April 2013



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08:41 am: [info]jlsigman Nothing Left But Freedom [FF VIII/FF XII, Rinoa & Fran, PG] - 6 comments
10:08 am: [info]dropsofviolet But It Burns the Same (Tsubasa, Syaoran and Yuuko) - 2 comments
10:11 am: [info]dropsofviolet Flood, Flood, Flood (Incredibles/Mulan, Violet and Mulan)
04:24 pm: [info]jameva Mind-Boggling [FMA/P3, Shinjiro, Roy] - 10 comments
06:17 pm: [info]tyger [FIC] Yuugiou/Kingdom Hearts: But A Walking Shadow - 4 comments
06:10 am: [info]jlsigman Black Rain [Dante & Maria, Devil May Cry, R]
06:58 am: [info]ivoryandhorn You Know My Name [Original - The City Adel; Pevi, Yelina, Ivahn] - 2 comments
08:30 am: [info]myeerah Into the Woods [Kingdom Hearts/Russian Trilogy] - 6 comments
02:32 pm: [info]catdevigri A Pair of Giggling Drunks (Tales of Legendia/Grandia, Shirley/Feena)
03:34 pm: [info]dropsofviolet Who Will Rescue the Rescuer (Disney: Jasmine/Nala)
03:38 pm: [info]dropsofviolet Stumble (Cardcaptor Sakura: Tomoyo/Meiling)
07:58 pm: [info]rosethornli Torrents and Chains (Naruto/Imortal Rain, Yuca Collabel, Kyuubi)
09:14 pm: [info]chibirisuchan (From June) FF7/Fruits Basket via KH, Aeris and Tohru, Fairytale Endings pt. 1 - 65 comments
06:11 am: [info]jlsigman (untitled) [Sephiroth & Sora, Kingdom Hearts, G] - 10 comments
08:15 pm: [info]jameva Companionship [Original; Aster, Eara]
08:25 pm: [info]badpenny "Watering Hole", Fullmetal Alchemist/Black Lagoon, Kimberly/Revy - 2 comments
11:30 pm: [info]tyger [FIC] Yuugiou/xxxHolic - The Difference Between
03:03 am: [info]dropsofviolet The Shape of Grief (Tarzan/Little Mermaid: Ariel & Jane) - 2 comments
03:04 am: [info]dropsofviolet Rebirth (Cardcaptor Sakura: Eriol & Clow)
07:45 am: [info]jlsigman The Price to Run [Maria & Nevan, Devil May Cry, R]
07:23 pm: [info]chibirisuchan More FF7/Fruits Basket via KH, Cloud and Tohru, Riding to the Princes' Rescue - 47 comments
10:00 pm: [info]myeerah The Meaning of Grace [Gabriel Knight/Metanoia] - 2 comments
07:43 am: [info]dropsofviolet Blur the Boundaries (xxxHOLiC/CCS: Eriol & Watanuki)
07:44 am: [info]dropsofviolet Going Home With Girls (Tarzan/Hercules: Megara/Jane)
06:03 pm: [info]elanor_pam Rashomon - or The Yule Back 10 Years Ago (Violinist of Hameln - Hamel and Cornet) - 2 comments
06:35 pm: [info]myeerah (Un)Kindness [Russian Trilogy]
08:30 pm: [info]shiegra I Seem to Have Your Back (Kismet/Chronicles of Narnia)
08:38 pm: [info]shiegra dirty secrets (Original, Jim/Tabitha)
09:19 pm: [info]dropsofviolet Bright Futures (Cardcaptor Sakura: Syaoran and Clow)
09:19 pm: [info]dropsofviolet Continuing Education (Tarzan/Incredibles: Jane & Violet) - 1 comment
12:27 am: [info]ivoryandhorn Now Cracks A Noble Heart (Warcraft/Sakura Gari; Masataka, Arthas) - 7 comments
