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Oct. 5th, 2017


Patrick G, Jack P, Cat C, Destiny S, Connie G, Raven P+Atticus M+Cisco D, Dahlia H, Daniel W

[Not too long after the party.]

[Locked to Patrick G]
All right, darling?

[Locked to Jack P]
Hello, Jack.

[Locked to Cat C]
I hope the party went well for you.

[Locked to Destiny S]
Hello, Destiny.

[Locked to Connie G]
Hello, Connie, did you attend the party?

[Locked to Raven P+Atticus M+Cisco D]

[Locked to Dahlia H]
Hello, Dahlia.

[Locked to Daniel W]
Hello, Daniel.

[Delivery, of a sort]
[Now that Connie's no longer working at the B&B, Newt takes over the responsibility of leaving out food for the hellhound on a nightly basis. He's not quite sure what such animals eat, but he does try.]

Aug. 30th, 2017


Public, Connie G

Has anyone seen whoever is stealing all the trinkets in town, my dudes? We keep getting reports, even from campers at the edge of the woods.

[Locked to Connie G]
Man, Con, I do not know how to go this long without checking on you.

Aug. 14th, 2017


[News: B&B]

[Before the full moon... *but timefuzzy handwave*]

[Anyone walking by the Bed & Breakfast or with their windows open in the early pre-dawn hours (or anyone with especially good ears elsewhere in town) might hear the so-soft sounds of a woman singing. Her voice is rough and unpracticed and the words aren't english, but there's something about the song that pulls at a heart's melancholy yearning.]

Aug. 2nd, 2017


[Atticus, Newt]

[She's been absent from the B&B for several days.]

Newt. Thank you.

Jul. 18th, 2017


[Locked: Matt, Steve, Raven, Janus]

[After a very impressive Tarzan yell from out of her window at the Carriage House - because of reasons And then blaring music while she gets into her bathing suit.]

[Locked Matt, Steve, Raven, Janus ETA: Atticus]


And by pool I mean of the kiddie variety.

And by party I mean just this exclusive bunch of rapscallions, Atticus, a boombox, a hundred chicken wings and whatever else he finds in my freezer.

Where? The backyard.

When? Nowish.

Be there, or be square.



Jul. 15th, 2017


Raven P, PJ R, Steve M & Matt D, Cris M

[Locked to Raven P]

[Locked to PJ R]
OK after the moon?

[Locked to Steve M & Matt D]
No need for medical attention this month. No one panic.

[Locked to Cris M]
Fangs yet?

Jun. 29th, 2017


Raven P, Cisco D, Patrick G, Destiny S, Jack P

[After this.]

[Locked to Raven P]
Hello, Raven.

[Locked to Cisco D]

[Locked to Patrick G]
I rather mucked it up, but it's done. I told him.

[Locked to Destiny S]
Destiny, how're you?

[Locked to Jack P]
I'm going to go on a brief holiday, Jack. Is there anything you'd like from Arizona?

Jun. 28th, 2017


Damian W, Claire J, Connie G, Raven P

[Damian W & Claire J, separately]

I'm taking a vacation.

[Connie G]

I know it's short notice, I'm sorry, but I need the week off.

[Raven P]

Leaving town for a few days. I'll teach you to hunt rabbits when I get back.

Jun. 21st, 2017


[News, B&B Carriage House, Bus Stop]

[News, Carriage House:]

[Janus is gone this morning, leaving behind a piece of paper with "IOU" written in a very, very red ink for all those residents of the carriage house. (Including, in fact, Matt and the bird.) The paper cannot be lost accidentally, though it can be destroyed.]

[News, Bus Stop]

[A light is on at night, though no one appears to staff the place in the day.]

Jun. 14th, 2017


Raven P, Harry R



[Harry R]

Are you okay?

Jun. 13th, 2017


[The barn: Raven and Atticus]

Who: Raven & Atticus
What: Fully human meeting
Where: The barn
When: After the full moon, after the memories
Warnings/Rating: Some nudity to start.

it had something to do with heat )

Jun. 3rd, 2017


What: Memory
Will characters be viewing the memory or experiencing it?: Experiencing.
Warning, this memory contains: References to death

You know the way there and you know the way back, it’s two crossings of the road and four blocks total and the light of the store is yellow outside )

Jun. 2nd, 2017


[The B&B Carriage House: Raven and Atticus]

Who: Raven and Atticus
What: Problems with memories and injuries
Where: B&B Carriage House
When: Now
Warnings/Rating: Injured Bird.

