[Video | Open]
06 September 2011 at 12:15 am
Michiru Kaiou
[Have a very surprised Guardian over the communicator. She's definitely alarmed, perhaps more than she was the first time. Only a moment ago in her mind, she was at the Education Center and now she finds herself in the park, not knowing how she got there or why she is suddenly restrained]

This... this isn't where I was before. I was just somewhere else... And now I have this restraint. I thought I was supposed to be going home.

What is going on here? Can someone tell me what happened?

[ooc: Michiru is returning from 4th wall so she doesn't realize anytime has passed since she was last her]
06 September 2011 at 12:21 am
[He's in mid-sentence as the feed cuts in, looking a little harassed after an ice cold rejection from a bot. Baby come back.]

--o need to get so testy. I was only offering-

[And then his attention is on the recording, and his look of bland annoyance at the rejected proposal is replaced with an infectiously jovial grin.]

Morning, folks. Captain Jack Harkness. I was wondering if any of you had a minute to help me out. I seem to be all tied up. And it's not in the good way- I mean there's literally a ball chained to my foot. Obviously there's been a mistake, so why don't we just get this sorted out?

Then we can talk about all of the 'arrested by robots, to be held indefinitely, for crimes committed in the past and maybe even in the future' nonsense.
{ video }
06 September 2011 at 12:31 am
Claire Bennet
{ The face that appears is both unhappy and confused. }

So what's the deal with this place? Is this your idea of some kind of sick joke or something?

{ This is the opposite of okay with her. }

Look, if this is some way to… stop me from telling the world what we really are, it's not going to work. It's too late. You know who I am, right? That you can't stop me from finally telling the world who I am? Or in general, for that matter?

{ Just in case you don't, witness a setting down of the device, and Claire climbing something high, jumping off, and not dying. She's bloodied, and picks up the device again, but she's healing in the process and it's visible. ... Slower than what she's used to, though. Way slower. But still happening. }

I'm Claire Bennet. And that was attempt number… I don't even know anymore. I've lost count. Now tell me who you are, what you want, and how to get out of here. Let me go.

{ And... she's still healing. }

Why isn't it working like it usually does? What did you do to me? Somebody tell me what's going on.
[video | action]
06 September 2011 at 06:05 am
[Here Marina! Have a Liam appear on the screen, leaning against a tree in the park with bandages around his head and on his cheek and looking generally very annoyed. Annoyance tends to be common when you wake up in a hospital and don’t quite remember falling asleep there.

He’s got his glasses in one hand and he’s scrubbing furiously at them with a cloth in the other, but he doesn’t put them on just yet, despite the fact that he has to squint into the camera to see anything.]

Things seem to be much less chaotic today than they were before.

[He has to close his eyes and think for just a moment before speaking again. He doesn’t remember when exactly that happened, because everything is jumbled together with memories of events from home.]

Tell me, are things like doubles of the inmates here a common occurrence? That doesn’t seem like the sort of thing that would be very easy to adjust to no matter how long a person has been here.

[He adjusts himself on the tree so that he’s in a more comfortable position, closes his eyes again and bows his head slightly.]

I believe that is all for now. If you all would excuse me I think it would be wise if I were to find a place to rest.
[Voice | Action-Open] Second Verse, Same as the First?
06 September 2011 at 10:25 am
Helix Wamtani
Action )


[There is a soft, exasperated sigh before the boy finally starts up his entry. Very obviously annoyed if you couldn't tell by the swearing.] So, apparently there are ninjas in this miserable shithole and I fuckin' pissed them off... This so isn't funny.

Anyone got a paperclip or something I can use to pick a lock?

[If you're listening closely you may hear a distinct rattle of chains. "Miserable shithole" because despite the fact they had damn near everything here in comparison, it still sucked to Helix. He honestly felt a little cheated here, he was a big, nasty criminal, why was he being treated so well? Wasn't he supposed to be on death row or something under stricter surveillance than a friggin' ball and chain?? Nevermind the fact he really shouldn't be bitter about this... Right. Lets pass the time with idle chatter shall we? Cause he doesn't feel like dragging his ball all over the dome he's too wounded for that crap.]