07:45 am: [info]dropsofviolet You Own Me (Aladdin/Beauty: Jasmine/Belle)
07:45 am: [info]dropsofviolet Support (Cardcaptor Sakura: Tomoyo/Sakura)
11:57 am: [info]elanor_pam Unknown Visitor (VoH: Shchelkunchik - Great, Bruton) - 3 comments
05:47 pm: [info]lassarina The Way Home, Part 1 (Final Fantasy IV/Final Fantasy VI, Edge and Celes) - 4 comments
08:06 pm: [info]slowmercury "Books" - Labyrinth / Fruits Basket - 4 comments
05:29 am: [info]jlsigman By Any Other Name [Fran & Sephiroth, FF XII/KH, G] - 5 comments
05:36 am: [info]jlsigman One More for the Road [Dante/Nevan, Devil May Cry, NC-17] - 4 comments
08:37 am: [info]ivoryandhorn A Hope in Hell (Warcraft/Teen Titans; Sylvanas, Raven) - 2 comments
12:28 pm: [info]stopthatgirl7 O Come Sweet Death (Final Fantasy 7/Yami no Matsuei, Tsuzuki and Genesis) - 18 comments
03:07 pm: [info]dropsofviolet Take a Chance; or A Hope in Hell (Cardcaptor Sakura: Syaoran/Eriol)
03:08 pm: [info]dropsofviolet Girlkissing; or a Hope in Hell (Mermaid/Incredibles: Violet/Ariel)
08:12 pm: [info]venneh Set Condition One For Gummi Ship (Battlestar Galactica 2003/Kingdom Hearts)
05:43 am: [info]jlsigman One More for the Road [Nariko & Sora, Heavenly Sword/Kingdom Hearts, PG]
05:48 am: [info]jlsigman (no subject)
07:43 am: [info]dropsofviolet First Impressions (Cardcaptor Sakura/xxxHOLiC: Meiling/Yuuko)
07:44 am: [info]dropsofviolet Instinct v. Calculation (Lion King/Mulan: Mulan & Nala)
01:52 pm: [info]dropsofviolet By Any Other Name (Beauty/Hercules: Megara/Belle)
01:53 pm: [info]dropsofviolet By Any Other Name (Tsubasa: Watanuki & Sakura)
06:51 pm: [info]myeerah A Hope in Hell [Metanoia/D&D] - 3 comments
08:28 am: [info]jlsigman One More Obstacle [Nariko and Robin, Heavenly Sword/Witch Hunter Robin, G]
01:16 pm: [info]dropsofviolet Who Do You Think (Cardcaptor Sakura/Tsubasa: Clow & Meiling)
01:17 pm: [info]dropsofviolet Life Stories (Disney: Jane/Violet)
01:51 pm: [info]elanor_pam Timewarp (Sinful/God of Destruction - Odessa, William
06:19 pm: [info]stopthatgirl7 A Hope in Hell (pt 1) [Final Fantasy 7/The King and the Clown: Angeal & Gong-gil] - 32 comments
05:50 am: [info]jlsigman The Eyes Have It [Cat & Lady, Devil May Cry, PG-13]
07:47 am: [info]dropsofviolet On My Toes Leaning Forward (Disney: Jasmine/Ariel)
07:48 am: [info]dropsofviolet Subtlety (Cardcaptor Sakura: Eriol/Tomoyo)
08:21 pm: [info]dropsofviolet Resulting Experimentation (Disney: Nala/Megara)
08:22 pm: [info]dropsofviolet Family Bonding (CCS/xxxHOLiC: Meiling & Watanuki)
09:03 pm: [info]myeerah Beginnings [Kingdom Hearts/Russian Trilogy] - 2 comments
09:14 pm: [info]mystiri_1 Some day (Final Fantasy VII, Rufus/Sephiroth) - 5 comments
05:56 am: [info]jlsigman Nothing So Beautiful [Kyrie & Trish, Devil May Cry, PG-13]
