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February 14th, 2013

February 14th, 2013

No Evil

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I just want to take a minute and wish everyone a really happy Valentine's Day! And I want everyone to know that there is someone special out there for you. Maybe not necessarily a lover, but there is always someone who cares about you. I worry that people forget sometimes. So, there's me, reminding you.

And Harmony - I've already said it before, but I want to make sure you remember: You are the dream girl, always have been, and I love you.

Female filter (aaaaall the females, no boys allowed!)

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I know there's bigger, more important things going on and all, but...anyone got any tips on how to get over your ex when he's your best friend and you are simultaneously watching him with someone else?

Don't get me wrong. I'm happy for him. I am. It's great that he's found someone that makes him that happy. But...it still kinda sucks.

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Mind if I pick Henry up after school? We have a hot chocolate tradition.


Please tell me you have something planned for Emma.

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[Text to Clint]
Where are you?

[Sent half an hour later]

[10 minutes later]
Answer me.

[Filtered against evil and Dark]
Last time I went afte
Fine, this time we'll play it your w

Clint's gone. He's not answering his texts. I think he might be at the Carnival. And if a plan isn't made soon, I don't care, I'm still going afte

Filtered Against Evil

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Harry has the right idea, I think. Especially on a day like today and now when love is most nee

With that being said, Robin of Locksley, lord of my heart, defender of England, boy who swept me off my feet, I love you. I always have and I always will and nothing in this world or ours, or any other to come our way will change that. And I am more happy than you can know to soon stand before everyone and finally publicly become your wife.

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[Filtered to House and Snow]

Regina and Katherine went somewhere last night and she told me to inform the two of you if she wasn't back by dawn. She has not returned.

[Filtered to Galen and Gannicus]

Regina is gone and I do not know where she is.

[OOC: Gaia has been freaking out since she found Regina's note to her this morning and found her gone from the house. Sorry Galen, but you're lucky if you get English out of her.]

Filtered against evil, Dark and Gershom

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This post should be used to make note of anyone who has gone missing. If there is someone you know who has gone missing, please speak up so we can get things in order about the carnival and getting them back.

- Clint
- Becker
- Regina
- Morgana
- Loki
- Damon
- Enjolras

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paranoid but not totally forgetful-left in Reds room )

Filter from Evil

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This world truly has an entire holiday based around love and finding love.

This is amazing!!

Do we celebrate it? How do we celebrate it? Its all...pink

Filtered to Rose

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Can I ask you something? You're Elena's friend right?

[Filtered to Tahiri]
Are you all right? I can't feel you an

Text to Allana

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What say you to Hawaii?

filtered to lexi, lois, martha and rose

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As you four had shown concern for Carly while she was here, I thought you would want to know. She was sent back. I checked her room to make sure she was fine and her things were gone.


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So any bets on how long it would take for letting Elijah stay here before it would blow up in my face? Sorry. The Seal intervened and he's gone.

no lucifers

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Can I see the library tonight Cas?

Filter Against Evil and Dark

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At the risk of sounding ignorant, what exactly does this Carnival do? I understand it can take captives, but how? Or more so, why? I've seen talk, bits and pieces, but putting it together is complicated and confusing.


I understand today is meant to be of a romantic nature but
If you were interested, perhaps we could
I've no other way to make you see than to

Have you any plans for the evening?

Filtered Against Evil (Including Dark & his minions of the moment)

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He's missing again.

I want him back. What are we doing about Dark? And how can I help? What can I do?

[Texts to Loki (since yesterday0]
> Where are you?
> Loki?
> Are you coming home?

> Do you want something in particular for dinner?
> We could have ice cream?

> Loki I need you to answer me now.
> I'd tell you this isn't funny but you wouldn't joke like this.
> I love you.
> It'll be okay.
> I hope you're okay.

> We will get you back soon.


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We should talk.

[Ten minutes later]
I know you have every right to be angry at me but at least tell me you're okay.

[Thirty minutes later]
If this is a joke it's anything but funny.

[Forty minutes later]
For the love of Camelot woman answer me!

Where's Morgana?


[Filtered against evil and Dark]
Has anyone seen Morgana?

Filtered against evil and Dark

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......What's going on? How did I get here? This isn't the Netherworld...

Filtered against evil and Dark

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[Filtered; Lydia] He's really not that bad.
If George shows up here I swear to GOD. I will cut off his
I am so happy you're not upset here
I am so GLAD you haven't been watching


This has been a really good day for me.

Texts to Emma

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> Regina is missing and Henry wanted to give her a Valentine. And your phone is off, isn't it?
> He's upset.
> Very upset.
> I'm only telling you this so you aren't shocked when we return.
> Your father will be here too when we do.
> A few others have gone missing as well.

Filtered to my poncho boys

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I love you both. Don't either of you forget that.

But I love you more. Always. Don't you ever think anything else.

Filtered to Florence

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So, this time last year wife?

This place really has its moments doesn't it? I say dinner for two, whereever the hell you want and I'll put the board away till Monday.

Filtered from Evil

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Husband. You. Me. Night out.

Brother in Law Trade you the Impala for a night with cute baby niece? Unless you have plans. If you have plans I can get Crowley to babysit


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Well okay so the guy I killed is here and doesn't remember me killing him and I am being good now so what do you think, fair to suggest no one ever tells him, maybe? Or is that me being a terrible person? Because I mean, we already know I am a terrible person. So that would make sense?

I don't know what to do and I miss Brady and I just want to go back to being normal and


Can we maybe not tell Andy about that time I sorta flipped out and killed him?
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