So. Who here has actually killed someone? [A pause for effect and a slight, mocking twist to his tone.] C'mon, don't be shy. We're all just criminals here.
06 September 2011 at 12:22 pm
Ryoji Mochizuki
Good morning! [This is Ryoji’s smiling face. It is smiling.] If you’re new to Marina, welcome. It may seem a tad daunting at first, but it’s easy to get settled here. As prisons go, I think we got pretty lucky. Not that it makes up for not being at home, but I hope you can all be happy here. [And he means it.

Now, on to other things.

I suppose everyone knows about the prom already. [Considering all the posts about it!] I know this is kind of short notice, but would anyone like to go with a friend of mine?

Her name is Mitsuru Kirijo. [Ryoji holds up a photograph. Don’t ask where he got it or why it’s such a poorly taken picture.] She’s nineteen years old and a very nice young lady, very articulate, well read, intelligent – and I imagine she’ll look great in a formal dress. Anyone who is interested can get a hold of me, I’ll have the communicator all day.

[You have to pass Ryoji’s vetting process since jerks and creeps need not apply, but he doesn’t say that.]
[Video | Action]
06 September 2011 at 01:46 pm
Jyuushiro Ukitake
[Good morning, Marina! Here is that friendly, harmless looking gentleman from just the other day again. Long, prematurely white hair, traditional Japanese clothing that looks a little big on his spare frame, genial smile and cheerful tone of voice. How could anyone find him guilty of anything?]

It appears as though Acumen has decided to make my stay here permanent. I now find myself properly arrested, tried and sentenced. Or rather, unfairly arrested, tried and sentenced, as any crimes I may legitimately have committed have already been judged by those with the authority to do so.

Ah well. I suppose there's nothing for it at the moment but to become accustomed to the settings and see what might be done going into the future. Oh, look at this! "Public drunkenness". My, my. Our jailor is rather enthusiastic about its job, isn't it?

I wouldn't be at all surprised if my replacement finds himself arrested as well. I'll be amazed if Kyouraku doesn't have him getting into trouble in less than two weeks.
06 September 2011 at 02:24 pm
[Ahem, ahem. Please allow this white-haired NOT!TWILIGHT sparklyvampire noble to delicately clear his throat and gaze at the communication device with the intensity of...something really. Intense. He isn't sulking, we should make this clear at the outset. Nor is he on the verge of a minor temper tantrum. Don't be ridiculous.]

If- [FROOOOOWN] If my transgressions are indeed worthy of lifelong imprisonment, I shall answer for them without complaint, as is befitting a noble. What's done is done, and I stand by my actions. [Pause. Even breaths!] I do, however, object to the manner in which my sentence was passed, behind closed doors and behind my back. At least have the decency to convict me while I am present at the trial.

[To add insult to injury, these communicators are absolutely HIDEOUS. But remember, kiddies, he's not having a tantrum. His eyebrow is twitching a little, though. Just a little.]


[The frown could almost be a scowl now.]

I do hope you haven't detained Seira in a similar fashion.
video ►
06 September 2011 at 02:47 pm
shuri oak
[ MARINA. Look at your man, now back to Shuri. Your man is not Shuri, and you are probably thankful for that. But your man could be Shuri! ... He seems to have given up on sulking for a little bit and is finally peeking out to talk. ]

So they kidnap us and have a prom before we know anyone to ask? [ HUFF. The very idea! Why, if he were home, he'd have people lined up to take him! Or so the furrow of his brows and pout to his lips suggest. No matter. He... clearly hasn't paid much mind to anything said other than 'prom' and 'dates'.

but certainly that can't be any different here. after all, he's a sparkly attractive young man! ]
Well. I suppose I'm available. If they're going to kidnap us then they should at least provide entertainment until Papa comes!
06 September 2011 at 04:39 pm
Naoto Fuyumine
[naoto has no idea how this happened. she was with Heine and Nill back at the church - when those twins appeared...]

