[Action | Video | Open]
06 June 2011 at 04:35 pm
[After waking up in his old room to find all of his clothing gone (it was about all he'd amassed in the room), Kaworu ventures outside in the t-shirt and sweatpants he slept in. He's immediately struck by two things: a) sweatpants are very uncomfortable in this heat, and b) what the hell, it's hot out.

After finding himself a change of clothes - now just a simple white t-shirt and a pair of jeans - he wanders around a bit before finding himself on the roof of the Defense Force HQ trying to puzzle this all out. There are new buildings, new faces, and the weather's changed completely. But he doesn't feel like any time has passed, so he couldn't have been lost, could he? Surely he'd remember.

Finally, he slides to the edge of the roof and dangles his legs over, turning on his communicator and smiling placidly at the population. Remember this face, Marina?]

Things certainly change quickly here, don't they? Just yesterday I needed a jacket and scarf, and now it's summer again. At least it's more like home.
[accidental video/action]
06 June 2011 at 04:39 pm
Elliot Nightray
[New kid on the block happens to be shouting loud enough for those around to hear. And those listening in on their devices too.]

DON’T TOUCH ME! I ordered you to maintain a distance so why aren't you maintaining it?! If you come any closer, I'll end your very existence! --What the hell are you, anyway?

... I said STOP! Stupid thing, are you hard of hearing?!

[There appears to be a sixteen-year-old boy shouting and pointing at one of Marina's fine, upstanding bots! ... Who looks like it just wants to do its job around the dining hall and usher the loud boy out of the way.]
[Voice | Action]
06 June 2011 at 06:31 pm
[There was a sigh. The voice itself was perfectly normal, but anyone in the area to actually see what just made that noise might be in for a somewhat nasty surprise. The source of the noise is a tall, spindly, humanoid looking thing. He’s mostly solid looking. Mostly.]

Acumen? That’s a very self-important name. But that’s beside the point. The point is, even though you arrested me, I’m not angry, oh no. I’m not at all irritated that after hundreds of years of waiting, I had finally disabled Takamagahara. It’s not like I can’t just wait another couple hundred years for that to come around again. It’s no problem, really.

[Judging by the tone of his voice, he’s actually pretty pissed. He had been so damn close.]

No no, my only complaint is that if you were going to arrest me, couldn’t you at least, you know, bring along my body? Is that too much to ask?

((OOC: If you want to see the creepy ghost, feel free to tag into the action! He's hanging out by the pet shop, being disgusted by the kittens.))
WeLcOmE tO tHe DaRk CaRnIvAl [Action // Audio]
06 June 2011 at 06:33 pm
[There's a brand new troll roaming Marina's hallways, having just left "his" room, barefoot, a blue cat-hat and his communicator headset on his head. He sways whimsically as he walks, his arms thrown out to the side as if for balance. A light flashes on the headset, indicating that it's broadcasting, and with each step he takes...]





| video / voice |
06 June 2011 at 06:39 pm
Tyen shiao duh... [The curse is harried and tense, as is Mal at the moment not only because he isn't where he thinks he should be, but also because he obviously doesn't have control over the situation at hand. The video feed shows him restrained in a cell. There isn't a fiber of his being that even kind of likes this.]

What kind of Alliance fei hua is this? [Because by his way of thinking this is obviously the Alliance's doing. That's what governments do, right? They interfere where they shouldn't be interfering? Yep, Alliance. And he knows he has to start forming an escape plan no matter what that Acumen voice said.] Anybody wanna tell me what planet the Eloquois Ocean's on?

[A moment of silence before he asks quite angrily and shakes at the chain binding him out of pure aggravation.] And where the hell's my gorram ship!?!?

ooc )
[Video | Action]
06 June 2011 at 07:00 pm
[The feed clicks on rather suddenly, on a close up of fabric.]

- loads of new people, of course. I do hope some of them are fashionable; I'm dying for some more clients, you know.

