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October 13th, 2013

October 13th, 2013

Private to Jacen Solo

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[OOC: Backdated to around this time]

I found her. Took some going through the rubble, but I found her. She's here [complex address, floor and room proximity area]. Unconscious but still alive. Please hurry, she needs help. Is there any Jedi healing or magic that can She helped me once when she was here bef

Lois and Clark

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I don't even want to go out there right now. At all. I'm sc

no evil or known possessed

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im sorry

i dont even know what else to say except that/.

its ruined isn't it

Stefan & his friends + Bo D.

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So I did a thing that could've gotten me killed but instead it got a certain crazy Hybrid we all know to apparently think about the insanity he was causing and I need to be where Stefan Salvatore is right the fuck now. So, someone talk to me.

[Friends + Zee's House of Fairytales]
Heyyy, sorry I haven't been around much today, I did a thing. And I'm on my way to Rebekah & Stefan to hopef theoretic cure him. Be back in time for dinner?

No evil...no anyone who is still possessed??

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Right, so coming back from the dead does that make me a zombie vampire? Because I don’t feel an urge to eat brains, but you know, maybe I’m like a unique zombie?

Anyway, hi? Anyone want to fill a girl in on what’s been happening? I was filled in on a little but I figure people leave stuff out and I don't really know what's been happening except its so not Wednesday anymore.

[Stefan and Rebekah]
I want to see both of you with my own eyes so I know you’re both alive--undead--you know what I mean.

You are, right?

no evil/doucehbag brotehsr (thnat's jyou nik!)/lucifter pets/under 18s

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hyou know what? 'uim fucking dprunk and idgaf thnat we have other issuse going aon rgight now becxause the last 2-3wks have fucking gsukecd ffor me and anysone that doesn't fucking likoe it ecan kxiss my fucking immortoal ass.

aldso? crowley has the bcest liquor oun the fucking planet jsyk

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[Texts to Klaus]
» Hey, it's Bo.
» I hope you don't mind that I used my mad skills to get your number.
» I just wanted to see how you were doing.
» If you're anything other than ridiculously happy at getting Caroling back, you and I need to have another long talk.
» But, seriously. How are you doing?

No evil, no possessed

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Okay so I know there's a lot of shit going on right now, but there's at least one more person out there who's possessed. Sherlock, the one that's my facetwin? He's been ducking us for like two weeks now or thereabouts, and we were thinking he might be possessed, but weren't sure. But there is no way he'd have left us all in the lurch like this with everything that's going on, so I'm calling that enough to confirm he's possessed and not just being an asshole. Has anyone seen any signs of him anywhere? And is anyone else still possessed or missing or anything like that?

ETA: Still possessed people include Sherlock Holmes (the Victorian one) and Maria Hill

Text to Klaus

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>>Would you care for some privacy?
>>The others are not here for...obvious reasons.
>>However, should you like some time alone with Caroline, I could go stay with Katerina for the night.
>>I'm happy for you brother. Happy you got a second chance.

Filtered from lying Petrova skanks/evil/possessed/Lucifier loyalists

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lying, deceitful women wikll alawys be that. cheatirng on me. always cheating on me. bite marks on thigghs. only usidng wme to bwecome a vampzire. loive is stupid.

[ooc: A few hours after his meeting with Katerina]

Texts to Marian

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>>Do you want to stay at Eponine's inn?
>>I don't know how to tell y
>>I don't have anyone to blame and
>>I think Lydia's mad and I'm not sure
>>I need y


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What the hell is wrong with you?


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How much did I drink last night man? Because I'm still drunk and now I'm hallucinating.


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So how goes the girlfriending?

You're not like, completely freaking out about the whole...me talking to the suped up vamphybrid, are you?

Texts to Elijah

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[A few hours later, after this!]

»Elijah you didn't let me explain
»It's not what you think
»I swear

[about 10 minutes later]
»Elijah please
»Please talk to me

No Evil, No Possessed

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Double whammy of bad memories is not my idea of fun.

Anyone else tempted to just stay hammered?

no baddies, right?

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Here I thought this was all just a weird trip. Hello, Lawrence, I'm back!


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[OOC: Filter reads "no more evil or demons, please and thank you"]

Um. Can we please stop with the me dying and/or almost dying? I would kind of like that. Maybe more than a little bit.

...also can anyone shed some light on the lovely smoking ruin we seem to have going on here?


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Elijah's telling everyone that you're cheating on him.

Considering you're not stupid, what gives, Katherine?

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[No evil, no possessed, no Klaus.]

To anyone who didn't hear already, Stefan is going to be alright.

[Filtered to Claudia and Bo Denis]

I don't know how you two did it, but thank you.

[Filtered to Kenzi]

I didn't say it before, but thank you. The stuff you said.

I should have asked, you and yours all okay?

[Filtered to Stefan]

I don't know how to feel.

Except that I love you.

[Filtered to Klaus]

We're still not okay.

News Report!

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Cut because violence: dead body found )

No evil/Lucifer-aligned/Hal

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So there's a lot going on and unfortunately I have something to add to it.

Hal.. I... he's not so much...Hal.

It's my fault. It was stupid. I thought I could fix it and now...

I already know I just proved 90% of you right about me. But can we save the verbal slaughtering for later?

Chick friends filter

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okay, so theoretically, how band is it if the uguy you're apparently sorta-seriously dating now was possessed for like, hell, i guess it was weeks. shit. if he was psesssoed for a long time and you didn't notice. likeat all. like you still deid stuff.

and fby stuff i mnea possibly sex. maybe possiblely a lot.

that's bad, right?

...then when he was exorcised annd you kind of took off pretty soon after?

i'm dthe worst ever. i dony't even

i mean i knewhe was acting weird buti thought itwas just cause the worldwa s ending. am i suposed to yel christo everytimesomeone wants to do something fun now or

i dont know wehat to do. he probably hates me

[Edit: Added filter to Pretty]

I'm sorr
i shouldnt have left like tha
are you oka


No Evil / No Possessed

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Has anyone else seen the news report of the body thrown onto the highway? There was a note around his neck with the letters SH on it. Could that have been the work of the other Sherlock?

No Evil & No Possessed

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Is there anything else I can do to help anyone else? My shoulder's messed up but I can't keep sitting around. I have to do something.

[Lydia B]

Hey. How are you holding up? I've been busy since I got back with dealing with the explosion and my screwed up shoulder. You okay?


I never did get to buy you that drink as an apology. Want to hit a bar tomorrow? I can't drink much but I figure anyone can use one right now.


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They're saying things about you. Really, really bad things that sound like they're ending in death the way it's been put.

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You should never have been told that way. I'm so sorry Jane.


Thanks. For worrying.

I meant what I said about him liking you so much.


Thanks for the loan.


I didn't mean what I said to sound that way. I let my anger get the better of me. I'm sorry.
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