07:53 am: [info]dropsofviolet One More (xxxHOLiC: Clow/Yuuko)
07:53 am: [info]dropsofviolet One More For the Road (Disney: Mulan/Jane)
08:20 pm: [info]lassarina A Hope In Hell (Lost Odyssey/Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 3)
11:42 pm: [info]kunenk Chase [D.Gray-Man/Okami, Amaterasu and Timcampy]
07:14 am: [info]jlsigman (untitled) [Fran & Sora, FF XII/KH, G] - 16 comments
09:41 pm: [info]dropsofviolet Applying Yourself (Disney: Mulan & Belle)
09:42 pm: [info]dropsofviolet Friends Are For (CCS/xxxHOLiC: Sakura & Yuuko)
07:41 am: [info]dropsofviolet Invisible (Disney: Jasmine & Violet)
07:42 am: [info]dropsofviolet Concessions (Cardcaptor Sakura: Syaoran & Tomoyo)
11:24 am: [info]jlsigman Substitutes [Cat & Nero, Devil May Cry, NC-17]
12:05 pm: [info]elanor_pam You keep on thinking that (Violinist of Hameln/Final Fantasy VII - Hamel, Cloud) - 6 comments
07:18 am: [info]jlsigman A Wolf at the Door [Himura Kenshin & Sephiroth, FF VII & Rurouni Kenshin, PG] - 4 comments
11:09 pm: [info]dropsofviolet Blowing The Lab Up Is Not Extra Credit (Disney: Jane & Belle)
11:10 pm: [info]dropsofviolet Consulted (CCS: Sakura & Clow)
03:29 pm: [info]catdevigri Guide (Final Fantasy XII/Suikoden III, Ashe/Yun)
04:28 pm: [info]dropsofviolet A Birthday Suit is Never Boring (Disney: Mulan/Jasmine)
04:29 pm: [info]dropsofviolet Wagered (xxxHOLiC/CCS: Yuuko & Tomoyo)
06:26 pm: [info]badpenny "Amore", Black Lagoon/Fullmetal Alchemist, Balalaika & Kimberly - 4 comments
07:36 pm: [info]elanor_pam Hands off my prize (VoH: Shchelkunchik - Shchel, Tenor Sax)
07:40 am: [info]dropsofviolet Opportunity's Kiss (CCS: Meiling/Syaoran)
07:41 am: [info]dropsofviolet Bounce Back and Forth (Disney: Nala/Violet)
03:22 pm: [info]mystiri_1 Playing with Pawns (Final Fantasy VII, Sephiroth/Tseng) - 8 comments
08:09 pm: [info]shiegra Original, Courtney.Maximilian, "On Thursday"
11:50 pm: [info]chibirisuchan FF7 AU - The Dragon of Nibelheim, part 1 of 3 (I think) - 34 comments
09:33 pm: [info]cephy FFXII & KH, "Bending the Rules" - 4 comments
10:58 pm: [info]chibirisuchan FF7 AU - The Dragon of Nibelheim, part 2 of 3 - 33 comments
11:28 pm: [info]dropsofviolet A Wolf at the Door (Disney: Megara/Ariel)
11:28 pm: [info]dropsofviolet A Wolf at the Door (CCS/xxxHOLiC: Watanuki & Eriol)
09:19 am: [info]dropsofviolet Confessing Love Again and Again (Disney: Belle/Nala) - 1 comment
09:20 am: [info]dropsofviolet Becoming Family (CCS: Meiling & Sakura)
02:03 pm: [info]rosethornli Martial Arts Methuselah (Immortal Rain/Ranma 1/2)
07:14 pm: [info]lassarina The Way Home, Part 2 (Final Fantasy IV/Final Fantasy VI, Celes and Rydia)
09:50 pm: [info]tyger [FIC] Yuugiou:
10:11 pm: [info]cephy "A Wolf At The Door", Saiyuki & D.Gray-man - 4 comments