[Rarity steps back from the dress form, showing her latest creation on the form.]

Hm... I'm not used to working with such dark fabric, but I do think it looks nice.
[Action/Video || Open ]
06 June 2011 at 07:15 pm
[Everything hurt. He felt like he was defrosting, and when he looked down at his hands, he guess he kind of was. He was dripping water, mostly because of the ice melting from his armor and his hair. He shook his head, clearing the haziness, ice crystals flying as he slowly straightened up off the grass he was laying on beneath... a tree?

Had there been trees before? He didn't think so. Not in the graveyard. There had been nothing in the graveyard but desolation...]

Aqua! Terra!

[He jerked up, groaning and clutching his head as a headache spiked through it. He looked around, not recognizing a thing, though he did spot what looked like... well he was not sure what it looked like. A visor for your eyes? What he didn't know was that the communicator was recording him as he slowly came towards it and the welcome basket beside it. He poked at it briefly and then looked back around, eyebrows drawn.]

Aqua? Terra? Are you guys here?

Guys? Guys?!

[His voice rose a bit in the start of restrained panic as he looked around, grabbing the visor as he did, stumbling to his feet, steaming as he defrosted, looking around.]

Is... anyone here...?

[ooc: Fresh meat. That is all.]
The 118th Day
06 June 2011 at 07:31 pm
Marina Asylum Denizens
Good morning, inmates. It is the 118th day of the third generation, and more inmates will be integrated into the facility. Please be aware of this disruption as you go about your day. Today will be warm and clear.

At this point, all inmates should have recovered from the effects of Lady Anissina's potion. If anyone has not, the system recommends they visit the hospital for an evaluation.

As some of you may have noticed, there are two new locations in the facility. An ice cream parlor has been built beside the ramen stand in Sector 5, per the request of inmates Orihime Inoue and Akito Wanijima. Per the request of inmate Venom, a small arena has been built in Sector 6 for the purposes of supervised combat. Within the arena, all special abilities will be negated. Appropriate signage has been placed at the entrance. Please exercise common sense when within the arena.

Inmates Eridan Ampora, Rossamund Bookchild, and Ribbons Almark, the items you requested is available by the entrance to Sector 0. Inmate Ibram Gaunt, the books you requested have been placed in the library. Inmate Allen Walker, the item you requested may be retrieved from the Defense Force.
[Video//Action | Open!]
06 June 2011 at 07:33 pm
Zelgadis Greywars
[The video feed opens to the side of the dome, smooth polished glass tinted blue from the waters beyond. A hand comes out to touch it -- a hand made of what appears to be blue-grey pebbles? Some of the darker ones, interspersed throughout the flat slate of the rest, shine a bit in the artificial light.]

[The hand sweeps over the glass, almost thoughtfully. The feed then shifts, the user setting the communicator on the ground to reveal a tall, lithe figure swathed in beige, complete with cloak, hood, and cloth mask covering his face from the nose down. And a restraint, of course, so heavy that it’s bowing the floor beneath it. What you can see of his face is more stone, his eyes framed by yet more dark blue rocks. He ponders the dome for a long moment, then reels back and delivers a very hard *punch* with his stone hand, all his two thousand pounds of weight behind it.]

[Nothing happens except for a spectacular noise. The stone man reaches up to pluck off his mask, stroking his chin.]
Hmm. Must be a magic seal of some sort.
[video/voice, open!]
06 June 2011 at 07:33 pm
[the feed opens in a short brunette girl chewing a jelly bean, identifiable by the fact that she still has some in her hand. her other hand appears to be holding the camera-- or fidgeting with it, more accurately, as she balances it on... something. probably the welcome basket, given that everything from inside the basket is currently piled haphazardly next to her, food items in her lap.]

Hi. [no smile, just an idle look at the communicator camera for a second. she's not really a morning person on the best of days.] Marina Asylum, right? I'm Dani. [a small wave.] Thanks for the basket. Pretty welcoming, for a prison. I figured there'd be more... prison sort of things. Bars and orange uniforms and a lack of privacy. Not cookies.

