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November 21st, 2011

Filtered to Darcy R

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Can we talk?

This is insane and I don't even know...
I'm fairly sure I'm losing my
I need to...
I feel ridiculous

November 20th, 2011

Filtered against baddies, but to friends

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Sammy sleeps through the whole night, now...and Ethan at least gives me a few naps throughout the day. This is getting a little bit easier. I wish Alice was still around so I could ask We've moved away from that God awful Kidz Bop garbage to pretty much any movie starring Sean Connery (thanks Connor!) or, strangely enough, he really likes Doctor Who. I mean, I guess that's not strange except I know he has no idea what's going on, but I actually think maybe he recognizes those of you who've been to visit him. I've been going back and forth between Amy's seasons and Martha and Rose's seasons, mostly Rose's because Ten wasn't so angsty then but for what it's worth, I haven't really been watching it much myself because I really feel weird about that. So, it's kind of become, like, white noise to me.

In other news...I have some serious cabin fever and I'm not gonna go outside but...there's gotta be something else to do around here in the complex because I'm getting way bored with reading the same parenting books over and over or half-watching TV while cleaning house or whatever. What has everyone else in the complex been doing to keep themselves occupied, anyway? Because I can't figure it out, personally. Maybe I'm missing something.


...I miss Alice... And Clark. He's never around anymore because he's so busy with patrols or whatever and I totally get it but...still. I miss him a lot.

More searching for dresses? I could use something happy to think about right now and a wedding could just maybe do the trick.

Oh! And are you and Freddie coming, still, to Thanksgiving? I'm going to count Neville and his friend just in case, so it's looking like ten with another few popping in but not staying for dinner. I've...never done a Thanksgiving, so do you think you can help me figure out like...how much food I'm going to need to feed that many people? And maybe, if you really love me...help me stuff and cook the bird? lol

Filtered against evil.

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I was drawing with Beth today. Check it out! It's a dinosaur and an alien pretending to make peace with each other, while on the verge of going to battle. Which one do you think'll win?

November 15th, 2011

Text to Dean

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» Hey, you have a girlfriend, right?
» ...how did she take the news?

[ooc: a few minutes later]

» Like...I guess I'm just curious if Clark is the only one who didn't really take the kid thing all that well.
» I think he's like scared of my kids or something.

Filtered Against Bad Guys

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Mum's gone. I guess she got sent back home. Where they'll get to her and it'll be just like it was and

Thanks for the reminder, Seal. Don't get too attached to anyone or anything.

November 14th, 2011

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So, I kind of have something to tell you. I'm not sure how to really do it, or if you're gonna like it, but it's not something I can just, you know, not tell you, so I figured I should just get it over with it's kinda important, so. Um.

Ben's my son. I had the complex doctor run a test, and it came back a match. I know it's not exactly how you probably thought having a grandchild would be, 'cause, I mean, Lisa and I aren't even anything, and you didn't get to see him as a baby or anything and, I mean, neither did I, but it's okay, right? I mean, you're not ma

So, uh. Yeah. Sorry


I've gotta talk to you about something. And then you're probably not gonna want to talk to me anymo It's ...sort of really important, and I won't be too surprised if you're pissed or something. And, yeah, I'm being an ass and doing this through a message instead of in-person, but I just thought it might be easier.

Ben's my son. I didn't know until today, I swear... and me and Lisa were never a serious thing. Even if she ever comes back, it's not... it wouldn't be an issue. For us, I mean. I suck at this, I know, I just w

I'm sorry.


So, you were right.

Say 'I told you so' or anything like that and I'll Christo your ass

[Jo, Darcy R., Adam & Mel, Cas, Anna]

So, figure you guys should probably hear it from the source, before it's a whole big public thing. Ben's my son. Like, officially. I got a test done, and everything.

So... yeah.


Well... I told everyone.

Fingers crossed this doesn't explode?

[ooc: I'm assuming Dean will tell Sam before this post, in their other current exchange on Sam's post, thus... this. Yep.]

November 13th, 2011

Filtered against baddies

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[Clark, Kon, Florence, Freddie, Alice, Rose, Jenny, both Doctors, Glee kids, and Elliot]

Um, so...I think I want to have Thanksgiving at my place for the first time ever. Anyone interested in coming should let me know so that I can get a headcount. I'd love any and all of you to be there...

[Dean, Ben, and Allana]

I'm thinking of having Thanksgiving at my place this year...I know that you've got your own family families, but if you guys wanted to make an appearance at some point, I just wanted to let you know that you're all welcome to.