11:22 pm: [info]slowmercury "The Door Outside" - Sandman / Sky High
11:52 pm: [info]shimyaku Just like the rest [Jrock, Ruki/Uruha - The Gazette]
04:22 pm: [info]jlsigman The End, The Beginning [Maria & Nero, Devil May Cry, R]
07:08 pm: [info]dropsofviolet Going Home Again (Disney: Megara/Jasmine)
07:08 pm: [info]dropsofviolet New Life (CCS/xxxHOLiC: Watanuki/Tomoyo)
03:43 am: [info]stopthatgirl7 A Hope in Hell (pt 2) [Final Fantasy 7/The King and the Clown: Angeal & Gong-gil] - 46 comments
07:40 am: [info]dropsofviolet Set (Disney: Violet/Belle)
07:41 am: [info]dropsofviolet Trusting Gaze (CCS: Syaoran/Sakura) - 2 comments
01:03 pm: [info]dropsofviolet Words Enough (Disney: Mulan/Ariel)
01:04 pm: [info]dropsofviolet The Arrangement (CCS/xxxHOLiC: Eriol & Yuuko)
09:54 pm: [info]badpenny "Parlor Games", Black Lagoon/Fullmetal Alchemist, Balalaika/Archer - 2 comments
11:24 am: [info]dropsofviolet Strangers Passing (CCS: Eriol/Meiling)
11:25 am: [info]dropsofviolet Firm on Her Feet (Disney: Nala/Ariel)
07:44 am: [info]dropsofviolet The Princess, the Waitress, and the Fairy Godfather (CCS: Tomoyo & Clow) - 2 comments
07:44 am: [info]dropsofviolet True Love's First (Disney: Jasmine/Jane)
10:46 pm: [info]tyger [Drabble] Card Captor Sakura/The Legend Of Zelda: Swingset - 2 comments
04:12 pm: [info]dropsofviolet Tremble and Fall (Disney: Belle/Ariel)
04:13 pm: [info]dropsofviolet Positioned (CCS: Eriol/Sakura)
09:33 am: [info]dropsofviolet Sonnets (Disney: Megara/Violet)
09:35 am: [info]dropsofviolet Legends (Tsubasa: Syaoran & Watanuki)
05:21 am: [info]jlsigman (untitled) [Cat & Dante, Devil May Cry, PG-13]
08:55 am: [info]dropsofviolet Forget the Self (xxxHOLiC: Watanuki & Yuuko)
10:41 am: [info]jlsigman After the Engagement Party [Prince & Sora, Suikoden V & Kingdom Hearts, G]
06:32 pm: [info]dropsofviolet Remember Your Lips, The Way You Breathe (Disney: Megara/Mulan)
10:09 pm: [info]catdevigri Kindness of Strangers (Original: Harun/Musa)
09:18 am: [info]shimyaku Encore [Jrock, Satsuki/Ruki]
09:39 am: [info]shimyaku Changing Desire [Jrock, Karyu/Kaya]
09:50 am: [info]shimyaku Reflexes [Final Fantasy VII, Reno/Sephiroth] - 1 comment
10:15 am: [info]shimyaku Fiend [Final Fantasy VII, Vincent/Sephiroth] - 2 comments
10:36 am: [info]ivoryandhorn Birthmark (Naruto/Teen Titans; Itachi, Raven)
01:19 pm: [info]tyger [FIC] Kingdom Hearts: Intoxication (post 1/2) - 6 comments
01:22 pm: [info]tyger [FIC] Kingdom Hearts: Intoxication (post 2/2)
11:55 pm: [info]rosethornli Tauntingly Delicious (Naruto/Magic Knigh Rayearth; Kyuubi, Mokona) - 3 comments
11:59 pm: [info]rosethornli Awaiting in the Broken Dream (Immortal Rain/ Petshop of Horrors; Leon, Yuca) - 1 comment
11:59 pm: [info]rosethornli Demon at the Door