[video for anyone | action for Dean]
10 February 2012 at 04:08 pm
[Cloud's a patient man. More importantly, he's a stoic man, and though he's better about showing emotion these days, his cues are still subtle, and still rare compared to most people's. Ergo, he must be more than a little annoyed to let all of Marina see his impatience. The signs are small, but many. Arms crossed over his chest, mouth drawn into the tiniest of frowns beneath glowing blue eyes, and eyebrows drawn together in either consternation or aggravation, he definitely has a problem with something. The giant sword sheathed at his back does nothing to soften the picture, and when he speaks, that hint of tension in his arms carries into his voice.]

You know, I had a CO once who probably would have fed us to the Midgar Zolom if we were late for duty. [Hint, hint, nudge nudge, Dean.]
[Video | Filtered // Action | Open]
09 February 2012 at 12:14 am
[Anew's in a corner of the library with a bunch of books spread out in front of her. Totally normal, right? Except that she's practically hyperventilating.]

[If you get a peek at what she's reading, you might see a few strange images that have sort of a theme. Her eyes are as wide as they can possibly be as she reads what is apparently a book about someone named May Cutler.]

Oh my goodness -- this is impossible!

[Video | Filtered from the Dylandys]

[Sorry Dylandy brothers but she's not trying to upset Lyle! And they can [action] if you want to!]

I -- I think I need some help. I didn't know being a wife was so... [she presses a hand to her mouth as if she's feeling ill, which given her expression is entirely plausible.]

I don't even own any pearls!
07 February 2012 at 09:43 pm
[Static crackles over the network for a moment as the new arrival tampers with her communicator, trying to figure out how this wacky future technology works. It doesn’t take too long before a clear, confident voice rings out.]

Hello, am I addressing the other prisoners here? My name is Lenalee, and I’m searching for some answers.
[ video + action ]
07 February 2012 at 01:06 am
[ The video opens up on a woman looking somewhere between frightened and angered. Definitely conflicted between the two. The only thing really keeping her sane right now is the fact that she woke up near the koi pond, and the last thing she wants to do is destroy such a pretty place she's found herself surrounded in.

Oh. And the threat of her powers being stripped. ]

Does this 'Acumen' possess the capabilities to strip a person of their basic genetics? [ She questions now, looking a little upset.

She sighs and the anger falters a bit into what almost looks like fear before it's gone. Coldness instead. ]

My imprisonment is a mistake. [ Not claiming innocence but...

She adds this a bit softer now. ]

Where is the sun?
[ video + action ]
06 February 2012 at 10:48 pm
[ Panic has long passed into curiosity for Kaylee and her new predicament. Sure she's been kidnapped, but: ]

This Acumen feller said something about a beach. With-- real sand and all? Don't think my heart could take it, bein' kidnapped and then lied to about a beach.

[ And curiouser... ]

Hope it's all right I don't have a swimming outfit...
[video + action]
06 February 2012 at 09:19 pm
[The video begins with a view of-- feet. Chained, bare feet with strange white lines marring the darkness of the skin. Until the camera tips back, shifts, to show a lithe man, hunched and long-eared and positively scowling at his surrounding and muttering angrily to himself.]

I will personally dissect the blighted mage responsible for this. I was unaware even the strongest of magisters could conjure such elaborate illusions, but I do not underestimate their ability to trick and deceive. But for what purpose.

[He does not kick over the welcome basket, tempted as he is, but neither does he pay it or the helpful brochure any attention. He simply glares at it then the communicator, which he found when he woke but couldn't really make sense of the script. A magical item, no doubt, and he will have nothing to do with it.]

Slavers. They become craftier the more I slay them.

[He's grumbling, completely unaware of what a recording device even is, much less that other people can see him despite being alone for now. He tries to phase through the chain, voice lowering and just barely desperate.]

Danarius is dead. He is dead. He cannot--

[ooc | If you decide to go with action, Fenris will try and attempt to phase his fist through your chest!!!]
[Open Action] Sliiiiightly back dated to noonish
02 February 2012 at 12:57 pm
[In Jeanne's absence, Inara has taken over responsibility for the scheduled spa day. She's made over the public baths in an attempt to give it a tropical theme. There's fruit on tables, a sort of fruity punch. She's got some fake palm trees set up and there's a mix of 'tropical' music that includes some Bob Marley playing.

There are stations for pedicures, manicures, massages, soaking baths, facials, body wraps and the like. Inara will be happy to give massages upon request. Mingle, relax and enjoy the spa day.]
02 February 2012 at 08:42 am
[There's a brief silence at the beginning of the transmission, one filled with hesitation, but then a rough voice can be heard muttering something unintelligble, to be followed by a softer voice answering in a mild tone, though the words of the second speaker are also indistinct. An idea has occurred to the parasite--and to D, if the dhampir is honest with himself. It's the parasite, however, who drives D to make a brief statement for all to hear.]

If there are those who wish to ride the horses now housed within the dome, but have limited or no knowledge of them, I would be willing to offer assistance and instruction to any who require it.

