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November 8th, 2011

Filtered to Elliot

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Hey...are you still interested in helping with the nursery or did things kind of settle for you by now? It's painted and the furniture is in but I still have to, like, decorate and I remember you asking if you could help, so...I'm offering :) Plus, I loved you in Scrubs and I have this feeling my fr

October 20th, 2011

Filtered against evil and away from Winchesters

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So, I've gone into Need-Something-To-Do overdrive, at this point. I've packed, unpacked, and repacked the hospital bag three times today alone. ...there might also be one at my own place, just in case. I might have also done the same to it. I've been down to my place, made a grocery list, went shopping, cleaned, did laundry, took the best, longest bubble bath of all time, and then, because I still couldn't sit still...I rearranged my books alphabetically by genre, author, and title. When I didn't like it, I re-did it alphabetically by author, bigger bindings to smaller ones. Then I passed out for five hours and it was glorious. ...this can't be normal. I'm getting some serious cabin fever right around now.

Private notes to Clark, Martha, Jo, Florence, and Allana )

Oh, and also...I have intel that my boys will be embarrassed of me by the time they're ten. Good times.

Filtered from Evil

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I got my hair cut! A change feels kind of good.

So, I'm babysitting for a couple of days, just wanted to give you a heads up about that. Have you met Asher, he's Michael's brother? Michael is the kid that works in the medbay with us doing filing and things.

October 19th, 2011

Filtered against Evil

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Filtered to those working in the MedBay )

Felicia )

Flint )

So, I've never actually had to do this before. Well, except for that time that I got a fake ID when I was seventeen so I could vote. Anyway, is anyone specialized in...editing official documents?

Filtered against evil

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Isn't there a slightly better way to deal with wrangling wild animals than what these people did? I understand that the animals were wild and are potentially dangerous, but to just shoot them down instead of sedating them somehow? That's insane. Here I thought tigers were on the brink of extinction. One would think people would try to preserve as many of them as possible.

And for the record, this wasn't me this time. Believe me, I learned my lesson the last time. I'm staying away from zoos.

October 18th, 2011

filtered against evil

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Hi Lawrence, you hardly knew me and then I disappeared, apparently just in time for some crazy stuff to happen. My sister had a baby recently so I went back home for a while to help her out, and then sort of accidentally ended up a drug mule, which, I had no idea "organic hemp business" meant that and he had really great eyes so whatever you would have fallen for it too okay? got a little sidetracked on my way back.

For the new arrivals, I'm Kat. I'm from this reality, no seal involved, so if you ever need someone with an official ID to take care of something for you, or have any questions about this place or basic computer skills or anything, just get in touch with me. Much like a concierge who does not live or work in your building and can't actually get you a taxi home (so the worst concierge ever), I am here to help!

Filtered against evil things

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Did I do it right, Kat?

This thing is so cool, you people have the neatest stuff; we don't have these at home! And it gives me my voice back! Sort of. Mostly? I have a couple of hours before... Well, I have a couple of hours before sunset and I want to see everything before I have to go. What should I do? Where should I go? What is there to see? I mean, besides everything, obviously. I don't have a lot of time so I need some specifics. I want to make this deal worth it...

filtered against bad guys

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Panda post.

Do Pandas in China speak Chinese together in Panda? And I thought English was complicated.. )

October 14th, 2011

Filtered from Evil

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I'm thinking about cutting my hair...thoughts?

It feels good to be back at the medbay too. I may not have made it through my first day completely, but now...it's easier, guess I had to start somewhere. I made it all day today.

Filtered against evil, Jason and any of his allies

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We've got a problem. We've got a very big problem and his name is Jason. Not that I want to rile up the coppers around here, but this bloke wants me to practice with a firearm so that I can blow a hole in the drug trade in Lawrence.

...I could be wrong, but 'm pretty sure that the bulk of the drug trade in this area is a bunch of bloody high school and college kids selling to one another, so that said, I'd rather not put down a bunch of kids because this bloke is a nutter.

That said...now what? I've taken the job, so to speak, so's he doesn't go trying to give it to someone as mental as himself. So, for now, the renegade youth are safe from harm outside of fucking themselves up a bit with the spliff and all.

October 13th, 2011

Filtered against baddies

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Does anyone, by chance, know if there are any two bedroom apartments free in the complex...? Or does anyone have one they don't necessarily need and would be willing to trade spaces? I really need space for the boys when they come and I wouldn't hate getting started on a nursery...I'd really, super appreciate it...

I don't think I should stay with you after all
Maybe we should slow dow
I'm gonna go back to my pl
Can we talk soon...?

Um...advice on how to move out of a guy's apartment without him thinking you want to break up, because you totally don't...ready, set, go!

October 12th, 2011

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Does anyone know what’s going on? I don’t remember how I got here. I need to get back I have to know if she's

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I think I'm having that Wizard of Oz dream again... Except this time the scarecrow is a meth addict, the tin man has his capped teeth and the cowardly lion just propositioned me for sex. I've really got to find another job. The free clinic is taking over my dreams.

Has anyone seen a sparkly red pair of Jimmy Choos? I need them to wake up.

Filtered against evil

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Um...does anyone who speaks Russian have a little bit of time on their hands to check my work? I've been working on a new device, but I can't tell if the programming is right, because I can't understand a word coming out of it...

I'm nearly finished. It just needs to get the language seal of approval and then I need to actually put the thing together — right now it's mostly in pieces — and it'll be all set. Any other ideas for something to do after this...?

May 8th, 2010

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Even just cracking your back the wrong way years after hardcore acid usage can cause hallucinations and that would definitely explain all of what the frick is going on here if I had ever taken acid at any fricking point in my entire life! Did someone slip me a roofie? Is this just a super lucid dream? Did I fall down a blinking rabbit hole?! If all of that was a dream then why am I still here and why am I NOT somewhere that I recognize?!

Maybe I'm in a coma. No one knows what the frick goes on when you're in a coma, anyway. Or I could be in a black hole. In a new dimension. But probably not because even though I'd like to be an astronaut, I am most definitely not an astronaut and I might have some leg power but certainly not enough to propel myself to the moon. Or I guess I could still be dreaming because that would make the most sense of anything since I've never done acid and this isn't anything like being slipped a roofie and I have had MANY dreams where I'm dreaming about something one minute and then something else WAY different and way off topic the next! And it's called lucid dreaming when you're aware that you're dreaming, you know, and while I've never had one of those before, that doesn't mean that I never COULD have one. It's not like I'm old. New things happen to old people, anyway, even if I DID happen to be old.

I can do anything I want because it's my dream. You know, I could fly. Heck, I could be a fly! I could turn into a wasp or a bee or a hawk, even! Maybe even a slug if I really wanted to, but they're pretty slimy and gross and I don't think I'd ever WANT to be a slug, not that I ever wanted to be whatever the hell I was in the last segment of this dream. I'm a doctor. I'm a doctor. I work at Sacred Heart. Accounting is stupid. My name is Elliot Reid and I'm going to turn into a butterfly because this is a dream and why the heck am I writing in this thing anymore?

I feel really sick and it reminds me of

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I'm hearing voices...and I keep answering people when they haven't said anything.

May 2nd, 2010

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The timing on that suicide was incredibly unnecessary. If any of you plan on killing yourselves, make sure to do it on a more convenient day.

May 1st, 2010

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Okay! THIS IS NOT FUNNY! Whoever put a demented clown mask in my office before closing time I want it gone! NOW! If its gone I won't have to figure out who it is and report you!! I don't care who does it! Just get it the hell out of here!

Scared me half to death! I swear! Damn dreams.
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