[video / action | open] backdated a tiny bit?
07 December 2010 at 12:51 pm
Snow, hmmm...?

[The video shows Juri, holding a hand out to the snow as it falls, standing in the middle of it without seeming all too bothered by it. Her expression is quiet, maybe a little confused, but she chuckles softly not long after.] How nostalgic.

[AND THEN, the angle switches, view of her face only now, smiling with a bit of a sparkle in her eye.]

More importantly, this is quite a trick, isn't it? Ohoho, very well. Attentive ears best be prepared, as I will only say this once: I am impressed. In fact (truly, I must say)--even I as a lady quite modestly difficult to shake--I've been stumped! I didn't expect to find myself out of the house quite just yet today, for one.

[Really, never mind that she doesn't remember having left, appearing outside of the home she and Yuuki had been sharing was an interesting touch. It made her wonder.]

... Now, then.

I think I might have a walk in this winter wonderland, actually. I'm very interested in having a look around today.
06 December 2010 at 05:47 pm
Strange... I had thought it would yet be some time before snow came. I am usually more attentive than that.

[Fran is curiously regarding the things that have changed in her park, stepping almost silently through the snow as she drifts calmly back to the tree where she had settled her few belongings earlier.]

Winry. I have the schematics for the Strahl, should you still care to see them.
01 December 2010 at 12:02 am

[Roxas colliding with the ground turned on his communicator, so have a view of the grass outside the house where he's been living. Roxas is barely visible in the video field and appears to be having some difficulty getting back to his feet. His face is turning a little red with frustration.]

I can't bel-- Ugh, why-- This is so stupid--

[He finally manages to get to his knees, and then catches sight of the communicator. He moves very slowly and deliberately to pick it up, glowering something fierce.]

What the hell is going on all of a sudden?!

((ooc: Roxas is back! and he doesn't know what's going on. hi guys))
[Voice | Action | Open]
30 November 2010 at 07:58 pm
[There's a loud clattering noise, a sharp crackle fogging the airwaves like the fuzzy sound of a television. It recedes slowly, though movement (a soft rustling) is heard.]

Ah-- [A soft, feminine exhale, laced with a small measure of discomfort. More movement is noted before a gasp of alarm, mixed with distress, fills the air.]


[The voice, probably familiar to most who have lived in the dome for some time, is questioning. There's no response in return, save for a quiet intake of breath as though cutting off all sound to better hear.]

Oh no, no. [Frustration, only belied by clear notes of concern. Her voice rises higher, a pleading note attempting to coax the target recipient.] Please come back! Busa-kun! [Small taps are heard, the clear sounds of someone feeling along the ground; a porch or deck from the sound of it.]

Where did you go?

[OOC: If there you will have seen Yuuki tumble to the ground after tripping over her bunny that bolted in the doorway. Blind vampire without her sense of smell can't find her cute little orange, vampire!bunny. First person to action obviously is able to help her and retrieve the bunny if they like (or...just make things worse so that the next person who comes along can help if they decide to leave her searching.) More than one person can join for action-- just tag together for consistency with how time flows. ♥ tags might be a little slow to start.

EDIT: Zero will find and bring back the bunny ultimately.]

Location: Sector 4 - Kuran Manor
[Action | Open] Backdated to morning
30 November 2010 at 09:47 pm
[After two days huddled up in an abandoned house in the outer fringes of the dome, Saya can't go much longer without food. Though fearing to run into anyone she knows, Saya finally has to take the chance, and so sneaks into the convenience store to load up just after Acumen's announcement.]

[She's also more than a bit shaky from not getting her treatments, and so her flight back to her hideout isn't nearly as smooth. One missed curb and she's sent sprawling, her bags of supplies spilling over the pavement.]
30 November 2010 at 09:05 pm

[ Zelman heartily approves of the chaos today despite not being able to taste Coke-Cola. It isn't quite fear and panic, but it was enough to put in him good spirits. Which is why he's now lounging around in the park,  drinking from a blood bag with a curly straw. He's in a uncharacteristically good mood, so feel free to gleefully mock his choice in straws. Or if you can't see it, just mock him. 8| ]

[closed/early afternoon]

[ hangs up on Saki, but makes up for this by actually making an effort by getting up and walking out of his room to wherever Saki is. ]
30 November 2010 at 03:43 pm
[Someone is lost in the butterfly pavillion. Someone is lost because he can't see. Someone's not happy. He clicks on the video and...scowls, faintly.]