[and now she's in prison. it's not like it could get any worse. there were still those same boundaries, dangerous people, and the need to survive. she fixes a glare at the camera] I don't care about the crimes you committed or the people you killed. Just know that if you point your teeth at me next, I'll pull them out for you.
[ Video / Open ]
06 September 2011 at 04:56 pm
李 紅蘭 | Kohran Li
[ This lady's in high spirits and bursting with energy as she opens her broadcast. ]

Good morning everyone! And for the newcomers, Welcome to Marina! I'm Kohran Li and it's my pleasure to announce that tonight we're holding the Marina Talent Show! Thank you for the reminders too, Acumen-han!

[ She moves aside to reveal the stage being set up a little distance off behind her. ]

It'll be held at 7pm at the Sector Four park so I hope you'll join us for an evening of music and fun! For questions and concerns, just give me a call! Good day to you all!

[ She signs off, not allowing the broadcast show the worry on her face. She just heard the broadcast that Nakama was gone, and she hasn't heard from Kaworu either. That's one volunteer and one performer down. But as they say, the show must go on... ]

(( OOC: There will be a Talent Show mingle post later in this dayweek! Any questions or network communications for Kohran in the morning go here! ))
06 September 2011 at 05:13 pm
Yu Kanda
[ a certain someone can be found kneeling in a Marina garden. he's wearing plain clothes today, not his habitual Order uniform, and working his hands in the dirt. his expression is distant, his blue eyes unfocused, and his gardening a little bit inattentive.

he just wants the feel of soil on his hands: the clean, slightly damp sensation of working at a long-time hobby, one his muscles know as well or better than his brain. it's nice not to have to think.

communicator is OFF, but it will still translate you if you come interrupt him. ]
[video, open! so, so open.]
06 September 2011 at 05:14 pm
So... promenade, huh? [the voice comes out, but there's no video for a second. it looks like there's something over the camera. maybe a sticker? it's Dani's voice, though, and there's some shuffling.] I don't really know how those go. I went to my high school one, but it was sort of.

High school. [she sounds a little uninterested in the entire high school thing.]

But I think I'll go. You know. Why not? I was invited and all. So, uh-- Jeanne Fran-- Francaix-- and the Student Council, I'm RSVPing! I think. [she fumbles the name, and it comes out "Jean Fransayx". French is beyond her.]But I'm not sure what formal wear is.

[and then the camera feed is on properly, with the sticker removed, to reveal Dani. she's wearing this, her hair is pulled back into a very sad attempt at a bun, and she's got on a pair of clunky green plastic "heels" to go with the outfit. she looks a little perturbed at the entire outfit, like she's not quite sure she's doing it right. she's not.]

Does this count? Maybe if I wear a jacket...? [she scratches her head a little]

Oh, and I guess I should get a date. That's a thing, right? [she considers that for a second... then a second longer... then brightens.]

Hey, Schuldig! What're you doing tomorrow evening? [and she's done.]
06 September 2011 at 06:22 pm
[ it was the press of the communicator against french sunburn which eventually peeled lenalee off the pavement. for a hot-faced, embarrassing second, she thought that she must have collapsed with the shock of the image that was lingering, thick as blood, at the forefront of her mind

Kanda, bright and mint-sharp

but Lenalee, through a mix of secret cynicism and experience, feels the excitation dwindle down her throat and freeze. this is not France and Kanda is not here, and all she sees is the warrant for her own arrest and not the faces of friends. worry, fury... extensive pamphlet browsing.

] I already don't like this place's timing, and I doubt I'm going to warm to much else.

[ softly: ] I've got things to repay, and I've gone through thicker things than water.
[Action | Open]
06 September 2011 at 08:52 pm
[York WAS minding his own business, exploring the dome while tons of people chatted on the network--]

[And then suddenly, he was in another part of the prison altogether, with a ball and chain around his ankle. Staggering in surprise, he nearly loses his balance, but manages to regain it before he takes an undignified tumble into someone's flowerbed. Once he shakes it off, he reaches up to touch his temple.]

Did you catch that, Zach? I didn't! [Sounding excited, in a hushed sort of way.] It was like we experienced teleportation! They make it seem a lot more dignified in fiction. [Pausing.] You're right. The time of day is all wrong for instantaneous travel. What do you suppose it was, then...?

