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March 18th, 2013

filtered against evil (no mathletes for evil!)

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I had this conversation about eight times at school today:

Me: Are you coming to my thing on Friday?
Friend at school: I didn't know there was a basketball game for you to cheer at Friday! Who are we playing?
Me: No, my other thing, my Mathletes-thing. I'm on Mathletes. We're having a competition in the gym--
Friend: [Exit stage left at rapid pace]

So if you are in any way affiliated with the high school, or if you just enjoy math, you should break this disturbing and inexplicable trend and go watch Mathletes on Friday at 5:30 in the gym. It's fun! There's a lightning round! Which alarmed me the first time I heard the term but then I remembered most people are not capable of producing actual lightning so they just meant Kon's going! (Yes you are Kon)If you have a high school thing you want spectators at I will definitely go to yours because that seems fair!

In other news I apologize for the downstairs kitchen. I was trying to make brownies for after the event. I will fix the window.

No evil no kids

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Hangover cures. Go.

And I swear to god boyfriend of mine. If you do not learn to type softer you're on the couch for a week. Or more, Mr. Chuckles.

March 10th, 2013


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Where are you?

[ooc: pretend this was sent like early this morning on sunday?]


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i cannot come retrieve you. iam verry sory. if you need a reference poitn for where you are , it is at [address]

[ooc: assume this was last night sometime!]

March 6th, 2013

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This stops. Now.


filtered against evil and Maleficent

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I need a place in the city with no life, no people, no animals, no plants for a pretty big radius. Does anyone know somewhere? An abandoned warehouse? Anything? Hurry, please, Daisy's already sick and I

[[ooc: Allana's curse is basically that anyone/anything (people, animals, plants whatever) that comes into contact with her gets sick. Proximity/touching her would make it worse and the effects escalate over time. If you spent enough time with her you would die, and you'd suffer a good deal before that. Checking on her in the Force will produce an increasing feeling of nausea. She's safe for comm-talk, however. Yay?]]

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I suggest someone put a muzzle on that man before I stop playing nice.

Family/Friends filter

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We may have a problem.

March 5th, 2013

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[Filtered to Family and Tahiri (who basically is also this filter]

Are you all well?  

If not, tell me, don't hide it. Its better that I know now.


I don't know what exactly you want but at some point we will likely cross paths if you target anyone I care for.

I was going to say don't but you will anyway, your sort always do. When you do though, be ready.

By the way, all the little 'Fun with senses'. Inventive. I'm actually impressed.

February 27th, 2013

filtered against evil and evil witches

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We got a badger in today at the animal shelter where I volunteer after school. He's really sweet, see?

I sort of want to take him home with me, but Daisy gets all sulky whenever I bring in a new animal...hey Kon? Do you want a badger to come stay in your apartment?

Aside from badgers, has this Maleficent been going after civilians? I haven't exactly been as current on the boards as I could be, and I don't see any post telling people about her (though I might just be missing it)...should we be watching out for the others at school or is this a displaced-people-only threat?

You know to watch out for evil witches, right?

February 22nd, 2013

Filtered against evil

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So just when I think this rock couldn't feel any less like home, I stumble upon a brochure for Las Vegas. I think I might have just found something to occupy my time on a regular basis. That and with no Sith to kill, I'm getting twitchy. So, the ol' fallback: Crime.

February 17th, 2013

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[Filtered to Becker]

Come on. We're going out. I don't care where, but it's time you got out. Yep. And I need a drink and you need to not dwell, k? K.

[Filtered to Kon]
Look, I'm sorry, okay. But eloping isn't a crime here. We were already living together, it isn't like much has changed. She just has my last name and we wear rings, that's it.

[Filtered to Allana]

If he hasn't already gotten you to, get your asses back to Lawrence. Dark is dealt with and gone and you two still have two months of school to finish.

February 14th, 2013


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Well okay so the guy I killed is here and doesn't remember me killing him and I am being good now so what do you think, fair to suggest no one ever tells him, maybe? Or is that me being a terrible person? Because I mean, we already know I am a terrible person. So that would make sense?

I don't know what to do and I miss Brady and I just want to go back to being normal and


Can we maybe not tell Andy about that time I sorta flipped out and killed him?

Text to Allana

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What say you to Hawaii?

February 7th, 2013

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And people say the Dark Side is...
Its difficult not to just
Kriff I can't

[Tenel Ka]

It seems he's back my love.

And if he is...

The urge to just find and end him is overwhelming. He hurt our child.


I apologise if I was overly...angry with you. But you know why I worry


How are you settling?


How are you since he left? I know we don't speak and I know there are clear and very good reasons why but all the same, we were close once. I'm allowed worry.


I still very much want to tear that creature apart limb from limb with every ounce of power I have

Tell me, How to make them understand...

February 6th, 2013


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...is there a chance that if I came and stayed with you for a couple days there could be large chunks of time when I was both conscious and not meditating on the fact that I am never allowed to go across city limits alone ever again? I just this thing, with Dark, it feels like

Well, I suppose a better first question would be whether there was a chance I could come stay for a day or two? At your apartment? I'd ask my parents but I think if I so much as stubbed my toe dad would use it as an excuse to fly off the handle, and, well, you know.

February 3rd, 2013

no evil

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Nightmares are so fun except when they aren't andI don't even know what to say right now except Kansas sucks.

Filtered Against Evil

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That is all. Be home soon.

Filtered from evil, children, and Loki

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Loki seems to be under the influence of an entity or entities familiar to him, but concerning to him.

They won't allow him to reveal details about them but I was able to ask him which letters DID NOT appear in their name.

He provided the following letters.

b c f i j l n p q t u v w x y z

He said they may not be accurate but they are a start. Has there been anything that has troubled you here in the past whose name is comprised of the ten letters

a d e g h k m o r s?

January 26th, 2013

filtered against evil

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Life's funny isn't it? On the one hand I'm in infinite trouble and everyone's disappointed in me and I still am not sure how to process having died now that I am actually processing it I'm training to keep on top of the apocalypse. On the other hand, as head cheerleader I have the grave responsibility of picking the song we're doing our routine to at the basketball/wrestling pep rally next Friday. And, you know, even if she knew about the apocalypse I am pretty sure Kelsey Albright would say I should be giving this more thought than I have been. Since that girl routinely has my life in her hands, somewhat literally since she spots me when I'm flying which I am pretty sure came about because our coach secretly loves Machiavellian power struggles unfolding before her, I would hate to disappoint her.

So, this was a long way of asking: what's your favorite dance-able pop song? I could use a few at the assembly, and I could definitely use a few suggestions.
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