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October 11th, 2011

October 11th, 2011

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Invalid video URL.

...I tried to be all badass and sassy and topical and then code failed me cause I'm not a science nerd like some billionaire industrialists I might name who can probably code with their eyes closed and one handed. But anyway, whatever.

For your viewing pleasure and cause I may soon get killed by the wrath of broody sulky not quite Jedi.


Filtered against evil

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I think with Halloween approaching, we should have a costume party.

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Takin off for a few days. You good here?

I'm getting out of the city for a while. Will you come with me?


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Well, this certainly is
Why does it seem our paths always
This has to be some sort of

I believe the invitation said to RSVP to you this way. So yes, I will be there on the twenty second.

Filtered Against Evil

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There comes a time in every man's life when a number of his traveling companions gather in one place, and he realizes he has a terrible habit of picking up women.

Honestly, you'd think the Seal would have snatched up the Brigadier or Jamie or Jack or even Mickey Mick Mickey. Why is it only aiming for the women in my life? Well, except for the Master, but that's different. Not that I mind. It's brilliant, seeing everyone, but really, you'd think I'd spent the last seven hundred years combing all of space and time for a date.

Filter to Ginny and Neville

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Have either of you determined if there are any missing components to the Potion? The Doctor believes that he can conjure synthesize any missing ingredients needed, but he needs to know what they are and maybe more information beyond that, I'm not sure.

He told me that he resembles a Death Eater from our world who I didn't know was a Death Eater, so I'll understand if you'd rather not communicate with him directly. But if you have any information that I can pass along, I would be extremely grateful.

Is Barty Crouch's son really How could we not have known I guess there are still a lot of things that I don't know

Filtered against all the baddies

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It's always nice to know that the people here are exactly the same as people back home on the Upper West Side. They're just as tolerant and understanding and accepting.

...Sarcasm. Gotta love it.

It took all of my restraint not to fry I hate people sometimes Don't be surprised to find them all strangely stuck on the roof of the school tomorrow

In other news, English was cancelled today for mysterious reasons.

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There is nothing good to eat here. I friggen miss your cooking lol

How are you?

Uh, so...I love you. I haven't had a vision since we got here and you did your thing or whatever. The real test is gonna be in a bigger population, though...do you think we could sneak off to, like, New York City or Las Vegas, or somewhere with a lot of people and crime and violence and what not and hide out for a couple of days to test it out? I'm getting homesick for Lawrence, believe it or not...

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Um So, I've never done the Halloween thing before. I know what it is, we all watched Hocus Pocus once and some movie about a little ghost. But I've never actually participated. Should have taken Angel trick-or-treating, why am I an idiot So um. Costumes. How hard are they? And the whole bobbing for apples thing-overrated old-fashionedness or does this actually happen?

I hate looking stupid

Filtered to Ziva

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I need to get out of here for a few days.

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Seems like its just me and Cas again. Things have been. I've been busy. Wars above and below and fewer of us that you'd care to dream of even care anymore


All I did was try to teleport, Simple thing, and my nose is bleeding,

I told you it would happen.


I need your hel
I noticed your happy news. I'm really very happy for you Rose. I've missed you. I've missed a lot


Can you even sense me anymore? Do you know how far I let myself


You and me need to
We should talk. I ...
To hell with it

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I'm not too sure about this idea of Halloween...it sounds rather...primitive, I suppose is the word? Or is it really the best sort of thing to do here, with it's traditional elements regarding the dead and all?

The essential elements of Halloween - lighting bonfires, costuming, trick-or-treating, telling ghost stories and attending parties can all be traced back to Samhain celebrations as early as 2000 years ago. Ultimately, the Celts believed that on October 31, the Lord of Death (Saman), would call together all the souls that had died the previous year in order for them to travel to the afterlife. Thus, the living would often disguise themselves in ghoulish costumes in order for the spirits of the dead to think they were one of their own, and pass by them without incident. The villagers would also wear masks and form parades in order to lead the spirits (souls) out of the town. The Celts would also offer food to Saman, in order to persuade him to more be temperate when he is judging their ancestors. This is seen as a precursor to "trick-or-treating", a key component of modern day Halloween celebrations.



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Apparently I am going out of town tomorrow. While I know you don't do forensic anthropology, can you or Ziva make sure that my interns don't mess anything up? Chain of evidence followed and such?

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[Filtered to Tess]

[Filtered to Allana]
Good news is today I didn't heat vision anything into a thousand tiny shards. Bad news is, I won't be at school for a while. Ironic how a few weeks ago this probably would have been the other way around.

I'm confused.
[Filtered to Romana]
Um..hi. So..Clark told me I should talk to you, but I've never really done this thing before so that probably sounded really lame.
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