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Apr. 14th, 2008


Presenting the Piffle Princess Candy

To celebrate the clean-up... I'm making an event! And while checking for ideas, I found a very interesting and fun anon proposal that I just couldn't ignore. I edited it slightly from the original, but most of it is what this anon wrote.

Piffle Princess is the new candy company that has been established in Kiseki. It makes anything from hard-candies to chocolates. However, these candies are not normal. They cause strange things to happen to all who eat them. Each type of candy produces a different effect. These effects have been carefully tested (on mice), so no accidents or poisoning should occur. Effects vary from candy to candy. All products are packaged and labeled with the effects they cause (when they are sold in stores).

One of their products, Piffle puffs, are chewy, marshmallow candies that come in a variety of different colors and shapes. These puffs all cause the same effect, but the colors tell the severity of the effect (the different shapes are there just to make them look cool).

After eating one of these candies, the person will fall in "love" with the first person they see. The colors will tell what type of "love" they will feel:

Pink: "Submissive Love" -the person eating this candy will become totally devoted to their "true love" [ie. the poor/lucky bastard standing next to them]. They will do anything their lover asks, or what they think will please them. They will also become shy, blushy, humble, and willing to please.

Red: "Lust" -they will become a complete sex fiend, and the first person they see will look like the sexiest person on earth. They will want that one person until the effect wears off.

Light Blue: "Romantic Love" -a person upon eating this candy will wish to write beautiful poetry, sonnets, and ballads for their chosen love, and proclaim their pure love to the world. They will want to buy flowers, and take them to lovely restaurants. Purple prose is optional.

Light Green: "IC love" -the character will be struck with a feeling of intense, romantic love for the other character. They would think they are truly in love with the person, but they will still behave "sort of" IC. They would still act like themselves, only the way they would with a person they love (Kurogane or Seishiro would not start writing sonnets and ballads after they eat this candy).

Yellow: "unexpected/unwanted love" -the character will experience a feeling of great attraction for the other character, but will still have a sort of "WTF!" reaction to the feeling. The typical "will senpai notice me?!" thing. They know those feelings aren't normal to them, and they fight them, but still get those feelings despite themselves.

Purple: "Obsessive love" -the person eating this candy will feel stalkerish, Seishiro-esque "love" for the first person they see. This candy is rare, though. It was deemed too dangerous for consumption, but a few strays seemed to have gotten in...

Anyway, the company would like to distribute free samples of one of their products (Piffle Puffs were randomly chosen from a list of 50 different products) to see how people would like them. The people will not be told what they are eating, so that their experience will not be hindered by prior knowledge.

The Piffle Co. would like to also try this again with other products if this experiment survey is successful. Your usual Creepy Smile! girls who attend almost everywhere will be distributing these, and they will be available at Saiga's and Kakei's candy shop, too. Only once the promotion is over, they will be correctly labeled and rather expensive.

These will be available starting now, and will be distributed all week. Of course, your characters can notice what they do and not want to eat them after a while.

The effects last half an hour, and the different candies would eliminate the previous one's effects. Like, someone affected by a purple puff who eats a yellow one ten minutes later, would stop being obsessive and go on to feeling unexpected love instead, for the following half hour. And so on.

As usual, feel free to ask any questions! And if you have new ideas for candy to be sold in the future, leave a comment in the Events Suggestions Post!