Filtered Against Evil

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So! What's everyone been up to lately? Sorry. I've been a bit distracted. It isn't often I get lost in my own ship, but I managed to do it this time. Well, I didn't get lost so much as distracted. Well, I didn't get distracted so much as I lost track of time. Well, I didn't lose track of time so much as focus on digging through parts of the TARDIS I haven't visited in years for something to do. It'd be a bit daft for a Time Lord to lose track of time, wouldn't it? Anyway! I found a cricket set. Don't suppose anyone's up for a game. It's a bit British, cricket, although I don't see what the hang-up is about the rules. They're terribly straightforward. At least, I think so.

filtered to the complex

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Right then so, there was a body found outside the complex this morning. It's been properly dealt with..bad news. It was one of ours. His name was Burt Hummuel..good guy, good dad. his kid is here somewhere and now I have to tell him on the internet like Looks like a clean shot, sniper would be my guess. To precise to be random. Everyone needs to be on high alert, don't go out without a buddy.

We've got a problem.

[ooc: holycrap time fail, um..pretend this was posted earlier in the evening!! sorry. Migraine attacked today]

November 12th, 2011

filtered to whoever Florence got to be chief bridesmaid

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Right, so apparently I'm supposed to contact you about this wedding thing. I'm Roger, Freddie's best man.

November 11th, 2011

Filtered to Puck

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Hey, Puppy...if I ask you a question, can you swear you'll never tell anyone that I wanted to know?

Filtered against baddies

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1.) Connor Temple is a technological God amongst men. Just saying.
2.) I found another way to stop Ethan crying! It's obnoxious, but I'll get used to it
3.) Sleep is amazing and I missed it.

November 10th, 2011

Filtered Against Bad Guys

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I've discovered that resolving not to watch anything with anyone around here in it really minimizes what all you can watch. Is it completely awful to watch anyway? I mean, I have to say it, those Harry Potter films are completely brilliant. If they'd been around when I was a child, I wouldn't have watched anything else.


And I've got to say, that was a bloody brilliant game of chess, particularly for an eleven year-old. You still play, don't you?


I could use your help. If you have a few free minutes, that is. I know you're just desperate for sleep at this point.

November 9th, 2011

Filtered to Connor

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Hey, I know we're not, like, friends or anything but you're a genius, right? Does that mean you're good with electronics, by chance...? It's just, my new TV finally got delivered and I'm apparently too retarded to hook it up right but I feel bad asking. I can only either get sound or video but not both...

If you think you can fix it, I'll totally pay you. I don't have a lot of money but I'd rather it go to someone around here than pay a total stranger from a repair company or, like, the Geek Squad to come over...

Filtered against evil

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I don't think anyone's mentioned this in a while, so...for those who don't know, the Complex itself offers classes in Latin and self defense, and some of us offer outside classes too. Now that I'm back in shape enough I personally offer knife lessons as well as shooting and marksmanship training, and I know Sarah and Booth have similar classes, so just let one of us know if you're interested.

On a sidenote, again for those who don't know, I own a saloon called Harvelle's Roadhouse, located at [address]. Feel free to drop in anytime..your first drink - or more, depending on your situation - is on the house.

Hey Booth - any thoughts on starting up our poker games again? I'm looking forward to cleaning you out.

November 8th, 2011

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Scatman, Audioscience, FiFi Trixibell and one celebrity even named his kid after Superman and called him Kal-El Cage.

I'm glad I'm not a celebrity.

Filtered to Elliot

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Hey...are you still interested in helping with the nursery or did things kind of settle for you by now? It's painted and the furniture is in but I still have to, like, decorate and I remember you asking if you could help, so...I'm offering :) Plus, I loved you in Scrubs and I have this feeling my fr

November 6th, 2011

Filtered to Jo, Clark, Sam, and Dean

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You know what's even funnier than me reading this book...or hearing Samuel L. Jackson read it? Hearing Dean read it. I love Kon so hard for buying me this book, you don't even know.

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[Text to Florence]

» This is gonna sound SO stupid but...
» Can I record you singing a lullaby? Please please please please please?
» I seriously think Ethan hates my voice or something. He will not stop crying, so now Sammy's in on it, too, and I'm so tired and Clark's not around to talk at them and they need their nap and help!

[Text to Dean]

» Are you busy?
» Remember that time when I offered to help with Ben if you needed it? I wouldn't hate calling in a favor ahead of time for it...

November 5th, 2011

filtered against baddies

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I tried to tell an elevator to go up at the mall this morning and it didn't listen. Haha 21st century technology. I'm doing it wrong. That's what I get for zoning during History class. It's going to be a long apocalypse. I forgot almost everything is manual here compare to voice activated and Infrared. I tried to get a taco for breakfast and the cashier didn't know what to make of my cash card. Paper money. I'll need to get some of that I guess. I'm still tacoless and sad now.

This might sound like a weird question but uh, I know we can't get home. Can we at least check up on home? Or anything? I have my mom and my little brother I'm supposed to be looking after...
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