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April 19th, 2010

April 19th, 2010

Filtered to the apartments

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Does anyone here have a really good camera that I could borrow for a little bit? Or at least a decent one?

And I've heard some people here can help with ID's, so would someone be able to make one for me? I really need a jo

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[Filtered to Justice League ]
I've looked everywhere I can think of where Oliver and Bart might have gone, I guess people get sent back or something right? I think maybe that's what happened. All their stuff is just gone. Like they vanished.

[Complex heads]
I can't find Oliver and Bart, I don't want this big room to myself. It's creepy.. Can I move someplace else?

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So. Kansas, huh? I've been here before; passed through during the Cold War. Not here, specifically, this being another dimension and all, but fancy the world being pretty much like the one I just left. Even got an apocalypse of your very own clouding up the horizon. Surprise, surprise, always one of those around. You know, I really should be back in Los Angeles, but I'm guessing hellfire? Not raining down there in this dimension.

Although... Anybody heard of Wolfram & Hart?

Filtered against baddies

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So one of Bram Stoker's descendants wrote a sequal to Dracula. It was an interesting story, but seriously, do people not think about the actual people these stories are based on?

Filtered against those with bad intentions

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Giant pissing contest
You know, I'm just not even going to get involved. Let them kill each other.

Who's got the vodka?
Patrols and vodka?
You all suck

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ok, i just want to say for the record, in case anyone else out there was thinking the same thing.

i hear i look like some fuck that killed off an entire race, but im not him. my name is mason and i dont generaly kill people despite what you might assume thanks to my job. except that once, but that was an exception. and that other time doesnt count because he was already dead when i killed him.

Edit: alright, i looked up that zod fucker. turns out, i can see a bit of resembelence. at least with the tv version of him. and he looks like me me, not what im supposed to look like to the living. is everyone here dead? strange thing was that i guess the other bird was right. i am on a tv show. something called dead like me.

so when do i get the money from having a show about me?

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Why is this man still on the air? Why is the Jerry Springer show still on the air? This is what happens when journalists go bad This is what happens when I have too much time on my hands They elected him Mayor? Ha. I bet Cinninati regrets that decision. The seventi If people are going to waste perfectly good mornings watching baby mama drama they might as well watch The Steve Wilkos Show because at least then in between the million parternity tests condoms and birth control pills, people there aren't stories about zoophilia.

And who in their right mind would go see the opera version of the show?

I don't know whose good idea it was to end Manana Es Para Siempre. Sortilegio is nowhere near as interesting
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