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May. 1st, 2013


Event master post \o/

Okay! After much uncertainty, the event is starting off today!

Since IJ hides older posts, HERE is the link to the event announcement.

Also, remember the plotting post from last month, where most of the event shenanigans were discussed, and the current plotting post for further discussion (although it's okay to continue threads in the older one, too).

As always, please let me know if you have any questions or anything o/

ETA: Have the usual event log as well!

Apr. 8th, 2013


Event time!

Finally announcing this one, after much delaying and debating! Starting on May 1st, and with a tentative ending around the 15th (but without a set closing date for now), we're having a memory loss event! Which I shall call Memory Hunt event, as we already have a lost memories event

During the time of the event, your characters might lose some of their memories. What they forget could be anything at all, from small things like the way they speak or a particular quirk or a date they once had, to larger ones such as forgetting one person, a relationship, a major event in their lives, their Kiseki memories, powers they might have or how to use them, and so on. Not everyone has to forget, and not everyone has to forget at the same time! They can be affected by different memory losses at different times, too - maybe first they forget about their SO, and later that they're supposed to be saving the world. They could be forgetting it all at once, as well, and end up acting like a zombie! Switch things around as you please.

The point of the event is to get these memories back, of course. If someone else remembers what they've forgotten, they could tell your chara... But it's not that easy. Being told alone won't work, and will most likely just confuse your character or make them faint out (think of TRC!Sakura in canon). So, what to do? There are several ways to get them back:

- Your character may remember a person through touch, their voice, even things like their magic powers or their food - being exposed to these things can trigger the memory back to them. Think of the TRC/HOLiC concept of body memories.
- Your character could remember certain events or meetings if they're back in a familiar place! Either alone or with somebody else, visiting places that are significant to them could trigger their memories back.
- Your character could find the memories! Different memories will be scattered around all over Kiseki, waiting to be found - by your character, or someone else, too! They might look like simple balls of bright light, or have more significant shapes - they could be a feather for Sakura, a butterfly for Watanuki, a vial of blood for Saya, and so on. They will be indestructible and small enough to carry around, of course. And there's something else... If someone finds a memory that doesn't belong to them, they might see into those memories when they touch it. How private this information is for your character (and depending on who's looking into it) will determine how much they can show to others.

Now, since I mentioned familiar places... Kiseki will help out with that! During the event, new islands will be added, each with a smaller-scale version of different worlds. The different TRC worlds, the dreamscape, rl Tokyo, Tomoeda, Ukishima, and so on - feel free to add whichever scenario you require. Your characters will just know that there're new places to explore, in one of those fun, creepy mental messages Kiseki does. Memories scattered around might find their way into familiar places, too, so maybe Kamui's memories will be at the Tokyo water reservoir, or maybe Mokona's are in Clow's or Yuuko's house, and so on.

If your character has lost a significant enough amount of memories, or if they take too long to recover theirs, they'll start fading out! Think of CCS's Yukito (or Chihiro in Spirited Away??). This can cause them to get weaker, to faint, etc. And if they could end up fading away entirely. If this happens, it counts as a sort of in-game death, so they'd reappear eventually at the Welcome Center.

I think that's about it! As always, feel free to ask any questions.