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December 24th, 2012

December 24th, 2012

Filtered from Evil

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So, its possible I made a wish and its possible me and Lee now have a Rock bar.

Its called Bed of Roses, its all the classic rock all the time and its opening on New Years Eve.

Open invite to all of you that y'know, aren't evil/out to kill all vamps ever. And no Damon. You are not allowed around me in proximity to a bar and crowds of people any time soon. I'm cool with you trying and all but yeah...not okay just yet, kay?

filtered against evil

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some bloke told me to get on this for help. has to be a joke, yeah? though dad would love this thing

filtered against evil (added after being told to)

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He did it, Chinboy saved me. This is real and not a hallucination, right? I said take me to see the stars, though I suppose a planet could be a star. Lawrence, Kansas in the year...2012? Well, that wasn't part of the arrangement.

Filtered to Guy

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Apparently, we've been invited to A Very Winchester Christmas. And by we, I mean you were specifically asked to come.

Which is starting to get really couple-y
Is that okay? I mean, we're not but we kind of are and
Ugh, I don't even know

If you'd rather not, that's completely okay. Just letting you know the invite's been issued.

Filtered against evil

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This being fictional business even makes channel flipping go to hell. Bloody song-and-dance demon.

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[Filtered to Roxy]


Uncle Fred.

I so wish your dad and my mum was here for this.

Filtered Against Evil

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Lawrence, Kansas, is not my ideal place to spend the bloody holiday. It wasn't even the hols at home.

And what's with blokes having faces they shouldn't have. No offense Peter, but bloody hell that's confusing.

ooc: What my characters got their friends for Christmas

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OOC: It's amazing. I almost put as much effort into shopping for fictional characters as I did shopping for actual people. Enjoy!
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No evil

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When you learn you're talking to the devil, stop fucking talking to the devil. What the hell is wrong with you people?

I don't care if you find it amusing. You're opening yourself and every goddamn person here to who knows what by doing that. Get the fuck off the internet.


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Our old house is for sale.
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