[He settles down on a nearby convenient seating surface, taking a tomato out of his pocket to snack on while he ponders this turn of events with "Zach".]
[Video | Open | Action for any in the athletic complex]
06 September 2011 at 09:46 pm
[Mori had taken up a room in the shelter in the last two days since Honey had appeared and then vanished once again. The bots had become familiar to him and he had already established a routine somewhat that involved a fair amount of time each day at the training hall as well as the pool. He had just finished swimming several laps when he picked up the communicator noticing the influx of new people as well as the report by Acumen. Shaking the water out of his ears he check to see if there was any sign of his cousin again, but to no avail.]

Are events frequent here?

[It was only his fifth day here and already there had been a surge of inmates temporarily, now new arrivals a talent show and prom all within a week.]

[Filtered to host club.]

[Mori would have been surprised if there weren't some idea or plan for the dance, he was curious about the attire and if they were to go with a simple tux or something else. Then Mori also recalled Kyouya having mentioned something about everyone moving into a mansion in the prison as well.]

When is everyone moving?
[End filter]
[ Video / Action | Sector 4 ]
06 September 2011 at 10:28 pm
Frankenstein ℘ Principal Lee
----- [ Open ] -----

[ Remember this brightly smiling face, Marina? This man is currently surrounded by greenery, long hair pulled back in a ponytail and is holding a pair of pruning scissors. ]

Roses, for all their beauty, are known to be quite the fussy plants! Constant pruning is required, for the leaves tend to take away nutrients that would otherwise be channeled towards healthy blossoms.

[ Talking to himself? Maybe. Until he looks to the camera~ ]

Roses are also versatile plants, for not only their perfume nor their appearance make most of their charm, but their taste as well. They make the interesting addition to tea, roast birds and pastries.

So, tell me Marina, are there unique recipes from your home that you might want to share? Perhaps those tuning in to this feed might pick up something new as well!

----- [ Private to Rai and M-21 ] -----

[ Now he has the welcome basket -- the treats, the pamphlet and brochures, and other supplies. Along with the basket came a new accessory. And so as promptly and sharply as he can, albeit void of any humor -- ]

Master, M-21.

I have been restrained. I will be late for dinner.
[voice | open]
06 September 2011 at 10:48 pm
[The recording starts out with an audible intake of breath- as if he's been preparing for this moment for a little while, now. He then clears his throat, wanting to start off strong-]

O-oi, Ranka--

[-and failing.]

I was wondering... if you saw that invitation. I mean, o-of course you must have seen it, that was a stupid thing to ask- but that's not- that's not really what I was wondering.

[And he keeps on failing.]

Would you-

[...Okay he's sick of this. He growls a little in frustration before his tone of voice becomes a lot more firm and ~confident~!]

-will you go to that thing with me?

[S I L E N C E]

...thanks for listening.
06 September 2011 at 11:06 pm
Hikaru Hitachiin
Everyone's talking about this prom, and there's a lot of Asking People Out going on.

So happy for you.

[Look at the disgusted look on his face. No he is not reeking of jealousy, what do you mean.]

Proms are overrated. I'll only be going for Host Club reasons.
[audio / open]
06 September 2011 at 11:57 pm
[ It's not like he hasn't gotten acclimated. That is, if getting acclimated is avoiding contact with anyone and everyone. From the moment the welcome letter had flashed before his eyes, he knew he was hopelessly and utterly lost. AR had searched various corners of the facility over the past couple of hours, and while he had found nothing he deemed of importance, it made him feel a little better for some reason. The key words being, of course, a little..]

[But now he was finally meandering out of his comfort zone, trying to figure out plenty of things and exactly why this was happening. The entire situation was strange and unpleasant.]

[After a while - a long while - he decides to finally flip on the communicator.]

It has come to my attention that this is indeed a prison.

[There's a pause]

Seeing that, I request that anyone who can give me more information about this ridiculous situation should do so as soon as possible.

[ There's a good bit of hesitation in his voice and any sort of confidence seems forced and unnatural. The dersite is uncomfortable. It shows. ]