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04 April 2011 at 02:44 pm
[Are you in the park, near the Memorial Gardens?

If so, you might notice a skinny little figure curled around the base of a fairly freshly-planted tree, sleeping soundly. Her head is pillowed on her arm, and her clothing is mussed and grass-stained, as though she's been tossing and turning. Clearly not enough to wake her up and clue her in to the fact that she's fallen asleep by her tree, though.

Yesterday really took it out of this girl.]

((ooc: i'm not too het up about pime taradoxes, so if multiple people wake her up, that's cool. since otoha is actually taking her away somewhere, his thread'll be assumed to be last.))
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04 April 2011 at 04:10 pm
[This is a unicorn. But not just any unicorn, oh no. This unicorn has a pair of red cat's eye glasses, a gorgeous purple mane, and a diva's glare that would make a pop star jealous.]

Well! I've never been so insulted in all my days! First I'm kidnapped, then arrested, and now imprisoned? Do any of you know who I am, hmm? No? I am Rarity, and I am a lady.

[Sticking her nose up and tossing her mane? Yes, very yes.]

Just you wait till the other girls hear about this. They'll have me freed faster than Rainbow Dash can clear the clouds in Ponyville. It's one thing to capture me, but to place me in an area with such horrid decor... Do you intend to torture me as well? I mean, come on; a blind pony could do a better job. I could go on.

This is complaining, by the way; you haven't even heard me whine yet.

... You won't like me when I'm whining.
The 109th Day
04 April 2011 at 05:37 pm
Marina Asylum Denizens
Good morning, inmates. It is the 109th day of the third generation, and more inmates will be integrated into the facility. Please be aware of this disruption as you go about your day. The weather will continue to warm and today will be sunny.

Inmates John Egbert, Sakura Kinomoto, Teddie, Yosuke Hanamura and Yui Hirasawa, items you requested are available by the entrance to Sector 0. Inmates Greed and Lacus Clyne, the items you requested are available in the previously indicated facilities.
04 April 2011 at 06:09 pm
[The confusion is written all over the young man’s face as he reads the message flickering across the screen. Is it magic? It must be... A quick scan of the area tells him that the Sages and the princess are nowhere to be found. The last thing he can remember is Ganon being sealed away, and at last, it all being over...]

...Zelda? ...Navi?

[The silence is a little bitter, and the battered Hero takes a seat with a weary sort of sigh. He’s tired, and he doesn’t know what to think... but so long as everyone is safe, he can take a moment to breathe. Whatever comes next, he’ll handle it. He doesn’t realize that he’s somehow managed to turn the video on, and anyone looking will see he’s bruised and beaten.]

[It doesn’t take him terribly long to notice the basket, and he reaches out to pull it closer before he notices the chain around his ankle. He pauses like that for a moment, fingers outstretched apprehensively.]

[Have a confused derp!hero]
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04 April 2011 at 06:18 pm
[ The feed turns on with a sickening crash, and you get the wonderful view of the wall and then the ground, as if someone had thrown the communicator. Footfalls, getting closer, the clinking of chains in time to the steps, and then the camera is picked up and flicked around to Masamune's shoulder and the wall behind him, only to begin shaking wildly. ] What the hell is this thing? [ It stops shaking and it's quiet for a while. ]

Hey. Where the fuck [ a ragged intake of breath, as if to calm himself, ] are my swords? [ a beat of silence in which he takes another few breaths to calm himself. It doesn't work. ] And I'm chained up, too. Tch.

[ silence again, and the communicator is coldly dropped to the floor, giving you a fine view of Masamune picking up the basket curiously, only to throw it on the ground and stomp on it the best he can with one foot chained. ]

((so Masamune is completely clueless with the communicator (and all technology, pretty much) since he's taken from 1467 to 1573, or around there, idk it's what the wiki says. bold is him talking in English.))
04 April 2011 at 07:10 pm
Ah, excuse me…

[There's a young man with dark hair covering half his face and a grey eye peering into the communicator.]

I read the pamphlet in the basket - thank you for that by the way - but I'm a little confused, still. Why was there no trial? That doesn't seem fair, somehow.

[Not that he would have really expected one, but he had to keep up appearances, right?]

Ah… but the cookies in the basket were very tasty. Thank you to whoever put those in there.
04 April 2011 at 07:10 pm
[the video feed clicks on to show what looks like a very determined, disgruntled individual. He's frowning at the screen, before he opens his mouth, letting out a loud, resounding--]

Objection! What evidence do you have that I committed any of these crimes? I don't remember being properly charged or a proper trial taking place! You-- you can't just ignore procedure and-- anyway, a life sentence for those crimes? That's ridiculous!

--and I don't even have children! [he sounds almost plaintive; some could say... whiny? for the final sentence.]

--I demand a retrial!
04 April 2011 at 07:13 pm
[Tugging at the hem of her sleeves, Midori glances out at the far wall, where formica meets plaster. In-- in jail?

It's a familiar sick, creeping feeling that she shoves away; a feeling that had plagued her for that entire last two days, watching the streets crack and her friend drift further and further away.

Her list of crimes make sense. She'll just -

Hiya! My name's Midori, I'm new here, I guess-- oh, [pausing, briefly, fingers now splayed over her rumbling stomach,] can someone tell me where the closest place to get food is? I think I'm lost!

[She hasn't seen the basket with the cookies yet.]
04 April 2011 at 07:31 pm
♣ Himawari  Kunogi
[ staaaaring at her empty room. ] That's strange...Did someone come in during the night? I can't imagine why they'd steal when everything here is free...

[ She gently closes the door of her bedroom. ] Well, it's nothing I can't replace.
04 April 2011 at 08:30 pm
I think there's something in the fucking water in this place. My head is pounding like a cheap prostitute-- and before you fucking smart asses assume it's a hangover, it isn't.

[pause for a few seconds, then continues]

Mm. Here's a riddle. When you kick a shitty ass door and it still won't fall off the cock sucking hinges, where is the machete?
04 April 2011 at 10:12 pm
[Private:] Subaru, I hope that he will be alright now. I never wanted for things to turn out that way, I just wanted him to have something to devote himself to. So I hope that now he will be able to find it, even if I had to come here in order for that to happen.

If this is what it takes to protect Subaru I’ll do it, I just hope that he doesn’t feel lonely and remembers how to smile. And that he takes better care of himself since I won’t be around to make sure he eats, or to layout his outfits anymore. [/private]

If this place is really a prison, why wouldn’t they have locked up Sei-chan too, he’s committed a lot more crimes than I have. . . or will I suppose. [Hakuto laughs for a moment]

And this place really seems more like a resort, who would have thought they would have ever been able to build a place under the ocean? Not to mention to have a robot running it, I mean how is it going to know what a girl like me needs.

It really is nice though to not have to worry about money and have everything that I need provided for me. Now if only it worked that way in Tokyo, I could really have a lot of fun~ I wonder what kind of clothing they have here, or if there’s a fabric shop so I could make my own outfits.

Don’t worry about me Subaru, I’ll be alright and I’m sorry that I had to leave like that.

Restrained? CHAIN GANG?!? This is no way to treat a girl! Chain gangs are only for violent men who do terrible things and deserve to be locked up! SUBARU!