July 21st, 2008

[info]hatter_madigan in [info]parabolical

A Puddle Where One Should Not Be

Who: Hatter Madigan (Hatter M) and OPEN!
What: Hatter has appeared in the middle of LA through a puddle on the ground. Hm.
When: Afternoon
Where: Hollywood and some cross street, he has no clue where he is.
Status: Incomplete
Rating: TBD

Once Upon a Time.... )

[info]dealing_death in [info]parabolical

Who: Selene and Open or not. Doesn’t matter either way.
Where: St. Vibiana’s Cathedral
When: This spans the entire day, starting the morning after she met Lindsey, and ends at sunset.
Why: Cause a girl needs shelter. Clean, dust free, shelter.
Status: Complete
Rating: TBD (Currently I think it’s G, but if anyone jumps in that could change)

Selene is setting up residence in an old cathedral that was bought by Amelia before her death in hopes of turning it into an Opera house. Although in real life St. Vibianas is located in what is called Skid Row, I am going to say that it is in a slightly better part of town. I mean really who would go to the Opera in the ghetto.

Let in the light….. )

[info]its_buttery in [info]parabolical

Who:Bridge and Clark Kent (future)
What: He can't control his powers- to much evil living in his hotel.
When: Shortly after his post.
Where:Riz Milner.
undead aura's slipped through his gloves like a ghost through solid objects. )

[info]thegoodguy in [info]parabolical

WHO: Dr. Henry Gale, open to anyone
WHAT: Being a helpless man in a wheelchair
WHERE: In a cafe, in trendy Santa Monica
WHEN: Monday evening

You're one of the good ones )

[info]paramods in [info]parabolical

WHO: Angelus and Faith
WHAT: The Scourge of Europe vs. The Formerly Rogue Slayer
WHEN: Around 11PM
WHERE: Out and about
STATUS: In Progress
NOTES: If anyone else would like to do some sort of scene with Angelus, simply let us modly types know and we'll happily plot something out with you!

A fight to the finish... more or less. )

[info]trappedinatower in [info]parabolical

WHO: Annie Wheaton and OPEN TO ANY/ALL
WHAT: Exploring the 'forbidden' third floor of the Hyperion Hotel.
WHEN: Early morning (not long after sunrise)
STATUS: In Progress

The floor hadn't always been forbidden, of course. It had only been made that way when Davy Jones had ordered the snakes to attack and Katara, in an effort to stop the flow of venomous creatures, had sealed the stairwell with a five foot thick block of ice. )

[info]raheta in [info]parabolical

who! heather mason and [OPEN]
what! waking up from a nightmare
when! after midnight
where! a hotel downtown
rating! pg-13
status! incomplete

You're not really there. )

[info]slayerbee in [info]parabolical

who! buffy summers and [OPEN]
what! having lunch
when! this afternoon
where! an outdoor cafe near the hyperion
rating! tbd
status! incomplete

Even Slayers need a break sometimes. )

[info]lovesaspider in [info]parabolical

who! mary jane watson and peter parker
what! an obligatory night out, mj says so XD
when! tonight, around 8:00pm
where! the hotel to start, then elsewhere
rating! tbd
status! incomplete

Good thing I don't have arachnophobia. )

[info]selfpropelled in [info]parabolical

WHO: Nathan Petrelli, [OPEN]
WHERE: the Hyperion; specifically, the F&T center
WHEN: Thursday, July 21; late evening
WHAT: Working off personal frustrations.
STATUS: thread; in-progress

he'd pushed himself to his limits physically )

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