[She'd fallen from the sky.

The memory had struck her while she was flying, and then she'd fallen from the sky, thankfully hitting tree instead of bare ground, but still with enough speed to injure her wing. With nowhere else to go and no way to help herself, she walked awkwardly toward the B&B, grateful that it was close. Even if close was a relative thing, especially for short legs that were not meant to cover distance on the ground. She had to rest often, breath coming harder and the periods where she was walking growing shorter.

The B&B finally loomed ahead of her, and she knew that Atticus lived in the carriage house. Slow steps, growing slower, finally brought her to the carriage house's door. She paused, trying to gather as much strength as possible, and then pecked four times at the door. A pause, and then four more. She would do her best to continue until someone opened the door.]

May. 27th, 2017


Raven P, Public, ETA: Cat C

Left for Raven P )

[Public, as anon.]

Size 11 boots. Woods. Multiple visits. What do you want?

[Cat C]

[After he locks it.] Who is Tim D?

May. 16th, 2017


[lock to wolves etc. ]

[Posted anonymously. Visible to any wolves or other shifters (birds etc.) in town, similar to the 'magic' locks, and just as potentially faulty*.]

I need to talk to the alpha here. I assume there is one.

[*Players can decide if their shifter character can see this post.]

May. 13th, 2017



[Locked to Raven]
[After spending some time with these.]

Not American, then.

May. 8th, 2017



[Because she said she'd try...
The list comes written in pencil on a torn-off side of a brown paper bag (that has a greasy spot on one corner and smells vaguely of lo mein). The handwriting shifts just enough to betray that items were written at different times. Sometimes the letters are almost unreadable, sometimes blocky print, sometimes a fine cursive. It shows up folded small and shoved under the carriage house door, much the same as the napkins had been.]

-Pea soup fog and streets that stink
-Trains. Across the country!
-A lodge that smells of men and sweat and musk. I am only allowed inside because they think I am a spirit.
-in nomine patris, et filii et spiritus sancti
-When the moon is round and bright as daylight, she becomes other and walks in the skin of a wolf. She looks huge to me and she's the most beautiful thing I've ever seen. [in slightly better handwriting, she's gone back to add:] (Loup-Garou)
-[Here she's written out a verse (in Portuguese) of a very old sailor's song. Trying to translate it to English doesn't quite work, as most of it is bawdy and slang-filled.]
-[Something that looks like it might be Korean.]
-The dog used to be a puppy and now he is silver around his mouth and dying. I haven't shifted in that time and I still look the same. I don't know how to speak.

[On the opposite side of the paper is a list of names. There's nothing tying them together - about 30, just first names. Men and women and some that it's hard to tell. Spanning obviously different ethnicities.]

May. 3rd, 2017



[Days after his message. She's not feeling at all settled in her skin, but at least words are (mostly) more than just random shapes at the moment. Not anon.]


May. 1st, 2017



[After this.]

Looking for the bird.


[Various Gifts]

[What she considers "good gifts" changes when she ends up spending too much time trapped with wings, and she's been mostly trapped for at least several days. Flying around town has introduced her to several additional people, and each of them (as well as people she's actually met or spoken to) receives a "present" left where they'll hopefully find it.

Leena: As a thank you for helping her when she was hungry, the broken tip of a deer's antler is left at the mouth of Leena's cave, weighing down a fluffed piece of rabbit fur.

Cisco: She may not know his name, but she knows that the trailer belongs to the pack's alpha. It takes her a while to come up with something an alpha might want. He receives a piece of rabbit fur too, this one almost exactly the size of a his paw-print when he shifts. Nestled in the very center of it is an earring that she saw glinting in the gutter of the road, and a smooth flat rock, round and pale enough to resemble the full moon.

PJ: Draped over the doorknob of the fill-up station is a scrap of fabric, almost long enough to be a scarf, the majority of which is a pink that matches PJ's car.

Atticus: Shoved as much as possible (when it's a beak doing the shoving) under the door of the carriage house, three crumpled cocktail napkins.

Connie (and all residents of the B&B!): Somewhere in the building is a window that's possible for a particularly intelligent bird to open. Between one day and the next, there are a line of sticks and pebbles laid out very neatly along the edge of the front desk.

Patrick: In the middle of every step from his lookout to the ground is a pebble, a stick, a piece of bark...

Damian: She's seen him smoking at his open window at the Manor more than once, so she leaves (on the outside sill) one of her preened-loose feathers, weighted by the heaviest pebble she could carry.]

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