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June 27th, 2012

June 27th, 2012

to Peter Vincent

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You want to see something kind of funny?

How do you think he'd react to seeing himself as a greasy coke addict with a bad combover?

Text to Jimmy

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» Hey Jimmy...? What's going on with the first floor of your building these days...?

Filtered against evil/Moriarty/Katherine

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Two questions.

1.) Anyone here practice Parkour?
2.) If anyone actually does, would you be willing to teach me? I can pay, if that's a concern.

Filtered to friends*

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Moriarty knows about Emily. I don't know how, but he is not getting his hands on her. I won't go through this again. I can't. I won't. I won't. I'll die before he gets his hands on her. He will die before he gets close enough.

I just wanted you all to know in the event I am not in my right mind should you encounter me. Or if I just disappear into a lab and not come out for days.

This is too close to Christina's death date
I can't take this, really I can't
I will fall, I know I will
I'm sorry I'm not stronger than this

[OOC: * Friends include Myka, Claudia, Irene, Svetlana, Darcy A, Lexi, Tony, Bruce Banner, Troy, Harry, Molly and anyone else Helena's talked to on more than a couple occasions and has met her in person (because she is a social creature and I can't remember everyone she's talked to). And yes she is starting to go completely neurotic and fighting with the inner darkness she has inside her. AKA the urge to murder people horrifically. Specifically Moriarty.]

filtered from Lucifer flavoured evil

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I always feel bad when people say they're bored.

So I fixed it.


Darling, how's little Emily. Must be fun having a brand new replacement.

OH! I found this and thought it was just adorable. Do they know that side of you?



You know the only reason I'm even taking notice of her is Adler right?

Would you mind awfully if she died? I don't think you would...


Dear oh Dear. He is being a handful isn't he! However do you put up with it!

[OOC: The news that night reports two break in's simultaneously at a bank in Lawrence and a bank in Topeka. Nothing was taken but a note was left in the secure vault in both banks just reading 'Too easy'. Oh, and two bank workers one from each bank were found dead with self inflicted gunshot wounds in the vaults.]

Filtered to Clark

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Hypothetically, if I had to ask you a huge important favor and I needed to ask you never to say to anyone, not even Kon, that you were doing it...would you trust me enough to agree before getting details?

I need your help. It's important.

[ooc: edited after Helena agrees]

Filtered Against Evil, Katherine, and Moriarty

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Love you, baby!

Filtered to Tony Stark

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Hey, Evil Twin, I heard tell on the boards that you can do IDs and stuff. Was that wrong? If not, would you mind hooking me up?

Filtered from evil, Moriarty

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I like how in my interview today, after the first three legitimate questions about my prior experience as a reporter it devolved into the fact that I look like that Lois Lane off of that old Superman show from a few years back. This being fiction thing in this universe can be a bit unsettling every now and then, but I’m still going to reel in my curiosity and not look myself up.

Though, at least I got the job and am not starting out in obits like usual. Oh no, I get to be right across from my favorite reporter. Though I have a feeling the editor did this to feul the thousands of Lois and Clark jokes that started before I even left the building today. It does mean I won the bet though.

So reminder: size seven, heels, try to find ones that I can wear to work. I'll let you pick the color.

Juliet, feel like hitting the shops again after I get my first paycheck?

Ollie and Chloe, celebratory drinks at Oliver’s expense tonight, yes?

And does anyone know of a good costume shop in this city? I need to rebuild my wardrobe.

Filtered against Evil, Katherine, and Moriarty

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I was told that this device was a creation of science and that through it most of those in this land can see it. I find it absolutely amazing the amount the world has changed in a little more than a thousand years. I look forward to learning about all of it and perhaps getting to meet, if not know, the majority of those who communicate on this network.

My name is Lancelot of of Camelot. I was wondering if anyone knows of positions that may be open at their places of work. I admit that I do not have many skills outside of swordcraft ... and the ability to muck out a stable. However, I am willing to learn and I work hard. I wouldn't require much by way of payment.

Thank you those who took the time to read this. I greatly appreciate it.


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Has Kon talked to you about anything bothering him lately? I'm not asking you to tell me what it is or anything, I told him I wasn't going to push him to talk to me about it so sneaking around and asking you is probably cheating, I just want to know how worried I should be. He hasn't slept through the night in ages. Which I think will be best taken to mean that I have seen his posts on the boards at weird hours and that I can observe him being tired. I mean, we're pretty much adults and we've been dating for a year and change so I assume you assume... but by that logic my parents also assume...and also it is awkward. So. Yes.

Filtered against Evil ++

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I think I'm doing this right...


Katniss says she doesn't like Disney but she sings stuff from it while she cleans. She must not hate it as much as she says. And she shouldn't tease me about worms anymore.

Filtered Against Evil and Moriarty

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I've been a little under the weather lately, but it seems like we've got a whole slew of new arrivals. If anyone needs anything, I'm Zatanna, and I'd be happy to try and help.

Filtered against evil, Moriarty, & Katherine

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Since I haven't done one of these for a while and we've got some new people around, here goes.

I'm Jo Harvelle-Shurley, a Hunter and local to this world, and owner and operator of the Roadhouse, a primarily hunters' bar, but open to all of you who aren't evil. It's located at [address], and kidnappees drink for free their first visit. I also run marksman classes at a local range - for guns, knives, and archery. Plus, if you've got questions about local evils and baddies, let me know and I'll answer what I can.

Filtered against evil.

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Dads, can we go to a tropical beach?

Now filtered against evil/Moriarty

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I am going to kill Henry. He gave my journals to a writer and now there is a book in two different worlds and a film in at least one of them. I should put a stake in him on general principle. Has anyone seen this Abraham Lincoln film they're plastering all over the television? Or read the book?

Filtered to Dr. Moore

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I think it's helping. Being able to sleep and the music thing, I mean. Some of the angrier stuff is taking some getting used to, but it helps, you were right. Thank you. Can we still keep meeting twice a week for a while, though?
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