[Given that all of the animals within Marina are unusually accommodating, D expects that the inherent risks of horseback riding may be mitigated, but that's no excuse for prospective riders to not be taught how to go about things properly. At the very least, it will save the horses from enduring the unpleasantries of inept handling. He would expect other horsemen and women within the dome to agree.]

[ooc: I know he just posted a few days ago, but as a rider, I couldn't get this idea out of my head, and his CR is kind of lending itself to the idea. I'd like D to start offering riding instruction on a regular basis as a class through Marina's educational program.]
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[Accidental Video? | Action]
01 February 2012 at 04:34 pm
[Leaning forward, hands on hips, Yuuki's eyes narrow as she stares, unimpressed, at one of the horses within the new stables. It's a tall, beautiful, sleek white mare. Thus far it's been the star of the day. It's beautiful, there isn't any denying that. And even if she doesn't know much beyond the basics when it comes to horses, it's clear this one is fit and in perfect shape.

Even still, she appears doubtful as she stares long and hard at the creature.]

You're not fooling anyone, you know.

[Which isn't fair. Not entirely. Even she's aware of that somewhere inside her. She speaks, as though it's perfectly normal and has a shared past with the creature before her.]

You can pretend to be innocent all you like, but I know what you innocent, pretty white horses are really like.

[ The only one she's truly familiar with is the most temperamental, bad-natured, insufferable horse imaginable. She won't forget the day it wounded her pride, and then kicked her.

... Right in the bottom. >///< ]

I'll take my chances on that black stallion across from you any day.
[Voice & Action]
31 January 2012 at 09:46 am
The worst of mornings... )


For those who care about it, and are from his world...it seems Allelujah has gone home. [Tired sounding. Lind's run himself ragged trying to find Alle for Akito]

Akito's at the beach. He could use his friends.


[The light sits on the sand and stares at the water without seeing it. He doesn't even seem to realise that tears are rolling down his face. He almost seems to be in shock now that the initial breakdown has passed, even ignoring his other half sitting next to him]

Everyone leaves me eventually... [The words are quiet, hollow. Why does everyone leave? Why does Acumen have to be so goddamn useless at keeping the important people here? Everyone leaves eventually...Kaito, Jennifer, Allelujah. Who was next? Yuuri, or Conrad? Tsuna, again? Why...why was he always left alone? It hurt...

For once, after a very long time of wanting otherwise, Akito wishes he could go home]

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13 January 2012 at 03:32 am
Belle's missing. [hello, we are not pleased.] I want her back. Whoever took her should return her to me now before something horrible happens.

[to you? to Belle? Road scowls at the camera before shutting it off.]

[ooc: I will be slow ;-; perhaps very]
11 January 2012 at 12:03 am
[It's the afternoon when Tsuna leaves his new home and heads to the park, an odd sense of anticipation humming inside him. When he arrives, he finds a nice vicinity for himself where he appears to be alone before he pulls out his X-Gloves and puts them on, swallowing two of his blue Dying Will pills.

The effect is quick, and the orange Sky Flames that flare out from his forehead, gloves, and Vongola ring - now slipped onto his finger - pulse with life. He lets out a slow breath, holding his arms out a little from his sides with his palms facing the ground.

And then he propels himself into the air with his flames, hovering still for a moment before practically vanishing in the blink of an eye to appear quite a distance away. Tsuna's fast in the air, and smooth, so unlike his usual clumsy self. His personality now will seem quite different as well. If anyone were to happen upon him, he'll be flying around, clearing his head while in Hyper Dying Will Mode]
11 January 2012 at 03:53 pm
[Agito's in a pretty gloomy mood today. With Akito off hanging around Tsuna, and Lind who knows where, the dark is feeling almost...lonely. Even after their split, he hasn't spent all that much time away from Akito. But now that the light is distracted and Agito doesn't want to bother him, Agito's...not sure what to do.

The teen can be found resting on the ground in the butterfly pavilion, back to a tree. One leg is drawn up up to his chest, his arms folded and resting on his knee. Golden eye stares out at nothing, lost in thought. What to do without Akito? He's not in the mood to train...being on his own in a normal situation like this is...confusing.

He ignores the butterflies that rest on him from time to time, along with anyone around unless they catch his attention somehow. A distraction would be kinda good right now]
04 January 2012 at 12:24 am
[Baby Doll is currently in the athletic center, keeping to herself and stretching out. She's clearly an athletic young lady, and she moves through the motions like they're familiar and reassuring - simple, basic dancer's exercises.

She appears to be in a better mood in general, and more relaxed due to the exercise and the flush of exertion it's given her.

(And she's wearing short shorts under her little jumper thing, though you may not be able to initially tell and may be wondering exactly how she's going to pull anything more flexible off without flashing her underwear at the room.)
[Action x2]
13 December 2011 at 02:52 pm
[In one of the common rooms]

[Due to everyone being forced into the shelter today, Akito can be found in one of the common rooms. He hasn't been in the shelter for awhile, so he's humming to himself and feeling somewhat nostalgic, remember the time a few months ago when he arrived here.

