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Feb. 4th, 2015


Possible Locations Revamp Feedback Post

Catchy title, eh? Hello everyone! Us mods were discussing a possible addition to the game's locations in the near future, as well as extra transport methods (they'll be cute, these are gonna happen for sure) and of course other concerns came up.

Those being that as it is, we do have plenty of options available, but at the same time they're not used too much, and most shenanigans remain in the main island, even when the islands merge periodically and can be occasionally walked into (rather than requiring special transports).

Because of this, we'd like your thoughts on the matter, so we'll ask that you complete a little survey.

1.- Are you happy with the current locations? If not, why not?
2.- Would you like further options available, such as a snowy island? (this is what we were discussing, a lingering effect after the blizzard)
3.- Do you use the current non-main islands? If not, why not? Is it that there're too many options, that logs don't encourage their use enough, that you forget they're there, or simply a lack of appeal?
4.- If it's the lack of appeal - what do you think would help make them better? What would make you want to use an extra area?
5.- Would you support some of the current islands being merged together into a larger area with different locations/effects combined, so it's easier to abuse these, or are you happier with them each being its separate thing?
6.- Is there any specific type of location you'd like to have in the game and don't right now?
6.- Any other feedback regarding these?

Here, have it in a handy code version so you can fill it more easily:

Thank you of course and remember our Suggestions page is always open, and we can be contacted over plurk for any discussion regarding the game as well!

Jul. 15th, 2008


Bored mod is bored

I have nothing to do, so here, have an event survey. Answering isn't mandatory, of course, but it'd help 8|b Feel free to elaborate as much as you'd like. Or even to reply anonymously, if you don't feel comfortable giving concrit while logged in.

- Are you happy with the way events are handled right now?
- Do you mind the irregularity? Would you prefer them to have a set schedule (one every fifteen days, for example)? [Right now what determines most of the events is lack of activity. If we have a sudden influx of new characters or a mun coming back from a hiatus, or I just know there're a ton of threads going on already due to whatever reason, I won't bother 'cause people already have stuff to play and have fun with. ... The other factor would be really epic awesome events that I just WANT to play right away, but even those usually get delayed if I know there's a ton of activity already.]
- Do you mind that events aren't usually announced before-hand? Would you prefer for them to be announced earlier? [The reason why events are announced as soon as they start happening is 'cause I'm horribly impatient. It kills me to have to wait, specially if I'm excited about a good idea for an event. And it's why most of them last an IRL week or so! I don't want people to miss them, so I usually extend them longer than what's probably necessary to allow players who might not be able to play until later to participate.]
- Do you like events for specific RL dates, such as Valentine's or Hallowe'en events?
- Is there a type of event you would like happening more often (small events, large events, more serious ones, the 'default' events such as gender-bending/de-aging and aging/body-switch/etc, shippy events for either your OTPs or to allow you to play crack pairings, silly OOC events that will make Lin write purple prose entries with Kuro, etc)?
- Is there a type of event you'd prefer happened less often, or that it wasn't mandatory?
- What's been your favorite event so far?
- What's been your least favorite event so far?
- Is there an event you would just love to play?
- Any other thoughts or suggestions?

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