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Jan. 2nd, 2013


Anniversary event!

First of all, and this is technically late, lol I fail - It's our five-year anniversary!

Sap aside, of course it's time for the usual anniversary event! This time, since the current IJ issues make the planned 4th wall difficult to pull off at the moment, we'll be having the very much delayed Fairy Tale event.

As the name suggests, the idea is simple enough. Starting on January 7th and ending on the 18th, all characters in Kiseki will be transformed into a Fairy Tale-themed version of themselves. Or fairy tale AU, which I think explains it better but doesn't look so nice all bolded out.

More details )

This event will be replayable, as well - minus the world's changes, of course. .. And I think that's it! Please comment or plurk me with any questions or concerns.

Dec. 30th, 2011


Anniversary event time

Finally managing to post this!

Okay, as everybody should know already, on the night of the 31st, we're having a masquerade!

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However, we should all know by now, Kiseki's a giant troll. So around half an hour after midnight, a new event will take place.

The characters will suddenly be transported to one out of five of the smaller islands, split from the ones they're closest to. The trains won't be working, of course (and won't, in general, work until the end of January), and anyone attempting to fly out of the islands will end up meeting a barrier, and being transported back to them.

The islands will be temporarily desert. The hotels' cafeterias will all be accessible, and be full of supplies, and anything fresh will get restored. Although as days advance, the characters should see that any item being replaced is showing up in smaller quantities. Meaning that, eventually, they will run out of food.

So, how do they return to the main island?

Here's how. )

Everybody will find they have a (pink, scented) letter in their hand explaining what they need to search for. The letter will also warn them that "someone they know" will be protecting the eggs, and advise them to search in pairs - and only in pairs, because any group larger than that will not be able to find anything. The 'guardians' will show up for both people if they're together, but it should hopefully be a little easier to handle them that way.

They can search on their own if they prefer it that way, but the eggs will try to hide even more from people who're on their own - although once more and more people leave the smaller islands, there'll be a greater chance for those remaining to find an egg for themselves.

What happens once they do find the egg? They simply need to grab them (if they're in pairs, then each needs to take one), and they'll be instantly transported to the Welcome Center. The main island will be unchanged, save for the trains still not working. The barrier surrounding the smaller islands will prevent anyone in the main one to go search for them, but they can still communicate through the journals.

There is no time limit for this, and while both things are mandatory ICly, it's obviously not mandatory to play it all out. You can simply handwave things and say the character eventually found the egg later on.

Now! I've already decided the splitting up of characters throughout the island, mostly because with the event being so soon, there's no time to be voting and discussing it between ourselves. If you have any objections to the grouping, please let me know and we can try and work something out o/

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I THINK THAT IS FINALLY IT, god this is such tl;dr. A- as usual, feel free to ask any questions!

Jan. 1st, 2010



Here, have a special event )

Jan. 1st, 2009



Okay, as you know (... I think?), the anniversary event had been delayed because there were too many people on hiatus. So, I eventually decided to change the date to the game's first anniversary in InsaneJournal, which happens to be today o/

So, anyway. For this special event, starting today and ending on January 16th, all previous events can be re-played. I've just made a few modifications to some of the events.

DETAILS - please read this )

T-that was much harder to write than I thought it would be. orz

I hope it all makes sense, and as usual, feel free to ask any questions!