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Apr. 7th, 2015


CLAMP day event announcement

For this CLAMP day (a bit late only because AC gets in the way...), we're having a full moon (hah) & sun themed event! Much like CLAMP's Gate 7's Sakura & Tachibana, characters will be sorted into those with sun powers, and those with moon powers. What kind of powers? Well, fighting powers! And they'll be needing them, as Kiseki will bring out some spirits to act as their opponents.

The fun part is, of course, the creatures showing up will also be separated into sun & moon types, and only the opposing skills will be strong against them. So if you're a sun type facing a sun spirit, you're gonna need the help of a fellow moon type, or perhaps several other sun ones to make up for the disadvantage.

Powers will fit the characters, too, and not just regarding which of the two they get. If your character is already a fighter in canon - take Arthur Pendragon, who would be a sun type - he'd have a sun-powered Excalibur and he could slash sun magic at enemies in a very JRPG fashion. But someone like Sakura, meanwhile, could have mostly defensive skills and produce very bright, sunny shields to protect others while they fight.

There will be more details - on the monsters they're fighting, for example - once the log goes up on the 15th. The event is set to, tentatively, last around a week, and end with an appropriately themed dance that gives closure to the days of fighting, by uniting all the suns and moons together.

Mar. 31st, 2015



As always, our Monthly plotting post is up!

Other than that, this is an important month, as April 1st is the birthday of several of CLAMP's most important characters, and it's considered CLAMP day by them and their fandom. We'll be having an event to celebrate it, only we'll push it forward a little to after AC begins this 15th, so we can make better use of it.

Apr. 1st, 2012



Happy CLAMP day everyone!

Following tradition of having Kiseki acknowledge this day in some way, this year during the whole day, every time people open anything - doors, windows, boxes, whatever - they'll get a handful of things like confetti, balloons or flower petals thrown at them.