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May. 23rd, 2015


The Dragons Event - Info & FAQ


So, as the post will further explain, all of Kiseki has changed into a series of caves and islands, centered around an alpha dragon's nest, and housing hundreds of different dragons of all types. The caves supply with necessities, and everything but fresh water is accessible somewhat easily. The point, then, is not to fight these dragons or try to survive the week, but instead to explore the areas available, and to cooperate with the dragons!

Why? Well, the alpha dragon, a massive white and pink old thing that mostly seems to sleep, is sick and seems to be dying. The other dragons can tell (as well as any character with empathy towards these kind of creatures), and so they want your help with that. They can let you tame them and fly on them, to look for water and food around... but they'll also want you to help the Alpha survive, and aid in keeping him fed, calm and happy.

Your characters aren't obligated to do so, of course, and can ignore the dragons' pleads as they wish.


Feel free to ask any other relevant questions here!

Apr. 7th, 2015


CLAMP day event announcement

For this CLAMP day (a bit late only because AC gets in the way...), we're having a full moon (hah) & sun themed event! Much like CLAMP's Gate 7's Sakura & Tachibana, characters will be sorted into those with sun powers, and those with moon powers. What kind of powers? Well, fighting powers! And they'll be needing them, as Kiseki will bring out some spirits to act as their opponents.

The fun part is, of course, the creatures showing up will also be separated into sun & moon types, and only the opposing skills will be strong against them. So if you're a sun type facing a sun spirit, you're gonna need the help of a fellow moon type, or perhaps several other sun ones to make up for the disadvantage.

Powers will fit the characters, too, and not just regarding which of the two they get. If your character is already a fighter in canon - take Arthur Pendragon, who would be a sun type - he'd have a sun-powered Excalibur and he could slash sun magic at enemies in a very JRPG fashion. But someone like Sakura, meanwhile, could have mostly defensive skills and produce very bright, sunny shields to protect others while they fight.

There will be more details - on the monsters they're fighting, for example - once the log goes up on the 15th. The event is set to, tentatively, last around a week, and end with an appropriately themed dance that gives closure to the days of fighting, by uniting all the suns and moons together.

Jan. 29th, 2014


Events \o/

Time for a double announcement!

Starting on February 7th and until Sunday 9th, Kiseki journals will be granted a new power. Similar to the CCS anime's 'Create' card, things people write in their journals will be able to materialize. Just like this card, creations will fade fairly quickly once they're created, unless someone keeps writing about them.

There's another catch - at least one character (in this case Sakura Kinomoto herself) will write to ask to meet her friends. Ideally more people will attempt something similar, thus leading to the 4th wall event.

See details HERE

Oct. 23rd, 2013



Alright, time for the Halloween event announcement!

Starting (obviously) on the 31st and lasting up until Sunday, 3rd, all of Kiseki will turn into a massive forest.

The main island will still have the Welcome Center, although its usual egg-shape will change for that of a pumpking for the duration of the event. The housing facilities will be missing, but around the middle of the island, characters will be able to find an ancient-looking castle, half in ruins. There will be a few items like blankets, some clothes and even a few pots and utensils scattered within it, so feel free to fight each other over them. Towards the east side, there will be a small river leading all the way to the beach.

Other islands will still be separated as always, but the usual hotels, shops, and other things will be missing, to be replaced with the same misty woods.

There will be lanterns illuminating the place, as the woods can be come dense enough to block the sunlight during the day. And be careful if you're in the main island, as straying too far east or west will mean ending up in what were the regular forest areas, meaning encountering monsters is a possibility. In the other areas, regular animals will be found and be available for hunting, although they might be more aggressive than you'd expect.

In addition to all of this, a replay of the Ghost of the past event will take place. Rather than engulfing the entire area in fog, it will only occasionally appear and not be set to any specific area.

That's about it! As always, feel free to ask any questions o/

Sep. 13th, 2013


Replays, all the replays

Okay, since it was requested, we're having a replay of the Blackout & secrets events!

Rules are kept the same, secrets are listed below!

The event begins tonight and lasts until Monday. As always, feel free to ask any questions!

Secrets list )

Jun. 18th, 2013


Event \o/

We're having a new event!

Starting now and ending on the 25th, characters might have their personalities changed into that of one of the many CLAMP character tropes!

What does this mean?

Take Kurogane, for example. He's the tsundere gruff-but-kind-deep-down type of dude. During this week, maybe he becomes a sparkly clumsy girl type, so rather than blushing and ruffling hair when met with affection, he'd meet it with a big, sparkly smile and open, sincere gratefulness.

Or maybe he becomes a CLAMP mascot, and so he's more arrogant, eats a ton, and decides trolling others is just what he wants to do.

Or maybe he becomes a creeper, so he goes n_n at people and is an ass to Fay and the kids while denying caring for them.

