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Oct. 31st, 2012


This is Hallowe'en, this is Hallowe'en... ♫

Event announcement! Apologies for the lateness/rushedness of it.

During Wednesday 31st and extending until the end of Thursday 1st, all of Kiseki will have a Halloween event! Which means the following:

It will be night-time for the whole two days, with some fog appearing at moments.

All of the islands will be decorated accordingly to the date, as usual. There will be massive jack-o'lanterns all over the park, garden, and along the forests' edges, and smaller ones in other areas. A creepy, distant piano music like an old record will be heard sometimes. Dim lanterns and floating candles will replace the usual lights in the camping grounds and the city. There will be cobwebs, fake bats, spiders, skeletons and ghosts set on various locations. Other decoration might appear, as well, ranging from cute and silly to actually creepy-looking; feel free to be creative. Especially because some of these fake things - skeletons or mummies and such - might end up moving! They could just be shifting around in the background while your characters are around, or actually interact with them, grabbing onto them, laughing, or maybe just bothering them by pulling their hair or prodding at them. They'll be more likely to bother those who disapprove of festivities, and who might not want to share or give out candy with others.

Speaking of which - rather than having large tables in the main park, this time there will be lots of smaller tables spread all over the different islands, holding little candle-lit centerpieces and lots of candy and drinks.

On top of that, there will be a higher chance of more scary events being replayed - things like the blood event, the ghost of the past event, the vampire event, and so on. These're completely optional, of course.

That's it <o/ Feel free to ask any questions, as always.