rock, peeking out on occasion. The network device is sitting off to the side and slanted, as though obviously taken off. Shaking from head to hoof, you’d imagine that she’s cold, but the temperature outside isn’t bad. Voice trembling, it’s so quiet and faint that you have to struggle even just to hear it.]

Oh my a...a prison. Um...t-there must be a terrible mistake. You see...I don’t do very well with scary things, and criminals sound exceedingly frightening...

[Glancing around, swallowing thickly and voice lowering if ponally possible into a near squeak.]

Twilight Sparkle...? Rainbow Dash? This...i-isn’t a prank, is it Pinkie Pie...?