June 24th, 2008

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Headline from June 23rd 2003

Magicless Witches tops over 30 - There have been over 30 confirmed cases of Witches losing their magic. This count only applies to those who have a complete lack of magic and not those who have been experiencing strange side effects. There have been only two cases of wizards have issues with their magic, and no cases of a complete lack of magic. It is unclear why wizards have not been affected to the same degree as witches.

The incubation date between the first signs of magic loss and complete magic loss has been estimated to be within three to six days.

Anyone experiencing any issues with their magic abilities should report to the nearest wizarding hospital as soon as possible.

Hannah Abbott: Missing - Young Hannah Abbott has been reported missing by her father, Jonathan Abbott. The young girl was last seen Saturday evening, and workers at her restaurant, Bella's Pockets have noted that nothing has been heard of her since. She is the granddaughter of the wealthy Abbotts, Jacob and Ellen, who - [Con't on P2]

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Who: Meg and Spencer
Where: Meg's flat
When: Tuesday evening
What: Meg overreacts, as always, and is scared.
Rating: TBD

Don't be Afraid of the Dark )