June 25th, 2008

[info]groovygeorge in [info]veritaserum_rp

Who: George Weasley and Hermione Granger
Where: Hermione's home
When: Noonish, Wednesday
What: George comes to help Hermione set up wards, and probably gossip about Ron.

George ran a hand through his messy red hair in an attempt to make himself look more presentable and he approached Hermione's flat. He was pretty sure he was going to get some sort of lecture over his rumpled condition anyway, but he might as well try to control the damage. At least his clothes were clean, if a bit wrinkled. He still looked like he hadn't slept in a couple of days.

Pausing in front of the door he was pretty sure belonged to Hermione, he gave it a few loud knocks. Maybe he could charm her with his dazzling smile.