December 2019





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December 3rd, 2019

[info]awry in [info]repose

[Portal/Gate: Holly, Noah]

The trip through the portal is scheduled for the 6th of January, at 0800 hrs, and he hasn't been told that's changing. )

[info]loud in [info]repose

News: Repose & B&B

[When it happens, it comes without warning. It's midday. A little after. Cloudy outside. Dreary. Normal. Until, as if struck by a blast wave, windows around town shatter and car alarms go off. There's no epicenter to the apparent detonation. It just happens. Sudden seismic activity is the theory, and, in fact, seismograms a few hundred miles away show the evidence in waving arms of ink. The problem is this: no one felt so much as a tremor. It's just the windows. The car alarms. Dogs barking. Startled babies crying.

In separate news, two of the elderly guests who call the B&B home died overnight, seemingly within hours of each other. It's not uncommon, given the B&B's status as impromptu nursing home for Repose's aging population. But, two in a night is unusual. Both seem to have passed naturally.]

[info]xolotl in [info]repose

[Locked: Chris F, Hector Z, Leena B, Diego C, Hugh C (M?), Audrey C, Clover W]

[After this. ]


Is everyone okay? What the fuck was that?


If your car is having alarm issues bring it down to the shop. We’ll get it turned off for you.

[info]bigmaoth in [info]repose


Yeah so, winter is not the best time for broken windows. Can whatever is acting up just calm the fuck down? You overdid it. Cool it with the bullshit. Thnx~<3

[info]verbumdomini in [info]repose


If anyone needs a warm place to sleep tonight, Mainchance is setting up beds on our lower level. We will also have some space heaters and hot cocoa if anyone simply wants to stop by to get out of the cold.

Also we are currently taking food and toy donations to deliver for the holidays, should one feel so inclined.

[info]thekidwhodies in [info]repose

Electronics Shop Apartments: Shiloh F, Alex W

Who: Alex White and Shiloh Foster
What: Actually crossing paths for once
Where: The hallway that separates their apartments, upper level of the Electronics Shop
When: Following this, more or less
Warnings/Rating: Probably low

A comical panoply of superhero band-aids. )

[info]artery in [info]repose

Atticus M

[It's been a week. A week and a half. Who the fuck cares.]

[Locked to Atticus M]
The mortals are disturbed.

[info]isconfetti in [info]repose

Jamie M, Mars M, David N, Audrey C, Claire J

[Jamie, Mars, David, group lock.]
[Once the detox-sick kicks in, which keeps her blissfully unaware of breaking glass.] Hi. I just wanted you to guys to know that if Si doesn't answer quickly, it's because he's in rehab. I don't think he has his phone right now.

[Audrey C]
Hi. I was wondering if you want to get some coffee? I think distraction would be really nice maybe today.

[Claire J]
Hi. I'm just saying hi. It feels like it's been a lot of days since hi.