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October 7th, 2012

Nate and Kimmy

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September 22nd, 2012

filtered against evil and Katherine and Gaia

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windows hurt god damnit this table can't get here soon enough.

[Added filter to Nate]
Hey, think you can lend me some of your magical table solutions?

September 17th, 2012

Filtered against evil/Katherine/Jerry

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Y'know, I think Sinister was looking forward to screwing with me when he got the chance to pop up as a ghost. Too bad he didn't have time to come up with a contingency for being encased in iron and used as a coffee table. He's a lot more useful this way!

September 9th, 2012

Added: filter against evil & Katherine. My bad, kinda shocked here.

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Holy fucking shit...what's going on, Seal?!

Please still be here. You're still here, right?

...still here...? I'm sorry. Let's not fight okay?

[Other friends]
Guys? Still here...?

Filtered from evil

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I am not the speech making girl. Or, well, no, I can come up with pretty damn good speeches when I need to, but I am not the let’s all play nice and work together speech girl. I think that’s supposed to be Clark’s forte. But here is the thing, you guys, all of this in-fighting is driving me insane. I don’t care who started it, but it needs to stop.

We need to work together. We need to put whatever little remarks or outlooks or whatever has blemished opinions of one another to the side. We’re in the middle of a war--was that forgotten? I feel like that’s been forgotten, and this tension and all of the crap isn’t helping anyone. Not even a little bit.

And before I get the whole “I just won’t talk to so and so” plan, stop it. Are we in elementary school? I swear that was the argument of elementary school when someone stole your damn pudding cup or took the last pizza on Pizza Fridays and you were stuck with the nasty burrito instead. I’d like to think we’ve moved away from that time in our lives.

Communication has to happen. Bridges need to be mended. Because here’s the thing. Everyone can say they’ll play nice at the time of an emergency but you will not. How can you place your trust in someone during a freaking emergency if you can’t stand to talk to them for four seconds on the boards? You can’t. I’m not saying we suddenly all have to be best friends and do one another’s hair or any of that crap, but we need to be able to tolerate one another.

The snippy remarks need to stop.

The hurt feelings need to be expressed and dealt with because pushing them down isn’t going to do anything but let them fester and eventually explode.

I don’t want to hear that it’s so and so’s problem or so and so started it. Again, we’re not in elementary school. Sit down, shut up and listen to one another. Work past whatever is going on and become the damn cohesive unit I am fairly sure you all can be.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I am going to go take a nice long bubble bath because a lot of you give me a damn headache.

August 16th, 2012

[Filtered against evil and Katherine]

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Y'know, my dad and Wolverine get along better than you guys. Cyclops and fucking Wolverine are less childish than the lot of you. I want you to stop and consider how wrong that picture is.

Because the next time people feel like being petulant children, I'm going to give everyone involved a 24 hour mental timeout as a petulant child. You'll probably skip around a lot and just loooooooooooooove Rpatz. Trust me, you do not want that to happen. Humiliating as hell, but entirely harmless. Who knows, maybe you'll learn something from it.

This applies only to the people that have insisted on exploding into senseless piles of stupid the last few weeks. Both sides of the stupid, which I've had no choice but to pick up both sides of, being psychic and all. No, I don't really care what super special reasons you have, so save your effort and my headache and don't bother.

I really need a break from the psychic chaff in this town. You up for another trip? We can have the serious conversation in a little bistro in Italy, maybe?

(OOC: Obviously Nate would not actually do this considering epic godmodey and all, but at this point it would be more OOC for him to just keep ignoring it and not saying anything, so.)

August 12th, 2012

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[Text to Oliver]
» Hey I just went to double check the camp schedule to make sure I can make it for Lois's birthday and remembered you've got camp the same week as me. Wanna carpool?
» We can make a road trip out of it. We never did end up going to hang out, after I made myself look like a fucking id all.
» Google Maps says just over 9 hours. What say you?

[ooc: a little later]

[Text to Lois]
» Dude, I'm dumb...

[ooc: a few hours later]

[Text to Nate]
» Hey stranger...you wanna come to a party with me on Friday so I'm not by myself in Connor's presence because that's awkw? It'll be fun I promise.

July 25th, 2012

Filtered against evil/Katherine/Dark

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I always forget time gets wonky when you get into the deep astral. Ugh. If my body still ran on food, I would be starving right now. Next time, thoughtform alarm clock.

