September 24th, 2008

[info]groovygeorge in [info]veritaserum_rp

Tag to Lee!

Who: George Weasley and Lee Jordan
Where: Stellar Lounge
When: Evening
What: George and Lee bond, or something. Whatever boys do.

It was a good while after George had agreed to meet Lee at Stellar for drinks. Weeks, in fact. It had taken him that long to drag himself out of his funk enough to stand the company of someone other than his brother. He still wasn't in the best of spirits, but he worried about what Lee might do to him in he didn't take him up on his offer soon.

Following instructions, he walked past the line at the front door and moved around to the back, letting himself inside. Luckily, before his descent into hermithood, he'd spent enough time around the lounge with Lee that he knew most of the staff so no one gave him a problem. He asked around, and after getting the answer "He was right here just a second ago!" from just about everyone, set off to find Lee on his own. Hopefully it didn't take him too long; he already felt like he needed a drink.

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Who: Roger Davies and Seth Moon
Where: Aquabar VIP Booth
When: Evening
What: Seth ropes Roger into some risky business.


"Roger Davies."

Refusing to make eye contact with Roger, the bouncer lifted up the velvet rope and allowed Roger to pass while a few witches at the front of the line followed him with their eyes longingly. The exclusivity of the lounge was certainly reflected in the atmosphere-- no loud witches or wizards here. Just really... intoxicated ones silently going on each other in corners while bartenders wrapped stems of martini glasses with unicorn braids.

Heading to the back where the private VIP booths were, Roger got a hostess to direct him to Seth Moon's booth. Parting the sound proof curtain, I wonder what people really use sound proofing for here, Roger found Seth Moon lounging quite contentedly in his little luxurious hovel.

"Can I get you something?" the hostess flashed a pretty smile.

"Uh... water with a lime."


Roger ignored her and sat down across from Seth.