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Jul. 23rd, 2017


Who: Open to anyone who has any sort of connection to Tim and Mia
When: Backdated, July 21st-22nd
Where: New York City
What: Tim's 21st and Mia's 22nd bday bash!
Rating: Who knows?
Make threads everywhere!

Everyone had been warned to bring bathing suits and to not pass out with their shoes on. )

Jul. 3rd, 2017


Who: The Wayne family and any and all friends and acquaintances.
When: Tuesday, July 4th (forward dated)
Where: Wayne Manor, Gotham
What: A very patriotic Independence Day celebration

The weather was perfect. )

Jun. 4th, 2017


Thread: Mia and Steve

Who: Mia and Steve
Where: The older Titans HQ
What: Conversation about James
When: June 3

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Jun. 3rd, 2017


Who: James, Mia
What: Mia comes to visit James
Where: Bucky's safe house
When: June 3

What is the real lie? Is it the one in my head or the one I'm being told? )

May. 27th, 2017


Who: Open!
When: 22nd (back) on a dark and stormy night
Where: Gotham - Hydra underground/water base
What: Teams are going after the Hydra base, converging and rescuing
Rating: High in violence
Note: Feel free to thread!

Very few mongooses, however wise and old they may be, care to follow a cobra into its hole... )

May. 22nd, 2017


Who: Conner, Red Robin, Speedy, NPC!HYDRA agent
What: Conner’s at the office and gets a surprise guest
Where: LexCorp CEO office
When: May 21st, Sunday night
Rating: Ew, blood! (PG-13ish)

It hurts… )

May. 1st, 2017


Who: Tim and Mia, plus NPCs
When: April 28th (backdated some)
Where: Gotham University campus
What: Mia comes up to nab Tim spontaneously from campus and meets his friends there
Rating: Curse-happy post is happily curse-heavy!

If it’s about spouting off what’s on your mind that instant, that’s where Mia’s a viking. )

Apr. 6th, 2017


Who: Steve and Mia
When: April 6th, 2017
Where: New York City
What: Run in and talking
Rating: Low

It's not being old fashioned. It's being a fing decent human being. )

Mar. 8th, 2017


Who: Stephen Strange, Dormammu
When: 3/1 (and ALL times!)
Where: Skies of New York (and EVERYWHERE)
What: An epic battle between the Sorcerer Supreme and the Dread Lord leads to unintended consequences involving time and space. But mostly time.
Notes: This officially throws open the timeline for shenanigans, if you so desire. Make your own threads to keep the timeline settings distinct!
That was probably bad )

Feb. 20th, 2017


Who: Oliver and Mia
When: February 20th
Where: Youth Center
What: lunch shenanigans.

Read more... )

Feb. 7th, 2017


Who: Tim , Mia, Jason, fairly open
Where: Gotham
When: Feb 8th
What: Work-a-holicism is bound to catch up to a body, and eventually the weather gets Tim under the weather. Reasons not being a super powered cape sucks.
Rating: PG

Everything is stupid. )

Jan. 26th, 2017


Who: Bruce Wayne, Dinah Wayne + Open (later)
NPCs: Alfred and introducing Samuel Wayne
What: It's that time. Dinah goes into labor, there's a kerfluffle, Sam is born and people get to visit.
Where: Stately Wayne Manor & Gotham Memorial Hospital
When: Friday, January 27th, early early morning & evening
Rating: PG-13. There's not going to be anything graphic, I promise.

Look at my son! Pride is not the word I'm looking for. )

Jan. 21st, 2017


Who: Jason, Tim, +OPEN to threads from those who know about his safehouse
When: 1/16
Where: His Crime Alley safehouse
What: Jason needs drugs, and Tim is a dealer. Except by "drugs", he means the hard antibiotics.
Moving is hard )

Jan. 13th, 2017


Who: Tim and Mia
Where: Japan
When: January 8th
What: Tim and Mia have dinner and get ready to do a little crime busting in the land of the rising sun.
Rating: Probably some violence and Miamouth

We can't let you get bored. I want to be able to return to this country some day. )

Dec. 27th, 2016


Who: Everyone going on their Japan trip.
When: December 28- January 8
Where: Japan
Notes: I thought it would be fun to have a thread to put all our fun shenanigans. You can toss up social media posts, or make threads with the cool stuff you'd like to do. SKy is the limit, have a blast.

Japan Shenanigans. )

Dec. 1st, 2016


Who: Everyone who was invited!
What: Baby shower.
Where: Wayne Manor
When: Saturday afternoon December 3
Notes: Feel free to put up any threads anywhere!

Baby Shower! )

Nov. 30th, 2016


Who: Dick and Mia
Where: Old Titan hideout
When: Sometime before Thanksgiving (back dated, cause Chan forgot to tag!)
What: Escrima practice, then lounging with food.
Rating: M for Mia Mouthing

The cookies were for the bruises. )

Nov. 27th, 2016


WHO: Arrow family thanksgiving (it's at the youth center so anyone Mia wrangled into helping out could also pop their head in.
WHAT: Thanksgiving at the youth center
WHEN: Thanksgiving!
WHERE: Youth Center NYC

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Nov. 17th, 2016


Who: Dinah + Open to Manor Residents, Batboys, and Arrow Fam
What: Thanksgiving is about as close as it's going to come to a "get everyone together" holiday, so while they're all together, Dinah puts them to work painting the nursery.
Where: Wayne Manor
When: Saturday, Nov. 26th
Rating: PG

Post-Thanksgiving Family activities )

Nov. 1st, 2016


Who: Titans and open to Wayne Manor Halloween party guests
When: Backdated, October 31 and early morning November 1st, 2016
Where: Tim's 'room' on Wayne Manor grounds
What: The kids get word that there is a party going on outside and migrate, crashing on the teens.
Rating: Pg-13?
Feel free to thread!

Is there a party in here? )

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