July 8th, 2012

Filtered against the usual suspects, Gaia, and Emma

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Dude. I am fu-cking bored. I gotta get out of here for a few before I am bored literally to tears. I'm nearly there, not kidding. Anybody wanna come with since it's all scary town out there? I don't even care where we go. Zeus can only do so much damage...he's nice for intimidation but he can't take a bullet very well, for example, you see.

Hey pretty, where've you been hiding out? I miss you, we need to chill!

[Text to Jess]
» If I can get someone to take me up on it, you need or want anything while I'm out? I'm thinking Not!Ella could go for some ice cream, am I right? ;)

June 1st, 2012

Filtered against evil

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Quick science lesson, folks: Know what happens when you telekinetically grip the molecules of a bunch of plastic men and hyper-accelerate them to oh, say, five times their normal speed?

(Inserted is a camera-phone picture of Nate's place with what appears to be a new moat made of melted plastic.)

If your answer was "What is friction and heat?" then congratulations, you just won the Daily Double. This (address) is my place. If you find yourself cut off and needing a place to duck in to catch your breath, or to take shelter at until this is over, you can come here. There's only one rule, which I can and will enforce telepathically if anyone forces me to: No violence against anyone taking refuge here. I'm not asking everyone to like each other, but if you're going to be staying at my place for any length of time, you're going to abide by that golden rule or spend the duration thinking you're a five year old girl that loves the color pink and thinks that sparkly vampire kid is just the "kewlest".

This goes as much for anyone out patrolling as it does anyone needing a place to hole up for the duration. If you need a breather and can't make it back to the complex or wherever else you're home base is, you're welcome here.

(OOC: Filter is SPN-evil-only.)

May 31st, 2012


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» Did you find her, yet? Abby?
» If not, I'm too scared to go out and help anymore, but if you want to borrow Zeus and see if he can help track her, just say the word.

» You're okay, right...? Safe, I mean... You've been quiet and I'm starting to worry.
» More than I probably should

» Are you okay? And Pete?

[Danielle, Rose, Ten, Eleven]
» Are you guys okay?

» Hey Loser, still kickin?

May 23rd, 2012

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Is having a birthday very important? Because I don't think I have one of those.

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[Filtered to Kim, Jess, Jason, Nate, Ten, Eleven, Pete, Rory and Danielle]

You all! Make no plans for next weekend. Saturday, specifically. You're all invited to celebrate the 28th year since Miss Kim Corman was born! We'll go all out, do a big party, the where is still to be determined, but consider yourselves all claimed for this purpose.


Did I forget anyone? And...I'm cooking up a bit of a surprise while I'm at it. Happy birthday, sweetie! ;D


You wouldn't happen to want to offer up transport services with that big beautiful amazing and wonderful ship of yours for this party, would you?

May 19th, 2012

Filtered against badies

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So there's a TV show called Smallville and there are comic books about it and people are actually interested in that?

May 18th, 2012

Filtered against the usual suspects

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Yeah. This happened today. I never want to go back to Lawrence

[ooc: added later]

Haha, long day? Totally forgot I even took that until I was uploading the others lmfao

May 16th, 2012

Filtered against the usual suspects

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...who just won $400? Oh yeah, that's me. Today is awesome!

When do you want to head back? I could stay here forever, because I'm having a blast with you but...I imagine you want to get back eventually.

May 11th, 2012

Filtered to Nate

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Teensy change of plans. I wanna make an appearance at Rose's party before we hit the Vegas strip. Any chance of a pit stop?

Filtered against Lucifer.

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Anyone else want to go to Comic-Con in costume and interact with all those wonderful fanboys?

May 8th, 2012

Filtered against the usual suspects & any debbie downers of the day

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She didn't see me and I didn't say a word, but I saw her and I couldn't stop myself. I found it on an old roll I hadn't developed, from before... From before. She just looks so fucking free. She can't be one of us, whoever she is, or she wouldn't really feel as such; not enough for that, I bet. I never got a look at her face. Funny how some of us were brought back from the dead to be here and yet we're less free than ever in this place. It's like a gilded cage, a little. A lot.

Immortality is a pretty concept on the outside but the more I wonder if I've been blessed with it, the more I worry I've been cursed with it, because I should've been dead a million times by now. Maybe Death would be better, if it was what was meant to happen. Maybe there's less suffering there, if you believe.

In other news, schadenfreude is a great word.

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