[she pauses for a second at that, looking contemplative.] The cookies were delicious, by the way. Thanks to whoever made them.

Anyway, I guess I'm new here and not leaving anytime soon, so... I'd better get settled in. Any tips?
06 June 2011 at 07:36 pm
Guy Cecil
Excuse me, ah - Marina. My name is Guy Cecil, I'm the attendant of Luke fon Fabre. [He's been awake for a little while and taken the opportunity to gauge the area, deciding it to be of reasonably little harm.] If anyone has seen him or knows where he is, please contact me as soon as possible -

[He's seen something.

The feed clicks off.

A few minutes later, it clicks back on, and his expression is wholly different -- animated instead of calm, excited rather than peaceable. He's also seized one of the drones by the arm attachment and is holding it up, impervious to its minute squirms.
] This is amazing, is everyone seeing this!

[The drone tugs out of his grasp and goes back to picking up trash.

Guy coughs into his hand very pointedly.

--As I was saying previously; anyone who knows of Luke fon Fabre, please contact me immediately regarding his whereabouts.
[ Video | Open ]
06 June 2011 at 08:03 pm
Prison?! You gotta be kidding me! I didn't even commit any of those crimes you got listed. Well I did kinda break the Great Stone Dragon but that ain't the point!

I gotta protect Mulan and help her save China! I can't just leave her alone with all those Huns! That girl's gonna get herself cut in two if I'm not there! And what about my position? I ain't never gonna get it back if I'm stuck in a prison.

[A beat of silence.]

Ringing the gong aint lookin' so bad now.......
06 June 2011 at 08:08 pm
[ Waking up with no recollection of having gone to sleep wasn't strange for Jade. It happened so often that it didn't faze her as much. No, the first thing that came to her mind was "Where am I?". And well, she read the pamphlet after noticing it. She was so not a criminal! Who do these people think they are? Jeeeeeeez...

After playing around with the communicator the little book had described, she decides to actually use it. With a simple button press, the communicator turns on and the image of a young green-eyed girl appears on the screen. ]

Hello? Is anyone there?

[ Oh gosh please let there not be actual murderers here. Please please please please. ]
[Video | Action]
06 June 2011 at 08:32 pm
[She’s appalled. She’s read the message carefully, once, twice, three times, has practically torn the welcome basket and brochure apart, and she still doesn’t understand. Oh, she knows what the words are telling her, but it just hasn’t sunk in yet.]

Hello? My name is Chun-Li. I believe there’s been some sort of mistake. [She has to take a slow, deep breath here, forcing herself to keep her composure.]

As an agent of INTERPOL, these crimes that I’m being accused of are unreasonable and frankly, ridiculous. I demand to speak to this Acumen and to be sent back immediately! [Her voice wobbles just barely with anger, but she won’t lose her temper. Not yet, anyway.]
[ video / action ]
06 June 2011 at 08:40 pm
[... sigh. there is a young woman out at the park today, looking wistfully up at the tree in front of her... ball and chain around her legs.]

I can't even climb a tree...? How cruel.

[she stops her efforts there, throwing one last glance at the tree before she completely turns away with a frown.]

[she pauses.] Mm... This place is impressive, at least. I don't think I've ever heard of a prison that takes care of things quite like this... [no, really. she rattles the chain a bit before she continues, with a small sigh.]

So, what does everyone do for fun around here? [she would ask how to get out, but somehow she feels that would be kind of a waste of time. who would stick around in a prison if they could, anyway?] Call it a curious question from one... inmate to another.
[Video / Action | Open ]
06 June 2011 at 09:04 pm
Maya Fey
[A certain returned spirit medium appears via video at the Training Hall, though something is a little off about her. Specifically, she looks rather unsteady, but nevertheless smiles at the camera as if nothing is wrong.