He's sitting up on one of the lounges, swinging his feet back and forth. Next to him, his other is napping, head resting on the light's shoulder. Agito is really fucking tired, so he's allowed himself to doze off even though his pride normally wouldn't let him.

Akito doesn't mind though. He's content to stay here and look around, watching everyone go through. He's open to talking as well. It's the best way to pass what could be a boring day, after all!]

[Lurking around the place]

[The original, on the other hand, is exceedingly annoyed at being forced inside. He's not in the mood to talk to people, so being forced into a situation where he might have to is really not cool.

Lind's lurking around in the hallways and lesser used rooms, hoping to avoid people. Obviously this means he should be bothered]

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[MAIL POST | Day 144]
10 December 2011 at 12:51 am
  • Sanji: a letter from Miwako Sakurada.

  • Tieria Erde: a package from Sasha.
  • Buffy: a package from Sasha.
  • Raenef V: a package from Ryo Sanada.
  • Euphemia Li Britannia: flowers from Ribbons Almark.

[The Shelter being closed to them is only a slight impediment to the mail, as PM is happy to make a special announcement before her usual route for delivery and pickup.]


Greetings. [PM's demeanor is definitely more calm and serious than what most may know from her. Unless you are new, in which case, here is your introduction to the white-shelled carapacian mail-delivering queen. Which, by the way, is a non-sequitur that doesn't seem to particularly bother her.] As both an introduction and a reintroduction, I am the Prospitian Monarch--I operate the Marina Asylum Postal Service, along with the help of my dutiful volunteers. We are all very happy to assist you.

Mail will still be delivered today and tomorrow despite the unusual circumstances. I will do my best to find and deliver mail to those of you normally in the shelter! If I have difficulty, I will contact you directly. Please stay warm and safe in the meantime.

[PM can be replied to by video, or found in her mail route at all residential areas of the dome!]

[Click here for pen pal signups. Mail submissions for Day 145 go here!]
26 November 2011 at 01:05 am
[Unlike yesterday, the house today is lovely, a fit atmosphere for a tea party~ The doors are wide open and anyone who wanders won't be pushed out. For now. All of the rooms are free for perusal, except two, and the living room is home to a long table, fitted with a tablecloth, as well as a platter of cakes. The room is helpfully lit up by the many floating candles hovering in the air. Just don't go touching them or you'll accidentally cut yourself~]

[ooc: Road will be mingling with everyone, and there will be a tag for your character to tag her! Sorry for the late! anyone can tag! even the people who didn't respond to Road's invitation post! /o/ get those ac threads ENJOY]
16 November 2011 at 08:32 pm
Right. So, I've been meaning to ask something. Just... it's a bit weird.

You know how loads of people here have powers that are restricted, yeah? I was sort of wondering if mine might be, now that chain things off.

See, back home... when people touch me, they want to shag me. And I really don't want to have to be avoiding everyone if it turns out I don't have to.
16 November 2011 at 01:47 pm
[At first, it may be difficult to make out the pale figure against the backdrop of snow, but as one draws closer, important details fall into place: the pointed, erect ears; the lean body covered in sleek, silver fur; the gleaming red eyes; and four tails snaking through the air as though they have a life of their own. With the restraints gone, Kurama has chosen to test what abilities are now available to him, and can be found in one of the parks in Sector Four in his native form, that of a four-tailed fox. Perhaps someone will put two-and-two together and realize that he is in fact the red-haired youth who arrived the day before; perhaps he will instead be assumed to be another individual entirely. Either way, he's warm enough with his thick coat of fur, and keen to learn what limitations may have been placed on this form by Acumen.]

[ooc: Kurama only told one person he was a youko, so Naoya should be the only character who could figure out right away that the fox is Kurama, I think. Anyone else would have to go on hints given today, if he bothers to give them at all.]
12 November 2011 at 09:35 pm
Yesterday's Halloween was much better than any I've had at home. Everyone looked so cute as children, or with their new ears. [laughs - mockingly? it's your guess] That should happen more often.

[and here's something new. she links her hands together and smiles sweetly into the camera] For all the new arrivals, welcome! My name is Road Kamelot. You're stuck here and you won't be able to get out unless Acumen loses you, but I'm sure you'll find something to occupy your time. And if you don't, I have a suggestion.

I'm planning on having a tea party at my house, you can't miss it - it's one of the nicest in Sector 5 - and I'd like to invite everyone! That is, everyone I like and who isn't a stick in the mud. There'll be plenty of tea and cakes of course, enough for everyone who wants to show up. Just tell me now if you'd like to, okay? That way I can start getting ready. It'll be in two days. I hope to see you there!~

[pause] I don't think I got your name but - I'd like to talk to the pretty man in charge of that guild of his - what was it - Brave Vesperia! [SHE'S GOT A JOB FOR YOU 8D]

[ooc: once again D.Gray-man cast is free to hijack and warn people that Road is evil or something, if they like. Defense force people please ping me first over here thanks!]