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July 22nd, 2012

July 22nd, 2012

Filtered Against Baddies & Katherine

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Looks like there's a heap of birds having a good time out tonight. At least some things haven't changed around here.

Filtered to Jason

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So what's this I hear about you and Steph dancing naked in the mountains under the stars?

[Filtered to Steph]
[ooc: added the next morning]

Are you still out dancing around naked under the stars? Or did Jason or Clark or someone finally find you and take you home?

Filtered against Lucifer!

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I went to see your movie, Bruce. This preview happened.

I think it's karma.


Texts to Adam

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> dmiiiiiiiiiple
> grrrls nihgt isssfu n
> i msissed u
> kmiiiim gaaald ur liev 2
> iiim drnuk

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[Filter to John]

Sweetheart... We really need to talk about the funeral. I'm sorry. I don't want you to have to do this, either. But you know him best, you'd know what he'd want. It should be perfect for him.

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Phones are awesome. For real.

[Filtered to Bats]

What's doing yo?

I think your voice is sexy. Only not. ;D

[Filtered to Jason]

Want to know something? I bet you do! I'll tell you if you ask niiiiiiiiicely?

[Filtered to Clark & Peter & Lois]


I haaaave a secret! You wannna know! I bet you do!

Someone close to me is very very hot! Want to guess who? Might be some of yooou! Or maybe it's alllll of you.

Though one of you smells. Do you know which one it is?

[Filtered to Dick]

Yo, man, I'ma let you finish, but Chris O'Donnell was the best Robin ever, man.

[OOC: This is Hailey! Darcy found a phone this evening on her way out and she has decided to play with it!]

Filtered against evil, Dark, Katherine

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Managed to find a tape player for sale.. the Seal had given me my recordings from home, like audio diary stuff. They're in the form of cassette tapes. Mostly messages to my son, but also to speak my thoughts out loud, others were warnings based on what Kyle said of the futu It's been a long time since I've listened to those again.

Also, thought I'd also mention, since some new people have shown up.. if you're interested in defense classes (aside from the basics about latin, survival, exorcisms, etc), I teach one of them. My name is Sarah. My class is mostly specialized weapons, knife defense and use, but also unarmed tactics too.

Hi, just wanted to see how you're doing and to say that I don't hold any negative stuff against you. I've lost people and wouldn't wish that on anyone. I don't think you'd hurt anyone, we can't help who we l And if there's anything you or Henry need help with, I'm always around to lend people a hand anytime.

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[Text to Clark]
» in my infinite wisdom last night I asked if you wanted to go to Amy’s party with me
» and I do want you to come
» but my drunk brain forgot that Darcy will be there as well
» completely understandable if you’d rather raincheck the whole me kicking your ass at skee ball event
» and thank you for getting me home safe last night
» and we need to talk mr. i'll decide what's

[Text to Kim]
» should we non-drunkenly discuss the whole Oliver/me time of my life now?
» which again I will state is very much over.
» For me AND for him.

Filtered from Evil, Mr. Dark, Evil Ed, and Katherine

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Fuck me, how fucking stupid am I? This is fucking basics, I am fucking slipping. Fucking FUCK.

Faith, I am so sorry, I am a complete fucking moron. The vampires from my world, they don't show up in mirrors, or, more importantly, on camera. We should be able to track the new bloodsucker down via security camera footage.

I know there are some master fucking hackers and computer geeks hanging around here. Can any of you get us access to security footage around the city over the past week or so? We need to look for people who mysteriously collapse and start spurting blood from the neck, or get dragged out of sight by what appears to be nothing. We can trace his movements that way and get an idea of where he is.

Filtered to Emma

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Hey, I don't think we've actually met. I'm Zatanna, or Zee for short. Lois Lane is a good friend of mine. And any of friend of Lois's is a friend of mine.

I'm really sorry for everything that's happened. Do you need anything?

Filtered against evil/Katherine/Dark

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I kinda started keeping to myself there for a bit... kind of had plenty of reason to, though, really. Between being bomb-stapped bait and the seal taking my friends away from me...I guess I just haven't been feeling all that social. Anyone want to try and help me fix that?

Filtered against baddies including Katherine

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...oops? lol

Brief hangover — check.
Embarrassing text messages sent and read over this morning — check.
Looking like a complete idiot — check.
Having a successful girls night out with little angst and nearly no drama — priceless.

Ladies...hope you had fun; we should do it again soon ;)

In other news:

Danielle— Reese. His name was Reese lol I don't know why that just came to me, but it did.