Nothing is wrong, after all, other than this mysterious migraine that just started out of nowhere.]

Um, has anyone seen Missile hiding around? I tried looking for her for a while, but whatever she's hiding as, she isn't reacting, and I haven't found two of anything yet...

[There's a brief pause, though she leaves the message public still.]

Oh, and sorry, Jennifer, but I don't think I can make the picnic today... Something's come up. It's nothing big, don't worry.

[Shortly after finishing this, Maya winces quite visibly, even through the smile, though that sinks a bit as her eyes go wide at something unseen and not in the direction of the camera.]


[Looking back up at the camera, Maya blinks in confusion, forces a smile again, and reaches for the buttons on the side of her communicator.] Oh, um, talk to you later... [The video quickly winks out.]

((OOC: She's been canon updated through the end of the third game.))
[video - open]
06 June 2011 at 09:30 pm
Rider // Μέδουσα
[Some fumbling. Some quiet cursing, and the feed clicks on fully.]

[Have a shot of Rider's right shoulder and hands.]

I do not think I am using this device correctly.

I will learn in time, I suppose.

[She pauses to gather her thoughts, and shuffles the camera view around a little bit more. Have a shot of her forehead and hair this time.]

But I have two questions for all that can hear this: one, how may I speak with the person who imprisoned me here? And two...has anyone by the last name of Matou been seen in this facility?

((OOC: this is so I don't end up forgetting. I'll get to replies sloooooowly as finals are...ending sooner than I thought. /derps into infinity/))
06 June 2011 at 09:57 pm
[There is a very angry German on the line. Will you choose to answer it or ignore it? He's read the message, but quite obviously doesn't believe it]

What the hell is this crap?! How the hell could I be in prison?! With a ball and chain at that?! Such a stupid idea...

How the hell can I not...?

This is a joke right?! A joke. Ha ha ha. Very funny, Oracle. The joke's over.

[There's a long pause as though he's expecting someone to answer followed by a slamming sound like he has just thrown something]

004: Inconclusive [voice] backdated to Day 116 early afternoon
06 June 2011 at 10:19 pm
That was one of those 'strange occurrences', then? Seems more like a lack of efficiency on the warden's part, more than anything else. Not like much can be done about it right now.

In any case... I wanted to talk about the survey I had conducted a few days back. After tabulating all the results, the survey can only be said to be partially inaccurate. [mostly because, though there are supposed to be vampires and talking animals amongst the inmates, none of them have answered at all. But he's not going to risk offending anyone like this.]

However, I will release the results of my findings so far, nonetheless.

Survey Results under the cut )

Due to the small number of participants, the survey is regarded to contain sample bias, and is thus inconclusive and largely inaccurate. However, if you would still like a copy of the results, simply ask, state your name and I'll send a copy through the mail.

((ooc: results will not be further tallied, so please do not continue tagging the prior post unless it is an ongoing thread. Thanks to all who have participated in the previous post, nonetheless!))
06 June 2011 at 10:48 pm
Yuuki Kuran
[Static crackling for a brief moment, before it clears to reveal a pretty young girl with long, rich mahogany brown hair falling past her shoulders. For those who know her it's Yuuki, dressed, up and ready for her day early, for once. The usual smiling face is somber today, business like as she clears her throat. Eyes steady, she takes a breath before addressing the dome.]

I'd like to speak on behalf of my father, Kaien Kurosu. I know he was hoping to take on greater involvement with the school and educational facilities. I don't know how deeply rooted if at all that was, but for the parties that would need to know he's gone.

[She remains orderly, brushing her hair over her shoulder with the flip of her wrist. The pain surely inside is well kept under control, perhaps much more professional, for once. Still, the expression deep set within her chocolaty brown eyes is evidence that she isn't without emotion. It's simply controlled, for the time being.]

If there is anything I can do in his place, please let me know. I think most everyone who has been here for a little while already knows me to some extent, but if not my name is Yuuki Kuran. My apologies to anyone this might affect.