...This is going to get really old, really fast. Hey, I know there are ma--[--wait no let's not say that where people can hear] people with supernatural abilities, can any of you please let something harmless go off? I need to check something.
[Video | Open]
23 November 2010 at 08:21 am
[Day three of being restrained, and day two of dealing with this black eye which won't heal thanks to his regeneration being blocked along with his AT Field. He looks pleasant enough when his face appears over the network, but there's a slight undercurrent of irritation in his voice, and sure enough, his right eye is still swollen shut and black with bruising. If you saw him yesterday, you'll notice it doesn't look at all improved.]

Does anyone know how to treat a black eye? It's rather painful, and it won't be healing until tomorrow, so I've still got a day to live with it.

[If anyone asks about that, he'll explain - the Second Child knows now, after all, so there's really no harm in anyone else knowing. But he isn't in the mood for going into S2 Engines and Angels with the whole prison right now.]
22 November 2010 at 10:08 pm
[Stumbling into the Shelter kitchen while half-asleep isn't always a great idea, since it's too easy to make mistakes, such as the one about to happen. Otoha, still blinking sleep from his eyes, opens up a fridge and stares inside.]

[… There's blood. Lots of blood, in packets. Immediately he snaps awake. It couldn't be. Could it? He flicks on the video feed, eyes narrowed and holding up one of the blood packs.]

Would anyone mind explaining this? There aren't mikura here, are there?

[[ooc; If anyone wants to stumble upon him in the kitchen, that's fine too. o/ ]]
[Action | Open]
19 November 2010 at 10:54 pm
[A person can only spend so long hanging in and around their apartment area, listening to the mindless chatter over the network, before they get bored. The colder weather was a nice change of pace, sure, but just watching it snow was only amusing for so long. And Fuuma's normal source of entertainment certainly would be... frowned upon here. Besides, the dome had no kekkai anyways. Even if the people inside the dome had become complacent with the way they were living, and forgotten what was important, it was hard to fix when his ability to "hear" wishes had been tampered with by worthless AI of a warden. Acting as the other "Kamui" was his purpose, no matter who it hurt, or what crimes he had to commit to do so. But people who understood that were in short supply.]

[For the moment, he was content to just sit on top of a roof, not really caring what sector the building was in. Sure, the nights had gotten colder, but that wasn't anything a jacket couldn't solve. Just sitting and watching the underwater city wasn't much in the way of entertainment, but he figured that sooner or later, someone interesting might pass by. If nothing else, there were at least many people in the dome with powers - at least when compared with Tokyo.]

[Tokyo... what was going on there now?]
[Action | Open]
17 November 2010 at 01:43 pm
[Shoving her way out of the convenience store a bit roughly due to the several bags full of bottled water taking up her hands, Shiki starts to lug them back to her place in Sector 3. The chilly air causes her breath to come out in white puffs, but despite the temperature drop, the girl's still sticking to her yukata + bright red jacket over it-- though she has switched out the geta for her combat boots now. Frozen feet do not want.

She's not in any hurry on her route back past the park; pace slow and steady even though it's cold out, brown eyes mostly staying on the fake cloudy sky above instead of in front of her. This, and the walk being earlier in the day than usual, is for a single reason: she wants to see it snow, and be in it, if it does come again.

She hates the cold, but snow is something important. Even if-- no, though it reminds her of him, and it hurts, she still wants to see it again and again.

Because... she needs him to stop the restlessness that's becoming harder to shove down]

[[ooc: catch her anywhere: Sector 5, 4 near the park, or in 3 /o/]]
[Action | Open | Shelter Kitchens]
16 November 2010 at 07:50 pm
[The scent of baking bread is coming out of the kitchens, along with freshly brewed coffee. The bread itself is in the oven while she's preparing something for lunch -- something that involves meat, spices and vegetables.

Hungry? She can easily share if you don't mind waiting a little~]

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[Action | Open]
14 November 2010 at 11:15 am
[Heh… snow. Naoya has found some decent clothes, so he's taken to wandering around the dome. He stops in the park for a few moments, and closes his eyes. There's a pounding in his head, as memories flash in front of his eyes.]

[Winter, and the snow is thick. The battlefield is littered with soldiers, and a young man lies next to his fallen brothers, red blood staining the snow.]