All the ladies— ...why do I have a Batman symbol tramp stamp? It doesn't hurt so I know it's not real but what the fuck, though! lol who did it...and when?!

So, I read back through my texts from last night and I'm sorry...it's none of my business and that was really uncool. So, you deserve an apology. As does Lois, but I'm calling it even for pimping me out to Oliver in public, so she doesn't get one

Hey, so apparently last night we decided to be besties. I'm totally down with that but is that gonna be, like, awkward, you think? Since we're kinda both into the same guy? Because I really had fun with you and everybody and I'd really like us to be friends but if it's gonna be all weird, it wouldn't be worth the angst, you know? What do you think...?

Filtered against evil and Katherine

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Oh bugger me. Buggery bollocks this is why I never drink.

I think I would rather be dead right now.

filtered against evil and katherine

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I just got my schedule for classes this year, has everyone else? I actually made it into APs! Which I guess is a little silly to be excited about since it's senior year and once college letters come in everyone plans to stop working entirely, I gather, but I'm excited anyway because it's hard catching up with people who have been going to school for years in this reality. Not AP history though, apparently, while my "research and rhetorical skills are more than adequate [I] still lack fundamental factual knowledge" but you can't win them all I suppose.

It makes me miss Rose though, all this school stuff, we were going to apply to colleges together and

All of which is a roundabout lead up to me asking: is anyone here looking at colleges? Or do any of you take classes in town? Do you like where you're studying? I'm sort of thinking of it, the whole college thing, once we graduate in May. You know, if the world hasn't ended in brimstone and fire or something else dramatic.

5th period lunch is my lunch, when is your lunch?

I'm sort of sad this means we won't have as many classes together this year...are you 5th lunch, 6th history, and/or 8th study hall? Because if we both have last period study hall we can at least cut out early. This year it will even be completely permissible since, you know, SENIORS.

Also, you should come by for dinner tonight and possibly stay for after-dinner if you're not patrolling tonight. I promise it will come from a box and not from my oven. Pizza?

Filtered from evil, Katherine

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Hi, my name is Henry.

I know some people are really mad at my mom. I can call her mom here. That is so cool I don’t really get why but she’s going to make it up to you. She’s not evil. That’s my great-grandma. Emma just stumbled and has to get back up now.

She also told me that superheroes are real here and that Batman and Ironman and Nightwing and Superman are here.

Can I get your autographs?

Amy's secret birthday party...

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OOC: If your character should somehow wind up at the Kansas City Dave & Buster's, whether they were invited personally or are just a 'plus one', they'll find Amy waiting and wearing this. Yep, the secret she was keeping was that it was her birthday. She'll explain that the secrecy was to ensure no one felt pressured to give her a present. I need to do a few things, but when I finally get to AIM we can talk specifics regarding what goes on at the party. You're more than welcome to thread!

Filtered Against Baddies, Katherine, and Mr. Dark

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So, yesterday I totally lost my phone. I just found it in the lobby. And know what isn't awesome? That someone was playing on it last night, posting all kinds of crazy all over the place.


So I'm apologizing for whoever it was that was a big enough jerk to go around saying that stuff. And I'm going to put a lock on my phone.

Edit: [Filtered to Bruce, Dick, Clark, Chloe, and Lois]
Just a question. Is there any sort of surveillance in the lobby of the complex? Or at least a fingerprint kit. Anything helpful at all around here?

to Ariel

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Thanks for looking out for me last night.

Filtered against evil and Katherine

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Filtered against evil, Dark, Katherine

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Been thinking about getting a motorcycle. Something fast, just something to cruise around and drive on the road during my days off. The Jeep is fine but I've always found cycles better for my preferences.

Also, I might get a dog. Anyone in the complex on my floor (2nd) or first.. any dog allergies? If so, I could just relocate to a floor farthest from those who'd be affected, if that's easier. Just figured I would ask first before going out to get one.

to everyone who came to the surprise party

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Thanks for coming, guys. I was so worried that today might suck but you made it fun.

Maybe a repeat of tonight sometime in the future?

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Seeing as it's Ariel's birthday, she got a gift from her faaaavourite tutor! This afternoon she'd have gotten a big gift bag and when she opens it up, there's a Land's End bookbag inside. The bookbag is stuffed with notebooks, pencils, packs of paper, pens, and a graphing calculator.

Happy birthday, Ariel! Congratulations, too. Now get ready for your very first back-to-school. If you need any help, don't hesitate to ask!

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