August 2017




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May. 1st, 2017


about activity checks

We considered our options and decided to switch the AC requirements to 10 comments per AC round, for the time being. These will still be open once every two months, with other requirements and such remaining the same, check the FAQ for further details.

Please note that requirements for applications have also switched to one thread of five comments total.

That is all for now! Feel free to ask any questions or give any input on this, as always.

Apr. 14th, 2014


Activity Requirements adjustment

As requested, we've adjusted the Activity Check requirements.

They're the following:

"In order to fulfill the game's activity requirements and have your character considered as "active", every two months you have a few options:

a) Play out threads with your character:

They can be either:
- Two threads of fifteen comments
- Three of twelve comments, or
- Four of ten comments.

This is just a minimum, and only your own comments count for each thread (so one of ten comments would normally have twenty, total, counting the other player's/character's).

You should have threads with at least two other separate characters, doesn't matter which ones (self-threading doesn't count, though).


b) Make at least one open journal entry with your character:
The content doesn't matter, but it should be an open entry, meaning something several characters can reply to. Entries filtered to just one character count as just one thread and not as an entry. While there's no minimum of characters replying to it required, we do ask that at least half the threads in the post reach a minimum of 7 comments (from each chara). If this doesn't happen, then the entry does not qualify and separate threads should be presented as proof of activity instead."

The same can be found in our FAQ.

Please remember this only counts for this next AC round onwards. The current AC post that's open follows the old rules, meaning it's either one post, or two threads of 15 comments each.