[That one in particular wasn't that long ago… maybe a hundred and fifty years or so. Heh.]

[Still, he's not going anywhere soon. He sits down on a bench, and looks up at the snow and the water high above.]

[[ooc; Open bother post.]]
11 November 2010 at 04:27 pm
Private )

Saki )

I've noticed that there's a significant lack of animal life around here. The few animals we do have are either fellow inmates, domestic, or rabid. What a shame. I've always liked bird song. Fish are poignant and charming, but unfortunately silent.

At the risk of sounding terribly mundane -- what's your favorite animal? [♥] If you don't have one, then go ahead and complain about the ones you hate instead.

[ooc: you can find Zelman sitting on a park bench. so normal. except for the fact that he's virtually untouched by the light snowfall. if you venture close enough, you'll realize that the snow never had a chance, because all of it is melting before it can get close.]
[Event] Trick-or-Treat~
05 November 2010 at 09:58 am
Acumen has done as ask and provided everything we need for a fun little evening. The anticipation must be getting to some of you. And why shouldn't it?

If you're giving out treats, don't forget to put a jack-o-lantern outside your door. Even in the Shelter.~

And trick-or-treaters should be careful of the Park in Sector 4 tonight. It's Halloween and who knows what might be lurking there. [Insert an amused, mysterious chuckle.]

[The candy is out, the light is on, and the jack-o-lanterns "smile" on the stoop. It's perfect with the sun having fallen to half-mast and the dark orange-and-red glow of the late afternoon stretching out over the prison. A perfect night for trick-or-treating indeed.

And do be wary of the Park. Unsuspecting trick-or-treaters will find themselves possibly startled by bats swooping down from the trees, or hear the howling of a wolf break through the silence of the night right when they least expect it. Something may have tried to touch you, but why is nothing there? What was that noise in the underbrush? Is that a black cat hissing over there with bright green eyes in the dark? Who knows?]

04 November 2010 at 11:48 am
[Click! The video turns on, showing a stove with some noodles in a pot. They look really soggy, and they're starting to break apart. There's water on the stove, as if the pot was boiling over shortly before the video was turned on.]

[Otoha looks a little sheepish as he turns the communicator so that his face can be seen.]

… How long are noodles supposed to cook for, again?
[action | voice | open]
04 November 2010 at 09:34 am
[Sitting on the lowest branch of one of the taller trees in the park, Diva's not impressed with the new decorations, especially the pumpkins that managed to find they're way into her pavilion. She just might have to go smashing those later ~♥ But first, she had a call to make.]

Oh, Saya~ I do hope you managed to make it through the night. Diva would hate it if her dear, older sister died before she got to know her~ [♥ Or before she had a chance to send her a little... gift.]

((ooc: Backdated to mid-morning. If you'd like to witness pumpkin smashing, just put pavilion in the subject heading so I know. She'll be covered in pumpkin mush when she does.))
[action | open]
03 November 2010 at 07:33 pm
[All around the dome Maleficent has been flying and landing in varied spots, making note of places which she finds the most interesting like the graveyard and the beach. She could easily look at a map, but...this is more her style, really, and with no minions to rely on this is what she'll have to make do with. So if you notice a dark shadow hovering overhead, look up and you'll see that it isn't a bird or a plane or a nice puffy rain cloud.

Gee, she does look menacing, though. ...But don't judge!

She's innocent.]

((ooc: feel free to interact with her...pretty much anywhere outside.))
[voice | open]
03 November 2010 at 09:12 am
I hope everyone's spirits have improved over yesterday. It's important not to lose heart. [Might be almost giving herself a pep talk here. She's feeling a little worn down by all the attacks.]

I've decided to start including flashlights and extra batteries in the welcome baskets in case of emergencies. Is there anything else anyone can think of that should be added?

[She's seen the list. She knows Gino is gone. That isn't making today any easier, but she's trying. Trying to focus on something else. Anything else.]
02 November 2010 at 03:57 pm
[Naoya's wandering around in the graveyard before class, dressed in a costume (without the toy gun and cigar). He looks mildly amused, at least.]

It's that time of year, according to this place's time? Interesting.

[He stops and sits down amongst the graves, looking rather comfortable.]

Here's a question, my fellow inmates. What does 'death' mean to you? Aside from the purely biological definition.

[Heh. A fitting question, at least in his mind, for this time of year. Happy birthday, indeed.]