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April 7th, 2016

[info]waterandwine in [info]repose

jas/scooby kids/carver

[Jas F.]


[Scooby Kids.]
[Because he's really great with words:]


[He deletes the thread after it gets out of hand.]

[info]ladymacbeth in [info]repose


Who: Gwendolyne Riley Guinevere Reilly
What: A new apartment, a new job, and new arrangement
Where: The diner → Her new place over the flower shop → The facility
When: Nowish
Warnings/Rating: Nope

Gwen felt empowered by her success at the egg hunt. She had attended a public function, albeit a strange one, and she hadn't been apprehended. )

[info]wants in [info]repose

Lou D, Daniel W, Connie G, Jason W, Hunter R, Gwen R, Oliver K, Billy K, Melody B, Iris M, Wren H+

[Midday, the day after the egg hunt.]

[Locked to Lou D]
Sorry for being slow, Lou. You make it through that mess alright?

[Locked to Daniel W]
Least tell me you're alive, huh?

[Locked to Connie G]
Doing okay, blanca?

[Locked to Jason W]
Easter egg hunt treat you okay?

[Locked to Hunter R]
Hey, mijo.

[Locked to Gwen R]
Gimme an update, chica.

[Locked to Oliver K]
Hey, you ever talk to Sam?

[Locked to Billy K]
Hey, kid, you hanging in there?

[Locked to Melody B]
Melody, lemme find you someplace. Posting public ain't real bright.

[Locked to Iris M]
Iris, you gotta minute?

[Locked to Wren H]
I heard you were outta town. It help you make any kinda decisions?

[Locked to Eddie N]
I know that wasn't supernatural, but maybe we can talk anyway, huh?

[Text to Sam A]
[After he's been gone for a couplea hours. 'Cause he can't not.]
Hey, mami.

[info]shadowbabs in [info]repose


[Jason W.]

Don't be mad.

[Gwen R.]

You know the worst part about getting hit with an imaginary arrow? No cool scar to show off later.


Did someone actually win the egg hunt? I'm going to be so pissed if they did.

[info]bene_placito in [info]repose

[Claire, Sam, Louis, Jude.]

[Posts via phone.]

[Claire J.]

Small problem

[Sam, Louis]

Am fine. Reply if well. Baby??


Feed cat

[Lin A.]

[Before the last call from Cris. Ring!]

[info]plagued in [info]repose

Iris M, Lou D, Jack P, Manning T

[Locked to Iris M]
Hey, I.

[Locked to Lou D]
Sorry, Lou. Cris got to the motel I was crashing at, yeah? So I went MIA or whatever.

[Anon email to Jack P]
Hey, baby. I hear there was some egg thing. You cool?

[Locked to Manning T]
[Added on when Iris doesn't reply.] Hey. You there???

[info]liminality in [info]repose

Sunshine F, Wren H, Lin A

[Locked to Sunshine F]

Hi. I totally get it if you don't want to talk to me, okay? I just want to know if you're alright after the egg weirdness and I thought you would prefer this rather than me showing up at your door. (Also you're kinda scary and I bruise like a peach.)

[Locked to Wren H]

How are you?

[Locked to Lin A]

you better not delete my Majora's Mask save file or I'll have to hurt you (lol)

[info]strikethose in [info]repose

[locked to manning t]

Manning? I'm looking for my sister, is she with you?