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May 1st, 2017

[info]heir in [info]repose

Bruce W, Naila a-G, Cat C, Louis D

[Locked to Bruce W]
Father, we must speak.

[Locked to Naila a-G]
[In Arabic.] I must break our engagement.

[Locked to Cat C]
What has happened to you?

[Locked to Louis D]

[info]beattheodds in [info]repose

[loot arcade; eddie n.]

[Stephanie swings by on her break from the art store to see Eddie and bring a snack. The teens that work at the store inform her that he's out for lunch but would be back later in the day. They chat for a little, and one of them tells her about the argument that happened recently. She doesn't want to badger him, but she's sure as hell curious and worried. She leaves the snacks (her homemade version of his favorite kind of cookie) with one of the kids with a note (to hit a girl up). When she gets home from work, she also beeps him on an old form of communication -- a secure app he hacked onto her laptop years ago. A box pops up on his computer with a purple cursor and a simple:] Hi

[info]cursedwings in [info]repose

[Various Gifts]

[What she considers "good gifts" changes when she ends up spending too much time trapped with wings, and she's been mostly trapped for at least several days. Flying around town has introduced her to several additional people, and each of them (as well as people she's actually met or spoken to) receives a "present" left where they'll hopefully find it.

Leena: As a thank you for helping her when she was hungry, the broken tip of a deer's antler is left at the mouth of Leena's cave, weighing down a fluffed piece of rabbit fur.

Cisco: She may not know his name, but she knows that the trailer belongs to the pack's alpha. It takes her a while to come up with something an alpha might want. He receives a piece of rabbit fur too, this one almost exactly the size of a his paw-print when he shifts. Nestled in the very center of it is an earring that she saw glinting in the gutter of the road, and a smooth flat rock, round and pale enough to resemble the full moon.

PJ: Draped over the doorknob of the fill-up station is a scrap of fabric, almost long enough to be a scarf, the majority of which is a pink that matches PJ's car.

Atticus: Shoved as much as possible (when it's a beak doing the shoving) under the door of the carriage house, three crumpled cocktail napkins.

Connie (and all residents of the B&B!): Somewhere in the building is a window that's possible for a particularly intelligent bird to open. Between one day and the next, there are a line of sticks and pebbles laid out very neatly along the edge of the front desk.

Patrick: In the middle of every step from his lookout to the ground is a pebble, a stick, a piece of bark...

Damian: She's seen him smoking at his open window at the Manor more than once, so she leaves (on the outside sill) one of her preened-loose feathers, weighted by the heaviest pebble she could carry.]

[info]thefixer in [info]repose

[Jude's people: Misha, Gwen, MJ, Louis + Claire J]


hi, sunshine. how's it?


d'you know what a house-warming is?


so, bets on claire ever returning?


hello, trouble. how's the antique store?

[ETA: claire j/mj w]

hi, sunshine. how're you doing?

[info]lupusest in [info]repose


Is the music store still open?

[info]gloam in [info]repose


[After this.]

Looking for the bird.