July 30th, 2010

[info]whatbefell in [info]bellumlogs

Who: Xavier and Gina
What: It's a surprise! AKA, Gina's coming downstairs and we have no idea what's going to happen ...Or it's the great reveal.
Where: 1003
When: August 1, Afternoon
Warnings: No clue. Xavier's thoughts tend to be dark.

Over the hills and far away - he swears he will return one day. )

[info]tooth_breaker in [info]bellumlogs

Who: Vlad and Max
What: An unexpected run-in
Where: Somewhere in the city
When: Late at night sometime between August 2 and August 5
Warnings: Violence, swearing, existential crisis, and general angst.

Have some mercy and Kevorkian me to sleep. )

[info]withinastory in [info]bellumlogs

Who: Sherri (and sort of Brian)
What: Brian wants to lock himself in and the world out. Sherri won't let him.
Where: Mostly outside 302, so third floor residents might hear or witness parts.
When: July 27th - August 5th, during days and early evenings.
Warnings: You'll probably want to slap Sherri.

In Which Sherri Doesn't Quite Argue with a Brick Wall, but a Closed Door is Close Enough )

[info]tooth_fairy in [info]bellumlogs

Who: Sherri and Brian
What: A sort-of conversation
Where: Right inside and outside the locked door of 302
When: August 6, early evening
Warnings: Alcohol use and abuse, angst, and Brian being a pill

Hush, little baby, don't say a word. And never mind that noise you heard. It's just the beast under your bed. )

[info]blackcatsrbad in [info]bellumlogs

Who: Ileana, Cole, and Jason [NPC]
What: Their meeting
Where: The rooftop of the building next to Bellum
When: Backdated to Sunday at 3pm
Warnings: Swearing, violence, angst, insanity (EDIT: Des, you have been warned :D?)

nothing satisfies me but your soul )

[info]blackcatsrbad in [info]bellumlogs

Who: Cole and Ileana
What: Cole wants to be alone so he can jump off the fire escape. Illy is not okay with this.
Where: 802
When: After this.
Warnings: Angst for starters. Probably swearing too.

i can't escape this hell )