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December 30th, 2014

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Concrit meme - Take 78!

Time for our monthly How's My Driving meme!

- Comment to this post with a list of your characters. You may add any commentary you'd like, such as things you'd wish to get feedback on.

- Reply anonymously to the other players, giving concrit on how they're playing/their characterization/their interactions/etc.

- Flat-out negative comments will get screened/frozen/deleted, and can be grounds for banning if they're bad enough. Game rules apply here as well, so don't use it as an excuse to insult others. How can you tell the difference between giving crit and bashing? The second has no purpose. Giving crit means you want things to improve - by clearing out a misunderstanding of a character's actions, by helping a player manage activity better, by pointing out where characterization might be off, etc. If there is a situation with a player that's really problematic and would start big trouble here, consider taking it to us mods instead.

- Simply giving positive feedback is just fine! Of course, we encourage these to be as elaborate as possible, as it's always better to get an idea of why a character/player is doing things right.

This is non-mandatory! If you aren't comfortable with the HMD, or don't feel like posting every time, or whatever the reason is, you don't have to post to it. However, don't be that person who gives crit to others and then doesn't open up for crit themselves.

On that same line of thought - we're a small game! If nobody comments, then the meme doesn't work. If you receive comments, try to leave at least one of your own to somebody else. It's always better if we have many replies, and various POVs.

[info]kiseki_mods in [info]kiseki_rpg

Plotting post - January

Our monthly plotting post is up in the ETC comm, as usual!