September 23rd, 2008

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RP Thread - Seth and Tracey

Who: Seth Moon and Tracey Davis
When: Evening, Sept 23
Where: La Luna
What: Old flames meet up

Tracey was late, as usual. She didn't usually mean to be late, but time just had a way of getting away from her. There was always something more to do - a different dress to try on in case it worked better for the evening than the one she'd originally picked, or a few chipped nail colours to repair, or a scalp massage that was absolutely necessary before she went out. Sometimes she did mean to be late, just to make sure that whoever was waiting for her was well and ready to appreciate her presence by the time she arrived. This was one such instance. And when she finally arrived at the popular club, she made sure that everyone noticed.

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Who: Daphne and Seth
What: Lunch date
Where: Daphne's home and then restaurant
When: Lunchtime :]
Rating: TBD

Lovers went to dinner. Friends went to lunch. )