And so on! I think it's pretty easy. You can pick from any sort of CLAMP archetype, and affect your character(s) as many times as you'd like, for however long you'd like. As usual, feel free to ask any questions!

May. 1st, 2013


Event master post \o/

Okay! After much uncertainty, the event is starting off today!

Since IJ hides older posts, HERE is the link to the event announcement.

Also, remember the plotting post from last month, where most of the event shenanigans were discussed, and the current plotting post for further discussion (although it's okay to continue threads in the older one, too).

As always, please let me know if you have any questions or anything o/

ETA: Have the usual event log as well!

Apr. 8th, 2013


Event time!

Finally announcing this one, after much delaying and debating! Starting on May 1st, and with a tentative ending around the 15th (but without a set closing date for now), we're having a memory loss event! Which I shall call Memory Hunt event, as we already have a lost memories event

During the time of the event, your characters might lose some of their memories. What they forget could be anything at all, from small things like the way they speak or a particular quirk or a date they once had, to larger ones such as forgetting one person, a relationship, a major event in their lives, their Kiseki memories, powers they might have or how to use them, and so on. Not everyone has to forget, and not everyone has to forget at the same time! They can be affected by different memory losses at different times, too - maybe first they forget about their SO, and later that they're supposed to be saving the world. They could be forgetting it all at once, as well, and end up acting like a zombie! Switch things around as you please.

The point of the event is to get these memories back, of course. If someone else remembers what they've forgotten, they could tell your chara... But it's not that easy. Being told alone won't work, and will most likely just confuse your character or make them faint out (think of TRC!Sakura in canon). So, what to do? There are several ways to get them back:

- Your character may remember a person through touch, their voice, even things like their magic powers or their food - being exposed to these things can trigger the memory back to them. Think of the TRC/HOLiC concept of body memories.
- Your character could remember certain events or meetings if they're back in a familiar place! Either alone or with somebody else, visiting places that are significant to them could trigger their memories back.
- Your character could find the memories! Different memories will be scattered around all over Kiseki, waiting to be found - by your character, or someone else, too! They might look like simple balls of bright light, or have more significant shapes - they could be a feather for Sakura, a butterfly for Watanuki, a vial of blood for Saya, and so on. They will be indestructible and small enough to carry around, of course. And there's something else... If someone finds a memory that doesn't belong to them, they might see into those memories when they touch it. How private this information is for your character (and depending on who's looking into it) will determine how much they can show to others.

Now, since I mentioned familiar places... Kiseki will help out with that! During the event, new islands will be added, each with a smaller-scale version of different worlds. The different TRC worlds, the dreamscape, rl Tokyo, Tomoeda, Ukishima, and so on - feel free to add whichever scenario you require. Your characters will just know that there're new places to explore, in one of those fun, creepy mental messages Kiseki does. Memories scattered around might find their way into familiar places, too, so maybe Kamui's memories will be at the Tokyo water reservoir, or maybe Mokona's are in Clow's or Yuuko's house, and so on.

If your character has lost a significant enough amount of memories, or if they take too long to recover theirs, they'll start fading out! Think of CCS's Yukito (or Chihiro in Spirited Away??). This can cause them to get weaker, to faint, etc. And if they could end up fading away entirely. If this happens, it counts as a sort of in-game death, so they'd reappear eventually at the Welcome Center.

I think that's about it! As always, feel free to ask any questions.

Mar. 5th, 2013


Event \o/

Okay, as we know my silly events usually get done fast, so here we go! As previously discussed, this event will happen during the night of Wednesday 6th. What will happen is that Kiseki will transport people out of their beds (or wherever they happened to be at that time!) and into... well, other beds!

Nobody will actually remain in their own rooms, they'll all be switched around into the empty tents available. And they'll all find themselves with a new bed partner!

We had the switches randomized, so here's the list again:

List )

They won't be able to leave the room they're put in, not until they manage to sleep in the same bed for at least a few hours, so have fun with that! If your characters fail to realize this is what's needed, eventually Kiseki will send one of its usual creepy mental messages to let them know.

As usual, feel free to ask any questions.

Jan. 2nd, 2013


Anniversary event!

First of all, and this is technically late, lol I fail - It's our five-year anniversary!

Sap aside, of course it's time for the usual anniversary event! This time, since the current IJ issues make the planned 4th wall difficult to pull off at the moment, we'll be having the very much delayed Fairy Tale event.

As the name suggests, the idea is simple enough. Starting on January 7th and ending on the 18th, all characters in Kiseki will be transformed into a Fairy Tale-themed version of themselves. Or fairy tale AU, which I think explains it better but doesn't look so nice all bolded out.

More details )

This event will be replayable, as well - minus the world's changes, of course. .. And I think that's it! Please comment or plurk me with any questions or concerns.

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